Astology for June 9-15, 2019


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Uranus is at 5º Taurus. Hows the weather where you are?

It seems most of the mid-west is under water. Last week I listened to an interview with a man in Missouri who said he has not been able to see where he parked his car since March 17, 2019. That is a LOT of water and a long time not to see your car!

Here in North Carolina, we had rain on a regular weekly rotation for most of the spring. Then there were almost four weeks with little more than a sprinkle. All that changed last Wednesday and Thursday when the rain moved in. My home town of Hickory has declared a state of emergency due to roads collapsing and bridges washing out. I will continue this thought later this week in a separate post dedicated to Uranus in Taurus. The week ahead looks great until Friday. On this day Mars will be aspecting three other planets. I’ll get to this more in a bit.






Mercury entered Cancer last Tuesday, June 4, 2019. He has already traveled 8 degrees in 5 days. He travels fast and considered a planetary scribe that records and documents our story.

Perhaps you are aware of the benefits of journaling. Many people journaling as a reflective tool to help them take a closer look at themselves and gain a deeper understanding of their psyche. When Mercury is in Cancer, he helps us connect our soul’s path to our actions and choices. Time to examine your own life choices?  

Mercury will transit Cancer until June 28 when he moves into Leo. He will station and turn retrograde a few days later and return to Cancer on July 20. This will provide us with about 11 days to revisit and tie up any loose ends we might have remaining from his current transit of Cancer.

Today, if you are feeling a bit drained, you might attribute this to the Sun squaring Neptune. Our focus is probably more on spiritual needs than on our plans or goals. The best use of this energy might be to find ways to meld imagination and our spiritual side into our daily lives. All you need to do is step away from what society and history have dictated until now. Easier said than done for many, especially now with the traditional, patriarchal side of society trying so hard to maintain its control.

Monday, we have the only Sun-Jupiter opposition for this year. This aspect holds the possibility for happiness and success. This is the best time for us to receive rewards for any good deeds and stick up for those less successful. It will also be important that we not lose sight of reality and let our heads get too high in the clouds of Neptune’s illusion.

The Sun-Jupiter opposition is also part of the Sun-Jupiter-Neptune T-square that perfects on Monday. This is all about learning and communicating about any subject. This also brings us a great deal of intuitive energy that can creatively assist our mental focus and communications.

Tuesday you might discover some intuitive flashes or insights. This will be thanks to Mars quintile Uranus. The areas we might feel this energy or get the most insight into will be home and family, security, and the healing of emotions. Face it. We all have childhood wounds. Some of us are working hard to clear them and some of us are doing all we can to sweep them under a rug or hidden in a closet because they are too painful to face. Problem is, we will never reach our full potential until we clear this karma. 

A friend of mine is writing a new book that details the four states we go through in order to get to the life we are meant to live. These stages are projection and blame, expression, integration and, silence and oneness. This corresponds to Dr. David Hawkins scale of consciousness except she is giving more details about how to achieve the higher levels of silence and oneness. Of course, I will let you know when this is published! 

Wednesday sees the peak of a hard rectangle pattern that began on 6/7/2019. The rectangle involves Venus, Mars, Ceres, Saturn, and the lunar nodes. We could see some issues with regard to our soul’s purpose. Time to look deeper at what is possible rather than the way we have always done things. The areas to consider are relationships, creativity, money, leadership, sexuality, assertiveness, and business. Don’t be concerned about any glitches that pop up along these lines. Just make adjustments are needed.

Thursday, Venus will sextile Chiron. Venus, as we know, is about relationships and money. Chiron is the wounded healer. Use this energy to examine any healing that might be needed in your relationships or in your finances. Time to pay off our debt. 

The Sun will be inconjunct Pluto. This aspect will assist our learning, writing, and communications so make use of this write something profound.

Now we come to Friday and Mars aspecting three slower planets. First up is a trine with Neptune. Next is Mars opposite Saturn, and last is Mars inconjunct Jupiter.

Mars is going to energize all three of these planets. We can expect to see an increase in our ability to manifest and draw to us all that we need. Passing our vision on to others and the public in general will easier.

This aspect will help lead us toward the power of the Summer Solstice and increase our ability to awaken spiritually. Remember that when I say ‘spiritual’ I am not talking about any sort of religion. I am talking about a relationship with Source and the embodiment of love.

Saturday Mercury quintiles Uranus. This may result in more intuitive flashes or some really magnificent thinking. This energy is quite magical so go out and sprinkle your fairy dust and share your magic with the world. Don’t hide your light under a bushel.  

I want to close today with my usual….be kind and smile to all you meet……and a video of David Byrne singing David Bowie’s song Heroes, backed by a choir of strangers. Maybe it is because I have loved David Byrne for nearly 40 years but this brought a tear to my eye. I hope you listen and enjoy it too.

Next week begins with a Full Moon so get ready to shine! And if the skies clear this week, grab the binoculars and take a look at Jupiter which will be about as close to the Earth as it gets this month. You might even be able to see some of his Moons. 


