Welcome to “Indigo 2 Crystal”.  This blog is all about spirituality and our human shift to consciousness. The name came from learning about how adult Indigo’s are being transformed to Crystal adults because so many of the Crystal children are choosing to leave for one reason or another. The term for this is actually Octarine but there is little info about this. You are likely to find quite a mix of subjects and ideas here. I encourage you to follow me as my mind wanders here and there and all around.

Life is not all about spirituality however. My interests are many and vary widely, so  I decided not to mix them all up and get everyone confused.  Instead, I set up two other blogs you might find interesting. Please visit them and perhaps click the “follow” button while you are there.

Yoda’s Garden is the title of one of the other blog  and can be found here. http://yodasgarden.wordpress.com Some one called me “Yoda” about eight years ago and the name stuck. Some time later,  a man I barely knew at the time and had no knowledge of the nick name,  left a concrete”Yoda” garden statue on my front porch. Since then Yoda has become part of me and my yard and garden or “yarden”. I  hope you find the garden a peaceful place to visit. Sprinkled in among the photos will be bits of info about gardening, herbs, health and life in general.

Creatively Changing is my main web page dedicated to the various services I offer.     http://creativelychanging.wordpress.com/   I am a certified Great Life Coach, Reiki Master Teacher, Master Hypnotist, Level II Resonance Healer, NLP Practioner, and an Ordained Minister. I have been studying alternative healing therapies,  metaphysics and spirituality for more than 45 years. There is so much more to learn too!

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  1. Looking around – what a great thing to do on the day, the 21st!

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