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Can you hear the Lion roar? The sign of Leo is knocking at the door. On the East Coast the Sun will enter Leo at 10:26 PM on Monday, July 22, 2019. In some parts of the world, this shift won’t happen until July 23. Location really does matter in astrology.

This means we are leaving the safety and security of our home and mother to venture out into the world and make a big splash thanks to all of Leo’s outgoing energy. Leo is proud like its symbol the Lion and more willing to step out and take the role of Leader than Cancer is. He deeply feels his individuality and that he is more than just a member of the team. He wants the spotlight to shine on him (or her).

Leo is also all about FUN! It is time for us to relish the moment, and enjoy ourselves and dramatically express ourselves to our heart’s desire. Leo does rule the heart after all. The darker side of Leo can be quite self-centered and somewhat vain. Of course, other planets in Leo’s chart will determine how strong these attributes might express.

While we are on the subject of Leo, it is a good time to remind you of what he is up to besides causing hick-ups in communications and travel. During this transit, we might be on some grandiose goal. Whatever that goal is, we are very focused on it. The small details are not in our sights right now.

This week is a bit calmer than weeks past. The only square aspect that remains is between Jupiter and Neptune. The multiple oppositions of last week remain I place this week. There is one addition with the addition as Mercury moves in to join the Sun and Venus in opposition to Saturn and Pluto. This will add some tension to our communications. Saturn is going to try to block them and Pluto is trying to destroy things with our words. Mercury’s swift pace through the zodiac means this won’t last long.

Mercury moves on conjunct Venus in Cancer on Wednesday, July 24. We should experience more harmony in our communications today. Whatever we say, we say from the heart.

Thursday, Mars trines Jupiter. It is easy to make decisions now and act on them. Strong willpower rules the day and this is best used toward our goals. Mars is about action and Jupiter is about bringing us more. So this will be a good day for business deals, signing contracts (regardless of Mercury retrograde), and any sort of negotiations you may be involved in. This is overall, good mojo to succeed.

Friday, Mars moves into an inconjunct with Saturn. You could feel like you are getting nowhere fast and have one foot nailed down. Take notice of things inside you and around you. Is there some sort a change or adjustment you need to make? You will know that you have discovered whatever that is when your energy suddenly raises to the roof.

Saturday Venus also moves into Leo. This transit will energize our love life in a dramatic way. The excitement factor for some will be off the chain. With summer coming to a close, use this energy to squeeze out all the enjoyment you can. Venus will be moving on to Virgo on August 20, 2019, and that means a whole new Venus ballgame.

There is a lot more going on than just this short bit but instead of going into detail about the complicated aspects I will just give you the skinny on them and leave it at there is a number of Yods and a cradle aspect. They all involve asteroids and planets. One Yod begins on Tuesday and peaks next Sunday. This one will increase potential and manifestation. It will also lend support to musical, artistic, and dramatic performances.

There is group Yod also forming on the 23rd and it will assist forceful but important action with our significant others. We will take this action not for ourselves as much as for a higher purpose. At first look, this action might seem harsh but it isn’t. It can be done with joy and in agreement with our soul’s purpose. Call in a transformative thing.

Thursday another Yod peaks. This one is about service to others. As one friend says, “the world is on fire”. I feel like it is time to put out these fires and follow the Golden Rule rather than succumb to fear-mongering and hate. This aspect pattern could offer you a grand opportunity to spread information about a worthy cause. This one is also linked to our soul’s purpose.

The cradle began forming on July 6. It peaks on Friday. It is called a cradle because that is the shape it takes in the chart. This one will also help us to connect to Source, go within, awaken and better serve those who are suffering. I don’t think I need to remind many you of the many ways people around the globe and Mother Earth herself are suffering.

Now that you know what is available for you this week, I hope you will consider some of the ways you can take action. Is it by refusing that plastic straw with your soda when you stop for some fast food? There are many options for a replacement from telescoping stainless one that fits in your pocket to silicone ones that don’t offer the cold hard feel of that metal ones do. Will you use your own shopping bags and cut our plastic ones? Will fight against the EPA’s turn around or the cruelty that exists just about everywhere you turn? The energy this week will off your strength and support to you to make the lives of others safer and better. This action has a boomerang effect and will come back to you. Just as all the negative actions will come back to those that choose that path.

Don’t forget to smile to all you meet. You can even smile with your voice. I hear so many people answer a phone with a less than welcoming tone. It makes a difference and could make you feel good too.