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I’m so glad Summer Solstice fell on a weekend this year. The longest three days of the year. The weather was great here in North Carolina. I hope everyone enjoyed it in one way or another.

Neptune turned retrograde last Friday, June 21, 2019, and there could not have been better energy for Solstice celebrations or celebrations of any kind. Neptune is the planet of dreams, illusion, higher consciousness, spirituality, inspiration, creativity, and addictions. He is the thin line between this world and the next, between dreams and reality. Neptune is in his home sign of Pisces and this means we are getting his full power and full effects, undiminished by any other influence except the planets he is in aspect to.

This is wonderful awakening energy. We are now able to see things from another perspective. We only need to be open to this possibility. Those that do will wake up to a new reality. This energy is strong right now and waiting for us to make the best use of it.

This is a great time to check your intentions. Review. See if your intentions are out-dated, or no longer in alignment with our heart’s desire. Everything in our lives needs a review from time to time and intentions are no different.

Neptune will be retrograde until November 27, 2019. This gives us a good 5 months to listen to what he has to say to us. We would do well to pay attention to the knowledge and gifts he is offering to share. During this time we will be asked to look beyond what we know, beyond tradition, beyond the way we have always done things and discover new ways and new truths.

Neptune’s addictive characteristic is can even be turned around. Use it to escape into the new reality he is trying to show us. Escape into the awakening. Escape into a higher consciousness, and way of thinking. Use it to navigate your way into the center of your being and your connection with the Universe. When we do this the old reality will make more sense.

To some, this could sound a contradiction. All you need to do is take the first step. Its bike riding a bike or anything else we do in life. If nothing happened the first time, keep at it. You will eventually see the light, the new reality Neptune is showing us. This retrograde period will help you a great deal. Don’t give up.

Neptune also joins Jupiter, Saturn, and Pluto in retrograde. All of these are outer, slow-moving planets. Over the next few months, the all will be asking us to slow down. Slow down, repeat, and rethink what we want and where we are going. They are asking us to examine our choices before moving on.

This Mercury is in the spotlight. He is in the last degrees of Cancer and as you probably remember, planets are very strong in the last degrees of a sign. There is also a T-square between Jupiter, Neptune, and Venus that has been in play since June 16, 2019. It peaks tomorrow, June 24 and continues to affect us through the end of the month.

Since Venus is a point on this T-square pattern, you will want to be extra mindful of money scams and spending or investing wisely. Read all contracts and take your time with all financial matters this week.

The other square in this patter is Jupiter square, Neptune. Here again, we see Neptune characteristics. Combine these with Jupiter’s higher education, optimism, and expansion in all areas and we get some wonderful energy to work with. You might find you are drawn to study the spirituality of another culture or take an art class or learn about some sort of creative activity and expression.

The flip side to this square is overspending, over-optimism, and wandering about mindlessly. While mindless wandering can lead the way to exploration and an overall good thing to do, with Neptune and Jupiter squaring each other, it might be more like walking in circles with one foot nailed down.

Jupiter in this pattern is also opposing Venus. There are two ways this might affect folks. One is to turn up the joy levels of our relationships. The other is to Expand the relationships current energy like a microscope so that we can better see what is really going on in them. Even if this means the end of some relationships, it might ultimately be the best thing for us.

Thursday we have another Venus aspect. This one is a quincunx with Pluto. Pluto represents the process of birth and life. The Venusian parts of our life will be affected. Look for this in not only areas of love, but creativity and finances too. Try to play nice when you are out in society. Don’t want to get too deep with folks that don’t get it. But then, maybe you do? Maybe that is what they need?

The last thing I want to mention concerns, Mercury. He is changing signs this week and moving to Leo. Leo is full of pride and loves center stage. Mercury will not be moving through Leo very fast this summer. He’s going to be in a retrograde holding pattern for three weeks. That period is longer if you count the storm period.

Mercury basically enters storm the same day he moved into Leo. That is this Friday. Storm period act like retrogrades. Mercury will go full on retrograde on July 7, 2019, and will be in Leo for one week before traveling back into Cancer to tie up loose ends there.

More on this next week. In the meantime, go make this week the best week you can. Don’t forget to be kind to all you meet and smile to everyone. Why not smile and wave to the panhandler on the street corner too. They deserve your kind recognition at the very least.