Astrology for June 2-8, 2019


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Musicals were very popular when I was growing up. My mother was a teen and young adult in what was considered the “Golden Age of Theater” of the 1940s and 1950s. The duo of Richard Rogers and Oscar Hammerstein II were powerhouses in this genre. As well as “Carousel” they created some of the best known and well-loved musicals of the day including Oklahoma, South Pacific, The King and I, and State Fair.

My mother was a music major and loved a good musical score. One of my earliest musical memories was when I was four singing Moon River in two-part harmony with Mom. As I write this, I am feeling the pull to search Netflix for some of these old films. Sounds like a good way to spend a Sunday evening to me.

Every year when June rolls around, my thoughts turn to this song from Carousel.

June is looking like an interesting month. The rather calm aspects May provided are over and it looks like June begins with sunshine and rainbows but ends rather chaotic as it leads us into July. It just three weeks until Summer Solstice and that has an energy all its own.

This first week of June 2019 begins with a New Moon in Gemini tomorrow, June 3. We are already under its energy of new beginnings and you might notice a pull to begin some sort of new project. We also want to keep in mind the Gemini characteristics of this New Moon.

Gemini and Virgo are both ruled by Mercury, the sign of flexibility and adaptability. Perhaps you know a Gemini or a Virgo. Both signs cause those born under them to be hard to pin down and contradict themselves freely. Remind you of anyone?

When thinking of Gemini we think of the twins that represent this sign and its duality. Geminis enjoy new experiences. My Gemini friends are always doing something different and new if they can. This sign is, after all, a mutable (mind changing) air sign.

Gemini rules the 3rd house. This is the house of our childhood, elementary school, siblings, our neighborhood, bank, and post office. It is the side of use that does all our day to day chores without much thought. With Mercury as the ruler, there are also characteristics of communication, science, curiosity, and short trips. Take note and see how many of these things you notice in your own life over the next three weeks. You might get in touch with siblings or old friends.

The New Moon this week will be in square aspect to Neptune. If you feel like it is hard to tell truth from fiction this week. Don’t fall for something or make a decision just because you think things look good. Things will serve you best if you take a bit more time to consider all side of things.

The day after the New Moon, Mercury leaves the comfort of his home sign and moves into Cancer. This doesn’t mean that his influence on Gemini is over. He rules that sign. What this does mean is Mercury will now take on and also influence the characteristics of Cancer. I never said Astrology was simple, did I?

One thing you can expect with this sign change is more sensitive and emotional communications. Another thing to look for is taking things too personally. This energy will last until the last week of June. On June 27 Mercury changes signs again and move into Leo where he takes on a very different energy.

One for the big influences this week actually began June 1, 2019. That was a T-square involving Jupiter, Neptune, and the Gemini Sun. This difficult aspect will influence us through mid-month. It could spark increased fascination for religion, spirituality, and the ever-present question of why we are here and the true meaning of life.

We have seen glimpses of this with all the news recently as the current patriarchal powerhouse is struggling to maintain its control the only way it knows how and that means attempting to take more control over things. Just as the days are getting longer, the Sun is bringing more light to the planet and things are shifting and changing.

This is showing up in the world as more women move into positions of power and demand to be treated with respect and dignity just like men. Every time we have a supportive planetary aspect we see more of a push and a pull between change and keeping the status quo. Little by little, we are seeing changes. Arab women are now able to drive and go about without a chaperone. Female genital mutilation is being banned in many countries, and laws are being passed all across the globe the enable women to get the same pay as men for the same job. At the same time, women and women’s rights are being attacked. The push and the pull is clear.

Thursday Jupiter is sesquiquadrate to Uranus Jupiter sesquiquadrate Uranus. Finding common with another might be challenging. Flexibility and the willingness to change will be key. You could feel restless or rebellious. Making a change for the sake of change is not the best idea, neither is taking unnecessary risks. The best use for this energy is allowing ourselves to be open to new ideas and thinking out of the box while at the same time being responsible for what truly matters.

Friday Mercury will be in minor sextile aspect with Uranus. This is a great day for meetings, communications, technology, science, and metaphysics. You might notice some new and original idea pops in. Go with it. Explore it. See where it might take you. Your intuition is strong today and cool, new ideas seem instinctive. They could give a new perspective to something we’ve stalled on. Use this energy to creatively problem solve.

The last aspect I will cover this week is Mercury square Chiron. This one will mess with communications and could cause us to say or write hurtful words, or our words could be perceived as hurtful. At any rate, misunderstandings will no doubt affect many of us. There is likely an increase in self-doubt which in turn could cause some difficulty in problem-solving. The skinny on this one is, think carefully before you speak, write, or act.

Overall, I am feeling excited about the month of June. I’m not sure why. Maybe it is because I know there is a lot shifting energetically on many levels besides astrologically. Maybe, its something else. It’s a gut feeling more than anything. Whatever happens or however you feel about things, I wish you a great week. Remember to be kind and smile to everyone.

