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All my life I’ve heard there are only two things in life we HAVE to do. Those two things are, die and pay taxes. Some, jokingly add a line about having to go through Atlanta to get anywhere.

Now, I am not a betting person. The closest I have ever come to buying a lottery ticket was once when someone bought one gave it to me. That being said, I would almost bet the farm that in the next few years, ten at the most, we will not conduct commerce as we do now. Remember, Taurus deals with personal finances and materialism.

This brings up many questions about our financial system and money. Will the stock market crash? Will Banks close again? Will we all be implanted with a chip that will replace our bank cards? I go back to the mantra, time will tell. I wish there was a crystal ball or some magic spell that could tell us but I don’t think that exists. Speculating is just an educated guessing game. Whatever happens, there will be a ripple effect that will impact the collective. Heads up. No fear! Learn to ride the waves because there are going to be some waves.

The fact that Uranus rules weather and Taurus is an Earth sign, we are probably going to see even more erratic weather. You may or may not be aware of some of the intense and unusual weather so far this year.

I heard a few days ago that this is the wettest June on record. (Please keep in mind that our records are limited to a small fraction of actual time, 150 years at the most and often no more than 50 years). I also heard a man say in an interview a couple of weeks ago that he had not seen where he parked his car since March 17, 2019. The Midwest and other parts of the United States have had more rain than we have seen in a long time.

A  storm crossed the U.S. the end of May and the first week of June 2019. It was huge and covered almost all of the Southeast and Gulf coast states. Texas and Louisiana got a month’s worth of rain in just 24 hours on June 7, 2019. My home town declared a state of emergency due to flooded roads and roads that washed out. On May 29th there were over 51,000 lightning strikes in that one day.

The United States is not the only part of the globe has seen a lot of rain. There have been floods in Mexico, Romania, Serbia, Herzegovina, Bosnia, Bulgaria, Libya, Uganda, Afghanistan, Ghana, and China. Crazy weather for sure. If we are seeing this sort of weather now, I wonder how crazy it will get over the next seven years? How much stress can our infrastructure take before it collapses? Again, I’m not trying to be all gloom and doom, just considering possibilities.

Tornado season is off to big start this year with very destructive storms in southern Chile, Germany, and at least 935 tornadoes in the US so far this year. The city of Los Angeles, Chile experienced a tornado. Sixteen people died as a result. Citizens reported that this area never has tornadoes. This was a rare event for sure.

Momotombo volcano sends a large plume of ash into the air, as seen from a plane (Storyful / YouTube / Gold Minor)

Volcanoes and earthquakes are also regular news stories. I am not going to say much about these. They seem to be increasing and when you take the current Uranus in Taurus transit into consideration, well, am going I mention them from time to time in my regular posts. I will say tell you there were two earthquakes today that registered above 6.0. One was in New Zealand and the other was in Indonesia. There was a 4.0+ in Japan but tsunami warnings were lifted. 

Heat and drought is a problem in other places. The history books tell us about “The Dust Bowl” of the 1930s. This time around it seems the dust bowl is in India and Pakistan where people are dying from the intense 123 º heat and the 2nd driest pre-monsoon season in 65 years. In Japan, more than 600 people were hospitalized due to a heat wave. By contrast, Denver, Colorado experienced the largest late May snowfall in 44 years.

Records show that it was as hot in the 1930s, ’40s, and ’50s as it is now but what we have not seen before are the coral reefs dying off from the heat or the ice melting in our Arctic regions. Scientists have recently used a small submarine type craft to dive deep into the oceans to try to determine what is happening and why ocean temps are rising. Some scientists believe this is due to human-caused “greenhouse gas emissions” that are stored in the oceans. They have sent a small submarine down to deep cold water ocean depths and have discovered that the warmer waters above are mixing with these cold waters and causing the arctic ice and ice burgs to melt.

Besides the weather, finances will likely change. Keep in mind that Taurus deals with possessions. Will we take a closer look at what we own? Will gather more possessions or will we be examining what we really need and ditching the rest.

Letting go can be emotional for many of us. Often our stuff is attached to a memory, a hope, wish or dream that hasn’t come true. Our things represent so much and we often find facing the attachment is just too difficult .

What do you value? There is definitely a move toward less is more.

Uranus has an undisputed love of technology. Could this bring us terrific new inventions? (My Aquarian self love this part). The possibilities for advancement and discoveries in science and medicine are mind-blowing. We might even see a cure for cancer and I am not repeating a political candidate here. This is a real possibility.

This will be a time to wake up and smell the coffee. Some of us will weather this well while others, not so much. Much will be about perspective. Regardless, I am going to stick my neck out and say that things are about to intensify in ways we could not imagine.

Probably the most important thing to keep in mind is that all these events are necessary for our evolution. There will be a lot of head butting and difference of opinion. Gratitude for what is and finding and doing things that bring us joy will be more important than ever. 

The old guard is doing all it can to exert its power and maintain control. Saturn is currently transiting Capricorn and both deal with tradition, authority, and structure. Uranus in Taurus will be giving these two a run for their money.

Tradition will further be tested when Saturn moves into Aquarius on March 23, 2020 -July 3, 2020, when he retrogrades back into Capricorn until December 18, 2020, before moving back to complete his  Aquarian transit on March 7, 2023. Remember that Aquarius is ruled by Uranus and Uranus will then be a direct influence on Saturn. Its really going to shake up tradition, authority, and structure. This will no doubt make the election year 2020 VERY interesting.

There is no way I can cover all the possibilities the Uranus-Taurus transit might bring us. I only hope this gives you some insight into the possibilities and there are wonderful possibilities indeed. Keeping an open mind and detaching from the outcome will be key, as well as good self-care, turning off news, meditation, and being kind. So gather up your crystals, hug a tree, get your feet on the ground, sit by the water, and listen to the bird’s sing. These will all help us.

And now I am reminded of this song: