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Today and the month of July are brought to you by the number 7.

This is the seventh day of the seventh month. Seven is known for being a lucky number but it has many more interesting attributes. In numerology, it is called “the Seeker”. Seven is spiritual without being religious, contemplative, persevering, studious, analytical, wise, centered, introspective, genteel, and friendly.

Seven can also be distant, sarcastic, socially awkward, depressive, fearful, and occasionally back-stabbing.

Seven is also associated with the sign of Cancer and you can see how some of their attributes cross over. Cancer is nurturing and about the home. Seven is gracious and friendly. Cancer is about the wise mother taking care of her home and family. Seven is also wise, knowledgeable, and seeks ways to get things done.

If you want to know more about numerology, I suggest www.numerology.com as a good place to start. In my spiritual circles, 7:7 opens a portal through which those wishing to can step into their next phase of spiritual development. This summer is loaded with opportunities for spiritual advancement both personally and collectively.

This week begins with Mercury in full retrograde and joining Jupiter, Saturn, Neptune, Pluto, and the asteroid Ceres. Chiron turns retrograde Monday. That is a whole lot of slowed down, retrospective, and contemplative energy. Mercury is doing the backstroke in Leo until July 18. During this time we will be dealing with our position around leadership, performing, and entertainment.

When Mercury moves back into Cancer on 7/19 -7/31, our reflections will relate to the themes around the recent Solar eclipse. Those are family, home, and security. This will be an excellent time to get in touch with our emotions and get in touch with and do some deep work around clearing feelings that challenge us.

Don’t forget the typical Mercury retrograde advise that includes checking travel plans, caution in signing contracts, starting new projects, or making large purchases. This is a time to reflect, re-do, re-create, re-visit, and review.

Monday, Chiron begins a five-month-long retrograde period. This is a long time to focus on not healing others or offering guidance. However, this is a wonderful time to work on our own healing. This includes not only physical, but mental emotional, and spiritual. You will need to be clear within yourself in order to support and assist others once this five-month period is over.

Venus will square Chiron on Monday. This aspect throws some blocks on our relationships, commitment, and intimacy. Social discomfort can increase and we might find learning from others to be a bit more difficult.

Venus in sextile aspect to Uranus on the same day balances the social discomfort brought by the square with Chiron. The Venus aspect with Uranus will help us take risks and do things we might not do otherwise. Uranus loves to surprise us. He and Venus want us to grab onto new ideas, romantic experiences, and even financial investments with regard to electronics, technology, art, metaphysics, and about anything out of the ordinary. In other words, all things Uranus.

A newly retrograde Mercury conjuncts Mars on Monday. This aspect if all mental. Don’t be too quick with your decision making. Doing so might result in something not going the way you might like.

The last aspect for Monday is the Sun inconjunct retrograde Jupiter. This one is about freedom. If you feel restless or can’t decide what you really want, this aspect is likely the cause. Letting go of old no longer serves can ring us the freedom we desire. Its a good time to let go of an old habit and make room for new and healthful experiences.

Tuesday the Sun opposes retrograde Saturn. The father of the sky wants us to second guess ourselves. He brings us a wave of doubt and fear. He blocks our path to progress and serves up a big helping of realism. All this will hopefully serve to raise our confidence in our ability to take care of ourselves.

Thursday the Sun trines retrograde Neptune. You could notice your intuition is strong today. You feel like you are in tune with things. Instincts are good and we appreciate the differences and all things others have to offer.

Mars squares Uranus on Thursday. Again, we are willing to take more risks and feel a bit restless. Mars will assist in any fight for freedom we might be waging. Uranus is known for upset and with Mars energy squarely added, there could be upsets in our lives or our work. Difficulty focusing on one thing is also likely.

Friday we have Mercury in a sesquiquadrate aspect to Neptune. You might find it difficult to think clearly today. If you have something important planned for Friday such as a presentation or any sort of contract or agreement, you will definitely want to be extra cautious. Check the facts two or three times to be sure.

A few weeks ago I sent out two posts on Uranus in Taurus. This past week in my email from Spaceweather.com was news of the evidence of the new Solar Cycle 25 beginning. The 24th cycle has been less active than expected but this seems to be about to change. As you might know, the Sun’s activity has a direct effect on the Earth’s weather and our electromagnetic field.

This week there also seemed to be an uptick in earthquakes in the U.S. A friend in Dalton GA shared info about a small, 2.4 quake in his area. There was another one north of him in Tennessee but neither of these was strong enough to show up in the Quake 3-D app but I did find them when digging deeper.

A 2.4 quake is barely felt and causes no real damage. Quake 3-D shows 2.5 and larger only. These small quakes are usually only picked up by seismographs. The 4-5.0 can be felt but generally, cause little or no damage. You do feel the house move and sometimes things can crack of fall. It’s the 6.0 and higher that we begin to really feel it and get the damage. The depth of a quake matters too.

This past week in California, there has been a string of quakes. Between 2:54 pm today and 3:03 pm, there were at least 18 small quakes. Below are some images from Quake 3-D that show the activity in the past seven days and in the past day. 

     Ring of Fire July 1-7
Americas Pacific Rim July 1-7

Ring of Fire July 6-7

AmericAmericas Pacific Rim July 6-7

This is the kind of thing Uranus in Taurus does. We’ve got several more years of weather wonky’s to come. Hold on to your hats!

While you are holding your hats, please don’t forget that a little kindness goes a long way. Be kind to all you meet.