For those that might be interested, I am closing with two links I found interesting. Maybe you will also be interested. Unfortunately, Bitly was getting a refresh when I tried to shorten these links.

Astrology for May 19-25, 2019


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Today is Vesak or Buddha Day and celebrated by Buddhist and Hindus all over the globe. It celebrates the birth, enlightenment, and death of Gautama Buddha. Emphasis is placed on eating vegetarian and not killing anything for the one or two days of the celebration. In some places, devotees release insects, birds, and animals as a symbolic gesture of giving freedom to all who are held captive. In recent years this practice has been banned in some areas because of the impact on the ecosystem and the inability of the animals to thrive long-term. It’s a nice idea though.

The Full Moon has just passed but we are still under its influence. But did you know this was a Blue Moon? I didn’t. I learned something new last week. Most of us know that a Blue Moon is when there are two blue Moons in one month. The second one is called blue. But did you know that when there are four Moons in a season, the third one is called a Blue Moon? Yes! This Spring season we have four Full Moons, thus the “Seasonal Blue Moon”.

This week our stellium (at least four planets in a sign) in Taurus will end as the Sun moves into Gemini on Tuesday, May 21, 2019. We trade in our slow, practical, patience, for alert, nervous, versatile, intellectual communications. And do not forget the two-sided coin that comes with Gemini. Gemini energy can flip on us in second and change its mind for what seems to be no reason.

Gemini, in general, is also a lot more curious than Taurus is. If this description doesn’t seem to quite fit you, remember that the other planets and their placement in your chart is what really determines your characteristics. A person’s Moon and Ascendant placement are of particular importance.

The Sun is not the only sign change this week. Mercury also leaves Taurus for Gemini the same day the Sun leaves. Mercury in Taurus creates more grounded thinking and overall common sense. In Gemini, Mercury is curious, sociable, and loves to talk or use other forms of communication.

Mercury is comfortable in Gemini since this is a home sign for him. He is rather intellectual here too but prefers not to dive deep into a subject and quite satisfied with just knowing the basics. When making a point or arguing about something, Mercury in Gemini is shrewd and smart.

The planets that will remain in Taurus will be Venus and Uranus. Venus will transit out on June 8. Until then enjoy the sensuality she brings us. But be aware that she can be possessive. Partners and others might not appreciate you if you treat them like something you own. From a financial standpoint, this can be a good thing because Venus seeks out good quality and solid, long-lasting items.

The aspects that will guide us this week begin on Monday with Venus sesquiquadrate to Jupiter. This energy wants to be noticed. Jupiter likes to make things big and Venus like to spend money so she can be beautiful and have fun. You might want to double think any spending early this week so that you don’t overextend the bank account. Also, pay close attention to how you are taking care of your self. There is a tendency to overdo and take on more than we can handle.

Mercury aspects are going to rule this week and that energy is all about communications, intellect, logic, information, short trips, learning, and the conscious mind. As I said earlier, both Mercury and the Sun will enter Gemini on Tuesday. The aspect here is Mercury conjunct the Sun. This will make way for open and acute communications. This is a great time for problem solving and writing. Just remember that what we say and write, for good or bad, will have an impact.

Mars takes the stage Wednesday when he is sextile to Uranus. Uranus asks us to take risks and Mars is all about action so he is likely to listen to anything Uranus has to say. This energetic combination is not only bold and willing to take action but also wants to experiment on its own and make things happen.

Can you tell that we are beginning to shift out of the calm May has brought us until now? There was a big solar flare early last week that was aimed toward the earth. This shook up and intensified the overall energy. Solar flares are not something you cannot predict far in advance like you can with astrology. They happen when they happen but we do get to watch them develop and get a few days warning.

Thursday is all Mercury’s. First, he will sextile Chiron. You might notice that communications open up and people are more receptive to hearing what we have to say and getting our point across will be easier. Our words can provide healing and comfort.

Thursday also holds Mercury sextile Saturn. Good ole Saturn is the planet that holds us back and makes us think about things before we act. This can be a good thing at times but Saturn can also present problems at times. This aspect’s energy is a bit like the energy of a Mercury retrograde. We might notice some hick-ups in communications, the need to re-do some things, or problems getting from here to there. Be careful not to be too critical of others.

Mars steps in again on Thursday with a square to Chiron. This one is about resentment, frustration, and being defensive. Many will notice problems with expressions of anger or a desire. We might also notice some rebellion around what others made by others or what they want.

Friday Mercury is sesquiquadrate Pluto. Suspicions rise and we could be deeply troubled by something. This energy is best used when we look for ways to get to the bottom of something.

Saturday a large double asteroid will pass by planet Earth. You can read all about Asteroid 1999 KW4 by clicking on the link below. Don’t worry, we are safe for now.

From what I am reading, it seems like we are expecting an influx of cosmic energy this coming week that will last a little while and is leading us up to Summer Solstice which is just a month away. This means more people will shift from a lower density vibration to a higher one as the Earth’s ascension process continues. During these times self-care is important Just like is with the Venus-Jupiter aspect on Monday. We all know that good self-care needs to be a daily thing but during these high energy times, we need it more.

