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Some of you are aware that we are currently experiencing the energy of the Lion’s Gate portal. This began July 25-26 and will end on August 12. This energy peaks this coming Wednesday, August 12, 2019. I’ll go into this in more depth at the end of this weeks forecast.

This week is predominately centered around the Sun and Jupiter’s aspects. Jupiter has been retrograde since April 10 but turns direct in just one week, on August 11. Combine this with the Sun conjunct Venus in Leo trine Jupiter in Sagittarius and we are possibly, abundantly enjoying all things Leo. One of the most important things ruled by Leo is the heart. This sign also represents the pride of the Lion, creative fun, charity, social gatherings, and making big entrances and exits.


Recent NASA photos of Jupiter

Leo is my polar opposite so I both enter and exit quietly. I hope you have had the opportunity to enjoy some abundance, good luck, and fun social events. This has been a fun week or so but it has also been full of old memories bubbling up. It has been interesting to go back over these memories and work on clearing them out a little more. For me, old stuff is like the onion and its many layers. Have you been experiencing anything similar?

Perhaps you are experiencing the expansion this trine offers in other ways? Are you more aware of moral issues or do you have a stronger than usual desire to learn something new? Are you feeling a great sense of optimism? How about your confidence level willingness to take risks? Overall you might be noticing a greater level of enthusiasm and co-operation.

The Sun/Venus in trine aspect with Jupiter now with an orb of two degrees. This aspect perfect on Wednesday. The week ends with the Sun and Jupiter moving away from each other but still in orb at less than 4 degrees of each other.

Mercury is now direct but still in storm until Thursday which means the retrograde characteristics are still in play. Continue with cautious communications and travel until then. However, come Thursday Mercury will be fully direct and lend a helping hand to the Sun trine Jupiter. This will be a great time for new beginnings in business and all Leo areas.

The Sun and Venus also have big roles around the August 7-9 window. Wednesday the Sun will be inconjunct Saturn. Saturn is likely to stir up some fears and lack around self-worth. He will also attempt to block us from moving forward with all the positive thing offered by the gentle Sun/Venus, Jupiter trine. He wants us to stick to the rules and think about things before moving on.

Friday Venus is inconjunct Saturn. This offers up more blocks with regards to expressing our affections and emotions. This may cause some to feel more anxiety I romantic of social situations. If you feel yourself pulling back and being emotionally distant, you are under this influence.

On Saturday, August 10 the Sun will be inconjunct Neptune. Neptune makes things foggy and in this case, causes us to have a hard time concentrating. We might notice that we don’t understand things clearly and there are many misconceptions. A limited ability to make clear decisions and be effective could negatively affect our self-confidence. This could also affect our willingness to do something new.

Next Sunday Jupiter turns direct and Uranus turns retrograde. It’s just another energy shift and as usual, will affect those with strong Jupiter and Uranus aspects more than others. More on this next week.

The Lion’s Gate energy is something else and quite powerful. It opens every year in late July and peaks on or about August 8thLet’s begin with the numerology of the number 8. 


The number 8 represents abundance and power. It is often referred to as the most misunderstood of all the single digits. Its focus is on business, career, authority, and finances. (Venus’s current cosmic position is also assisting this energy). If you are looking for fortune and wealth this is the number to work with.

Its shape represents balance and infinity. This also means the infinite, forever conscious part of the soul that follows us from incarnation to incarnation, past, present and future.

Lion’s Gate is not about numerology or astrology, however. It is about the Sun in Leo and its alignment with the Dogstar Sirius. This alignment happens every year and was celebrated even in ancient times.

Sirius is the brightest star in the night sky and about twice as large as our Sun. Sirius is often referred to as “the Dog Star” due to it being found in the constellation, Canis Major. Every year it moves into a position that allows it to rise with the morning Sun. It is also aligned with the Great Central Sun. This alignment with two Sun’s is believed to increase the heat of our Sun and the result is what we know as the “Dog Days of Summer”.

The ancient Egyptians and many other cultures paid close attention to the movements of Sirius and believed it was a gateway to heaven. They also believed it was home to beings of a higher vibration and held great wisdom that they (we) could access when it was strong in the sky as it is now. The ancients also considered it a sign of good luck and rebirth because it coincided with the flooding of the Nile river. The great pyramids were built to align with Sirius rising and higher spiritual knowledge and growth.

As in olden days, many believe this alignment opens a pathway for raising our consciousness. It is a powerful time if we understand how to use this energy. Remember I said Leo rules the heart? Well, this is a great time to work on all things related to the heart and the heart chakra. This is why so many are experiencing an influx of memories. They are rising up the be healed.

It is also opening the third eye, awakening the pineal gland, and making way for the higher chakras to open. Many are experiencing an active dream time now. They are receiving psychic downloads and visitations. I was talking to a friend in Texas last week who told me of recent visitation and I have also had one recently during my dream time.

Perhaps one of the strongest things we can experience from Sirius is the energy of freedom. But there is also a great deal of creativity too. Sounds a lot like the Sun in Leo, I know. Its all tied in yet different. The difference this year is the addition of Jupiter and Venus in a wonderful, gentle trine. This energy it making it much easier for us to access all the energy Lion’s Gate has to offer.

This is a welcome vibe during these challenging times. We need joy and we need this energy to help us to access more joy. In order to do that we need to exercise self-care now more than ever. We also need to be mindful of when to say no and draw good boundaries. You may discover that your relationships come into focus too. Perhaps it is time to let go from some? Perhaps it is time to renew some or seek new ones that reflect your awakened vibration?

I encourage you to search and read more about Lion’s Gate if this resonates with you or if you are experiencing any of these effects. In the meantime, get lots of rest and set those boundaries. And please remember to be kind to all you meet.