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This big topic this week is Tuesday’s Capricorn Full Moon and the partial Lunar Eclipse that takes place at 24 degrees Capricorn. This event is packed with difficult oppositions besides the usual Sun-Moon opposition. This also involves Saturn, Pluto, and Venus. With all this energy, things could bring some challenges but there are almost always opportunities also. Your challenge may be nothing more than letting go of any worry and focusing more on what is possible. Make lemonade out of any lemons that roll into your path.


The eclipse will only be seen in Australia, South America, Asia, and Europe. Don’t think for a moment that it is not affecting you or the US just because it can’t be seen here. Energy is energy and it affects us all. Some of the power points to watch in the coming weeks will be Saturn’s rule over authority in general. Who has it, who wants it, who is using it, and for what reasons?

Pluto is also in the Capricorn eclipse mix. Pluto deals with our shadow or darker side of us. He loves to dig up the past. It is up to us to decide whether to allow this to create fear in us or help us to let go of the past and heal those past wounds; some going way back to early childhood. While this might sound like something you want to ignore or run away from, this energy when used correctly can lead to profoundly deep and positive change.

Since it takes place on the Capricorn – Cancer axis, we need to know what that energy is about. First of all, Capricorn is a cardinal sign and this means movement and activity. Capricorn rules the 10th house of business and priorities while Cancer rules the 4th house of home (basic structures in life) and family, our security and emotions. These are also areas in which we could experience a crisis or challenge.

The planets on the Cancer side are the Sun and Venus. The Sun is us. It is the essence of who we are and how we are, our identity. When in Cancer, we are given the opportunity to work with and express ourselves in areas of home, family, safety, and emotions.

Venus is working with the same areas as well as finances, relationships, and beauty. When Venus is opposed to Saturn as she is now, we could find that things in the relationship and other Venus departments don’t’ flow as well as we might like. Saturn wants us to look at duty before love. He seems to block whatever area of our lives he is in aspect with. So, if you find yourself feeling a bit cool emotionally of if others seem that way, the Venus opposition to Saturn could be the major influence.

One last point is the Moon’s opposition to Pluto. The Moon Rules Cancer. She represents the mother and our emotions. This powerful eclipse will no doubt give fuel to the fires that are blazing around women, their views, their sexuality, and their importance in society. Including, what is appropriate or not appropriate. Pluto can also cause upheaval in governments. This includes the types of things we are seeing now, such as criminal organizations (even in governments), surprising connections to drugs and drug lords (JP Morgan?), and also terrorism. Remember, Pluto loves to take us deep. It is easy to see how this might be playing out on the world stage now and in particular, in the U.S.?

This eclipse is packed with possibility, possibility, and transformation. We can ignore it or work with it. If you are on the ascension path and working to raise your vibrations so you can live in the higher dimensions, you will find this energy very beneficial. If you don’t understand what I just said. Don’t worry. Feel free to contact me and I will be happy to speak with you about it all.

Retrograde Mercury is moving back into Cancer early tomorrow. He will stay retrograde and in Cancer until July 31, 2019, when he stations direct and continues to transit the last degrees of Cancer before moving into Leo on August 12, 2019. Again, we are dealing with all the characteristics we attribute to Cancer. Retrogrades always give us a chance to reflect, revisit, redo, and recreate and transform. This not only applies to us personally but to the collective as well.

This eclipse also marks the beginning of the very powerful Pluto-Saturn conjunction. These two planets are slow moving so this aspect will be with us into next year. By March it will be separating and all that will be left is the change that it sparked. I am wondering which sparks will start full-blown fires. But I am only wondering and not concerned. Everything that is happening now, good, bad, and ugly, is moving us to a more perfect world. We are the witnesses or great change.

When you focus on this change and let go of expectations, keep your sight on love and compassion, and understand that all souls decide what they want to do before they incarnate here, it makes the ugly parts not so worrisome. You begin to understand that some souls make great sacrifices in human form so that positive change can take place.

We are moving toward a time where there is enough. Everyone exists in love and unity with the Earth and ALL her inhabitants. All we have to do is raise our vibrations. That can’t happen if we are picking a fight.

Earthquakes have been a hot topic in the past couple of weeks and they continue to be. When I check the list about 2pm EDT today there had been 37 small quakes in the US since midnight. All of them were between 2.5 -3.5 magnitude. There was one 4.8 in Guatemala this morning.

The ring of fire continues to be quite active. I counted 22 quakes today in Indonesia in the range of 4.4 -7.3. The quakes in the US were so small they were probably not noticed very much. Indonesia is another story. Earthquakes are almost always felt in the 4.0 range and definitely in the higher ranges. A 7.3 quake can do some real damage.

Below are two images from Earthquake 3-d that show all magnitudes of quakes for recent earthquakes along the ring of fire. Quakes for the week are on the left and quakes just today are on the right. 







If you are like me and don’t watch the news very often, you may have missed the freak weather event two weeks ago in Guadalajara Mexico. Imagine suddenly going from the usual hot, humid conditions of summer to waking up on July 1, 2019, with over 3 feet of ice in some places after a huge hail storm. You can read about that here: https://bit.ly/2XRiLHM

With all the energy in the cosmos right now and all that is going on here on Terra firma, there are few people if any, that are not feeling more stress than usual. Self-care has never been more important, at least for those of us fortunate enough to be able to exercise some self-care. Four planets are in water signs. 

The Sun, Venus, and Mercury are in Cancer and Neptune is still in his home sign of Pisces. This opens the door for us to use water as a tool for healing and transformation. Even if you can’t get to the ocean, there is probably a stream or lake near you. Go find one and let its sound and movement carry your cares away and fill you with all the good, stress relieving vibes it has to offer. If you can’t get to water, then a long soak in the tub or an extra long shower will help.

As always, don’t forget to be kind to all you meet and smile. Smiles are the best medicine next to laughter. And don’t pass up an opportunity to hug someone either.