Have a great week. Next weekend is Memorial Day weekend. I will be exercising my own self-care by taking a day off from work and enjoy a 4-day weekend. I will extend this to this blog too, so don’t expect one next Sunday. I will be back on June 2. If you are traveling, please be safe.

Remember to be kind to all you meet and smile!

Astrology for May 12-18, 2019


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Happy Mother’s Day to all the folks that love and care for others. This includes all the men out there who for whatever reason, have taken on the role of “mother”. None of us would be here without a mother. Given this sacrifice women make for every single person on the planet, it is hard for me to understand why women are so marginalized all around the world. The Good news is that as we shift from the Piscean age to the Aquarian age, we are also seeing the rise in the Divine Feminine and moving away of the Patriarchal rule of the past 2,000 years. Blessed be our Mothers!

The month of May has really calmed things down and we are getting some much-needed rest and integration before the next wave of galactic energy comes to boost us to an even higher vibration. The Sun is just over halfway through her annual Taurus transit. More on her move to Gemini next week.

Mercury will be leaving Taurus the same day the Sun does. Before either of these sign changes happen, two other personal planet change signs this week. Venus leaves Aries and moves to Taurus on Wednesday, May 15, and Mars moves from Gemini to Cancer the same day.

Venus in Aries has been spontaneous, fiery, and a bit impatient. Venus in Aries loves a chase. This energy is blunt and to the point which does not always give us a warm and fuzzy feeling but the intention is not to be mean or hurtful.

Venus in Taurus is sultry, possessive, loves security and things that last. All five senses are sharper. Taurus has Venus firmly grounded in the moment. Expressing our love can be somewhat clingy but for those that are not into being clung to, remember this will pass in about four weeks. Try to be nice, OK?

Both Taurus and Venus deal with money. This combo is asking us to look for quality, value, and practical items. We want to spend our money on things that will last, which is never a bad idea.

Mars in has been in Gemini since March 31. This is a transit that is not very focused and lacks determination. We can have a tendency to be scatterbrained and go around in circles. No wonder I have been feeling really ADD the past month. I failed to check the transits!

Mars in Cancer will change all this. With this transit, we will be more focused and able to direct our attention to what we want and go for it. This can cause some moodiness, however. Remember, Cancer is ruled by the Moon and the Moon is all about emotions. Our emotions will determine what do from one minute to the next. Expect people and yourself to be more defensive than aggressive. Cancer loves the home and family and wants us to be less bold. Those with strong Mars energy in their charts will probably find it difficult to hold back. Mars is after all, very action oriented.

As far as the other aspects this week, the Sun has two on Monday and Mercury has one but the rest of the week it looks like Venus and Mercury take the stage together.

Monday Mercury is semi-square Mars. This is hot-headed, quick-witted, and argumentative energy. There is a strong push to get things done as fast as possible regardless of how nerve-wracking or agitated things get. People with strong Mercury or Mars energy will be the ones that get the most heated. These will be the folks whose paths we might want to tip-toe around. They won’t be in much of mood for co-operation. The good thing is that Mercury is the fastest planet so this will be over and done with quickly.

The first Sun aspect Monday is an inconjunct with Jupiter. We feel like we want something new but just aren’t sure what that is. This can cause us to feel restless. This is offering us some time to make changes or adjustments in our lives and release old habits so we have room for new experiences.

The last aspect for Monday is a gentle trine between the Sun and Pluto. This is going to take us inside to get a good look at what is going on in there. Concentration will be strong and we will be able to meet our goals with more ease. It is a good day for getting things done and starting new projects. Leadership and focus is the cream that rises to the top today. These will help us clear the pesky negative and superficial aspects of our lives that may have held us back from success.

Tuesday just has Venus sextile to Mars. This will sweeten our interactions with others. Expect to feel lively, passionate, and even sexy today. This is positive energy for all things artistic, romantic, financial, and social. Sound like a good day to get out and mingle or do something creative.

Wednesday Mercury sextile Neptune. This will increase our intuition. The trick is to notice when it speaks to us. Intuition is always the first feeling we get about something. You know, the one you usually think is wrong because it is not what you think it should be? Any conversations today are probably going to be inspiring for the other person. A good day for teachers and leaders.

Thursday Mercury is semi-square Chiron. Exercise caution today with your communications. We can easily say something hurtful with this energy influencing us. Don’t be surprised if you can’t read the intention behind someone’s words. Fortunately, this is another short-lived aspect. Keep in mind that Chiron always has a lesson for us and this is no exception. Pay attention!

Saturn trines Mercury on Thursday. This is good for organizing efforts and detail work. Saturn asks us to look to our future and helps us get to the point in our conversations. Any successes will feel great.

Friday Mercury is inconjunct Jupiter. Don’t jump into anything to fast today and be sure to plan your actions well. Missing detail is a possibility with this aspect. We could find our abilities are not quite what we think they are. We might also find we underestimate things. Don’t make promises you can’t keep and double check the details of any documents you deal with.

Saturday holds the last three aspects of the week. Venus is semi-square Neptune and conjunct Uranus. The semi-square is going to create some distortion in our reality. Be extra cautious if you find you suddenly need to make a large purchase. You would do well to wait a bit on this one. Since Saturday is not a work day for the masses, legal or financial contracts or formal agreements are less likely to come up. However, if they do, PLEASE use caution. Neptune always brings a bit of illusion with him. So relax as much as you can and focus more on doing something creative.

Venus conjunct Uranus is looking for a change. The planet of quick change, Uranus, is also giving us a desire for things offbeat and avante-garde. We will probably notice a distinct increase in our appreciation for uniqueness and diversity. There will probably be an increase in our drive for freedom and self-expression, especially in social situations.

The last aspect for the week is Mercury trine Pluto. This one will boost our insight and awareness. Pluto is the psychological one of the bunch and this aspect will open us up to a greater understanding of ourselves.

The week ends with a Full Moon. I will save those details for next week. This looks like a very good week to me,  Nothing much to rattle the rafters. As you traverse your path this week, please don’t forget to be kind and smile. Put your phone away when you are out. Take in all the sights that are around you. Watch the birds, the clouds, and the squirrels play. I promise it will make you feel great!

Astrology for May 5-11, 2019


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Happy Cinco de Mayo! I will take any opportunity to celebrate my Mexican friends and neighbors. I am a huge fan of Mexican food and drinks, but sadly, due to gluten and corn sensitivity, I can no longer enjoy some of my favorites. I stick with Fajitas and Chile Rellenos. I know Mexican is not for everyone but I enjoy it every chance I can, (as well as food from almost any other country or region). 

If you have had the chance to read the last four “Special Report” posts, you know that May is expected to be calmer than the past few months. I sure am feeling calmer. There seemed to be a steady crescendo of intensity beginning early in the year with the eclipses and Super Moons, followed by some powerful alignments like Uranus entering Taurus and the Saturn-Pluto conjunction.

The intense energy lasted until the end of April-early May and heralds what is sure to be a very transformative year for this planet and perhaps the whole universe. In the images below you can see this intensity illustrated by the areas of white color.

Shuman Resonance4/25-27/2019

Shuman Resonance 4/27-29/2019

When physicist Winfried Otto Schumann, first mathematically predicted this in 1952, he measures the resonance to be a 7.83 Hz. 30 years later it was noted that the resonance was a bit higher. Over the next 35 years, it has risen higher with the highest increases perhaps taking place in the past year.

The spikes in the images above show spikes from around 50Hz-70Hz, up to as high as 150Hz. This is helping clear a great deal of negativity from our field and is helping us prepare for 2020 when even larger alignments are expected. This energy intensity was evident in the Shuman Resonance scale The past week I have felt things ease up for me. I hope they have for you as well. Use the rest of the month to ponder your trajectory. Are you headed in the direction you want to go? What is the best course for your future?

If you are interested in learning more, you might begin with this link from Wikipedia.

If you would like to dive deeper into the images from this year, go here:

Today we are on the heels of the New Moon in Taurus. New Moons are always about new beginnings and planting seeds for the future but this one, the first Spring New Moon where the ground is warm enough, is literally and figuratively about planting seeds for the future. If you have not considered what you want to plant, it is not too late. You still have about 10-12 more days to work on this. Ultimately, it is never too late to adjust our planting and plans for the future. However, it’s times like this New Moon that the Universe if poised to offer us an extra amount of support.

Today we also have another gateway opening. It is called the Gateway to the Dove. The Dove is associated with Archangel Ariel. The intense energy of last week brought in a huge wave of peace. The 5/5/2019 Taurus Gateway is the pinnacle of this peaceful, loving, creative energy from the Divine. If we focus on the higher dimensions of consciousness, we can expect manifestations, miracles, and magic in May. I’ll take that with gratitude and a smile.

Today, 5/5 Mars is inconjunct Pluto. This is a stubborn, bull-headed energy. We would all be wise not to force anything.

Mars is opposed to Jupiter. Be careful that you don’t overestimate what you are able to do right now. If we act impulsively, we could make errors in judgment. Go with the flow, rest, and relax.

Monday, Mercury enters Taurus. Expect more grounded thinking and communications. Common sense rules and our five senses are strong. If you need to simplify things this will be a good transit make progress toward this end.

Tuesday Venus will square Saturn. Saturn will put the kibosh on all things Venus; love, beauty, finances, and socializing. Watch out for potential money pits.

Wednesday, Mercury takes the spotlight, first with a semi-square with Neptune. Clear thinking could be quite difficult and daydreaming likely will be preferable. Nothing wrong with that at all. Sometimes great things come from our daydreams.

The next Mercury aspect for Wednesday is a conjunction with Uranus. This one is good for intellectual thinking. Intuition is going to be sharper so allow yourself to trust your instincts. With Uranus being the ruler of air sign Aquarius, we could feel a bit unfocused and scatter-brained. I’ve actually been feeling this way for a few about the last month. The best use of this energy will be in originality and progressiveness.

The third aspect for Wednesday is the Sun sextile Neptune. This one will boost our intuition in a big way. Trust it! Go with the first hunch or intuitive hit. You are more likely to be right than wrong.

Venus will rule Thursday with a square to Pluto and a trine to Jupiter. The square will cause some difficulty on the passion front. The green eyed monster we call “jealousy” could stick his head into the mix. Pluto is about endings and going deep into the depths of our psyche. Expect emotional intensity, disruptions and close examinations of all things Venus such as love, money, beauty, and socializing. The shadow side of this aspect is manipulation, power struggles, and even betrayal. Ouch!

Venus trine Jupiter has a quite different energy. This aspect brings us friendly optimism, a big heart, and a sweet slice of hopeful pie. This aspect will balance the negative energy around socializing that the Pluto square hold. How either of these aspects affects an individual depends on the natal chart.

Friday, the Sun will semi-square Chiron. This can increase our level of fear and limit our confidence about being ourselves. Instead of letting this shadow side be in control, use this energy learn and grow from both experiences and others.

Mercury will have a minor sesquiquadrate aspect to Jupiter on Friday. This could cause some feeling of overload. Be sure to check and double check the details. You might miss something if you don’t. Also, be aware that this could cause some exaggerations too. Be sure you aren’t the one exaggerating.

The week ends Saturday with the Sun trine Saturn. This one has a slow, steady pace to it and has us feeling grounded and productive. This comes just in time to make Mom proud and an opportunity to take responsibility for our lives and follow the rules.

Next week is Mother’s Day. If you are still fortunate to have a mom in the physical, be sure to at least plan a phone call to her. As for the rest of the world, please remember to be kind. All humans want the same things, to be heard and loved. There is no difference between us when you look inside so why do we allow the outside difference to dictate how we treat people. Make the “Golden Rule” the rule again!

Special Report 4: Saturn Retrograde


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Saturn turned retrograde on April 29, 2019. This retrograde period will last until September 18, 2019.

Saturn rules boundaries, limits,  rules, regulations, responsibility, and represents authority. These are some of the themes we will be revisiting over the next 4.5 months. We probably will not be feeling the usual effects of Saturn transits such as fear, frustration, and a feeling of being weighted down or carrying a burden.  A reality check is probably more like it. If you are among the lucky ones who made the most of Saturn when he was direct, you will reap the rewards of that effort during this retrograde.

Now, I know that many of you have no idea how to begin to use this energy for the best outcome. Begin by asking yourself if you have built a life that supports your soul’s purpose and your life’s mission. If you discover that you need to make adjustments, wait until Saturn is direct again. For now, think about what you want to change and ways that you could achieve change. What tools could you use? Might a life coach or a therapist could be beneficial? Or, could a daily meditation routine be the answer? Only you can answer these questions for you. You have until mid-September to formulate your plan of action. You will want to act on the plan by mid-October. 

Saturn retrograde is a great time to re-evaluate the partnerships and relationships in our lives. Do we commit or not? If something or someone is not working for us, do we want to work on it or let it go? This is a difficult question whether Saturn retrograde of not and letting go of people or things can be very hard for us. Our attention might be best focused on things that are worth our effort.

Good Luck! 

Special Report Part 3: Pluto Retrograde


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Pluto may have been demoted to a dwarf planet but he sure does pack an astrological punch. He is the ruler of Scorpio, lord of the underworld, and transformation. Pluto began his current retrograde on April 24, 2019, and will continue to be retrograde in Capricorn until October 3, 2019.

Most people have at least heard of Mercury retrograde and how it can affect communications and travel plans, both of which are external effects. When Pluto is retrograde the energy takes us inward, down deep and face to face with our shadow side. Talk about a transformation! I call this a great opportunity to grow and clear whatever is blocking us from growing.

Some of you will resist this opportunity because you don’t believe you need to change, aren’t ready to change, are just plain stubborn, or are not willing to do the work this transit calls us to do. These are the people for which this retrograde will create the most disturbance.

Since the lord of the underworld is traveling in Capricorn, this means that we could see growth in areas where we are dissatisfied. Capricorn is a grounded earth sign that appreciates tradition, discipline, is goal oriented, and is conservative by nature. Capricorn works harder than other signs and often has a very dry wit. Caps are similar to Taurus and Scorpio people in that they are very loyal. Combine the characteristics of both Capricorn and Pluto and you have a good idea what themes you will be asked to address during this Pluto retrograde period.

Don’t be surprised if something you think is embarrassing or shameful pops up for you. This could be something sexual or something psychological. It could be something from the past that you have not dealt with and completely cleared. This retrograde Pluto does not want you to keep these things hidden any longer. It is time to get them out into the light of day and face whatever it is we need to face. It is time to take responsibility for where you are and where you are going.

This could a difficult few months for some. Pluto does like to go deep into the psyche. It will be very important that we all avoid self-medicating in order to cope with our shadows. Instead, focus on eating well, getting outside in the sun for at least 15 minutes a day, and taking whatever alone time we need for ourselves. I highly recommend a good soak in the tub if you have those options, along with copious amounts of Epsom salts, sea salt, and your favorite essential oil.

Oh! and don’t forget to rest, nap, sleep when you feel the need to.

Special ReportPart 2: New Moon in Taurus, April 4, 2019


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The New Moon in Taurus is this weekend. We are also very close to two planetary stations of Saturn and Pluto. I will talk about these two events in other the next two posts.

New Moons are about new beginnings and beginning new things. It is Springtime and the ground is warming up. Whether you are thinking large or small, you probably have planting on the brain.

This New Moon will also be dealing with themes of life and death due to in part to the Taurus Moon that will be asking us to look at our lives and decide what we need to close out or bring to an end and what we need to birth or bring forth in our lives. Do we need more joy? More love (for self or others)? Do we have the support and help we need for do we need to seek other sources of assistance?

This is also a great time to examine our exercise routines and diets. Are we even doing any exercise? If not, get started. Have you been putting off a diet change for some reason? This is always a hard one. We like our fast food whether is from the drive-thru or something we microwave. The planets are aligned now, especially the Sun and the Moon to make this easier for you. Get busy!

The Taurus New Moon will help us get ahead, grow, and prosper. Work makes us feel good about ourselves and our place in society. A good daily routine will help us feel even more grounded. So will hugging a tree. That is a real thing you know, not just some hippie-dippie, earthy-crunchy thing. It actually goes back to 1730 in India. If you would like to read more click this link.

I’ve got two more short posts for you that I will put up tomorrow. This New Moon and the planets that are retrograde right now are offering us positive energy for a great deal of transformation and life change. It is ALL good, especially if we allow it, take advantage of it and do the work required. The choice to be part of this planetary evolution is up to you. I encourage you to go for it!

you been putting off a diet change for some reason? This is always a hard one. We like our fast food whether is from the drive-thru or something we microwave. The planets are aligned now, especially the Sun and the Moon to make this easier for you. Get busy!

The Taurus New Moon will help us get ahead, grow, and prosper. Work makes us feel good about ourselves and our place in society. A good daily routine will help us feel even more grounded. So will hugging a tree. That is a real thing you know, not just some hippie-dippie, earthy-crunchy thing. It actually goes back to 1730 in India. If you would like to read more click this link.

I’ve got two more short posts for you that I will put up tomorrow. This New Moon and the planets that are retrograde right now are offering us positive energy for a great deal of transformation and life change. It is ALL good, especially if we allow it, take advantage of it and do the work required. The choice to be part of this planetary evolution is up to you. I encourage you to go for it!

Special Report Part 1: A Look Ahead, Uranus in Taurus 2019-2026


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There are some major, long-lasting cosmic events in place now that will affect all our lives. I hope the following information will help you navigate the coming months.


You may not remember that Uranus temporarily stepped over into Taurus almost a year ago.  This was only a taste of what was to come because by early November Uranus had retrograded back in Aries for one last hoorah!  Uranus is a slow-moving planet and it takes about 84 years for him to complete a cycle around the Sun. On March 7, 2019, he returned to Taurus where he will stay for the next seven years or until May of 2026. 

Whenever a planet transits a sign you can think of it as the melding of two separate entities. In this case, we have two very different things attempting to come together. Uranus is a rebel. He is a scientific genius that loves to shake things up with his rebellious impulses. Uranus rules electricity, weather,

Uranus and Taurus have very little if anything in common. Mythology calls Uranus “Father Sky”. He is light and airy (sometimes referred to as an airhead), experimental, rebellious,  rules our higher mind, technology, virtual reality,  represents the common man and works well with his home sign of Aquarius. Aquarius rules science, inventions, electricity, and weather to name a few. You can see there is commonality with things that go through the air: things like the internet and wifi, cell phone signals, lightning, missiles, and airplanes, you get the idea.   

Taurus, on the other hand, is grounded in the earth. The bull is stubborn, loyal, practical, rooted in the physical and his possessions bring him comfort and safety. Taurus is all about money and trade, and very aware of the five senses, with touch being the most prominent. His shadow side expression can be power hungry and greedy.

While Uranus and Taurus have little in common, neither did Uranus and Aries in the previous transit. Aries is about the ego, who am I, the individual identity. During that transit, we saw a rise in what is called “identity politics”. It has perhaps served as a catalyst for the divisiveness that has raged not only in the U.S. but across the globe. By contrast, Uranus gave the common man voice during the last transit. This energy was expressed in the Women’s march, in #blacklivesmatter, and a definite suppression of the people (voting) and the rise of strong men.

So what can we expect to see during the next seven years of Uranus transiting Taurus?

1.       Big changes in how we pay. Some believe there will be a rise in crypto currency. Other say we could go back to the gold standard or an oil standard. Regardless, it looks like our financial system is headed for some big changes.

2.       Getting back to the land, living simply, and equality in labor will become more and more popular.

3.       Look for ecological problems to increase while inventions to clean up the mess grow, along with innovative farming methods that are kinder to the planet.

4.       Increased destructive weather events that cause additional ecological problems and financial hardships. Remember the “Dust Bowl” of the 1930’s happened near the last time Uranus transited Taurus.

5.       The bright side of this is that body shaming and bullying will hopefully become less of an issue as we phase out our old beliefs around how we are different.

Astrology for April 28-May 5, 2019


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Recently we have a brief period of clear sailing and no planets were retrograde, as of this week we will have three planets going backward. Jupiter leads the pack by turning retro on April 11. Pluto retrograded in Capricorn on April 24 and Saturn follows on Monday, April 29, 2019. Mercury is in the spotlight with two difficult aspects this week and two gentle ones. The week ends with the beginning of the New Moon in Taurus and a new moon cycle.

The Sun is a week into his annual transit of Taurus and May is probably going to be calmer than the previous four months have been. Many of us have been so busy up to this point that time has seemed to move at lightning speed. During the month of May, things will go slower and offer us some time and energy with which to restore and heal ourselves.

The retrograde planets will assist with our healing and our transformation. While we don’t usually feel the outer planets when they are retrograde like we feel Mercury, Venus, and Mars, having three outer planets will offer us an opportunity to slow down and take another look at what we want for our lives in general. What do we need to let go of? What do we want to learn? Are we holding on to old thought patterns and beliefs that no longer serve us? Do we need more or less responsibility and structure or do we need to have more fun?

During the month of May, we are winding down from the Spring Equinox and preparing to amp up again in June for the Summer Solstice. Use the slow energy of this Taurus and the month of May to check in with ourselves and take a look at our lives and our choices, and decide if we are heading in the direction we want to be going. My personal wish is that you choose love for all, truth, acceptance, tolerance, and co-operation as your goals.

The New Moon doesn’t take place until Friday but we will begin feeling it days before and after. This Moon brings us energetic beams of love, hope, healing, and gracefulness right down into the center of our being. There is more daylight and this is a wonderful time to change from our winter routine to our summer routine, change our diet, and our financial habits. I seem to always be looking at my finances lately.

Monday the Sun will be sesquiquadrate to Jupiter. This aspect is a minor difficult aspect of 135° and can show us where our planning is faulty, and where we are inflexible. We can feel and lack of success when planets are sesquiquadrate. Don’t overestimate or exaggerate. You will also want to be aware of unstable high moods that might not be grounded in truth.

Wednesday Mercury will be in aspect with two planets, one easy and one difficult. The easy, sextile aspect is with Mars. This energy is lively, alert, enthusiastic especially when it comes to communications. We are likely to be productive, busy, and able to turn our ideas into action.

The second aspect for Mercury is on the other side of the scales from his aspect with Mars. This one is a square with Saturn. Saturn often places some sort of obstacle in our way to prevent us from making hasty decisions. This time the block is in communications. Things we thought we had completed might need a bit more attention. Saturn can be rather insensitive and sarcastic. Trusting our intuition can seem difficult and we certainly want to carefully look over any documents before signing them.

Wednesday has the most aspects of the week. The next one is an inconjunction between Mars and Saturn. Once again we are dealing with Saturn blocking us. Mars wants to push us forward and go fast while Saturn is busy creating ways to hold us back. It’s a real stop-and-go sort of energy.

Thursday is Mercury is in prominent with two aspects. One is a difficult square with Pluto and the other is a gentle trine with a retrograde Jupiter.

The square aspect could bring trouble. Characteristics of this energy are suspiciousness and withholding parts of the story or the truth. We all would do well to keep an open mind and not force our ideas onto others. This is a characteristic of the paradigm thing anyway.

In contrast, the Mercury trine Jupiter is about positive thought, good perception, and co-operation. This energy bodes well for a short trip, could bring good news about something, or a good offer. You will want to let go of attachment to details and look more at the big picture so we don’t get stymied by details. This is also a good time to write, teach, study and submit forms such as grants or applications.

Friday, of course, is the New Moon. New Moons represent new beginnings. If you have not planted your garden plants, wait until Friday or later to do that. Anytime in Taurus is generally a good time to plant because it is an Earth sign. Taurus is a particularly good sign to plant root vegetables or ones grown for their seeds. Leafy plants like lettuce also do well.

However, sustainable cultures always consider the Moon’s Phase too. Currently, we are in the last quarter phase. This is time to weed, turn the soil, and deal with pests. If you plant a garden or just a few plants in pots, I wish you bountiful yields.

That is the nuts and bolts for this week. I am eager for the spring to progress and the tree pollen to be less. I hope your week is wonderful and that you do something special for yourself. That could be as simple as sitting quietly for 10-15 minutes in silence or listening to some soft, soothing sounds.

Remember to be kind to all you meet and smile. A smile is a smile in all languages.