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photos by Brittany Serenpa

Happy Father’s Day to all the Dad’s!

I am involved with a group that has been bringing in new codes and light to support the network of trees around the world. I felt like this photo would not only acknowledges the work of these wonderful folks but is also a testament to Dad’s. I think Dad’s are a lot like trees as keep us grounded and protected.

I’m still working on the Uranus in Taurus info. There is a lot to cover and so far I have about 5 pages. I think it will come out in two posts, hopefully later this week. In the meantime, I hope you have gone outside to see Jupiter and four of his moons. You can get a good look with the naked eye binoculars or a 300mm zoom camera lens works better.

We ramping up to bring in Summer Solstice energies. We also very close to the halfway mark of 2019 but, that is still about 2 weeks away. For those of you that are the planner type, you might want to examine the past six months and look for things that may not have gone the way you wanted them to, or things you didn’t get done, and the things you want to accomplish in the next six months.

For now, we have a Full Moon in Sagittarius on Monday, June 17, 2019. Sagittarius is an expansive sign and is ruled by the planet of expansion, Jupiter. This energy will help us get ready for the mid-year set-point I mentioned. You might want to consider using this Moon’s energy to find joy, exuberance, and to celebrate. Higher learning, long-distance travel, philosophy, global cultures, teaching, and the meaning of life.

Yep! All things Saggitarius! That last one is a kicker. The point on which many of us get lost. With all this expansion, you will want to make sure you don’t overextend yourself. Too many irons in the fire will spread energy reserves too thin.

Another downside to this energy is that some of us will use it as a platform to preach about personal convictions. Your way is not the highway. It is just your way so let it be your way and don’t take up a soapbox on the street corner. We would all be best served if we were able to release this boastful, judgmental energy and take on the neutral stance of the observer.

The Full Moon will also be conjunction Jupiter in Sagittarius. This serves to amplify the expansive energy already discussed. This is lucky, benevolent energy but it can be jealous too. Try to stay on the plus side of it all and should the lower side energies pop up, acknowledge them, observe them, and let them all go.

Neptune seems to be the big player this week. There is a T-Square beginning today that involves Venus, Jupiter, and Neptune. This pattern will last until July 1, 2019. This is a hard aspect pattern that will bring some challenges with it.

Venus is opposing Jupiter in this patter. This combo could mean some financial good news but the opposition makes this more doubtful. Scams or some sort of financial miss-step is more likely. Whatever you do financially, do it with care. Watch your spending. Don’t do like some of my friends do and shop on the internet after a night out drinking. One of my friends has gone through at least $30,000 this way.

With both Venus and Jupiter in square aspect to Neptune in this pattern, there is a greater potential for uncertainty. Neptune can bring deception and cause a financial venture to seem like something better than it is. Remember, Neptune is all about illusion.

This illusive energy fog up our relationships. If you are in a happy relationship with someone you will want to think twice and take your time before deciding to go any further right now. Neptune is tricky and we might be acting more form our dream state than reality.

The Jupiter square with Neptune will be perfected today and in September 21, 2019. They were also square in January. Neptune turns retrograde the end of this week so he won’t be out of influential orb with Jupiter until November. Keep this in mind. Write it down someplace.

This energy will affect us for the next 5 months. And if you are one who enjoys self-medication, remember, this is a time when our vices and the desire to escape can get out of control. The end results can be tragic. It will be very important to find positive ways to express ourselves. It is almost summer and nature is a positive place to spend time. Remember that you are bigger and stronger than your troubles. 

Tuesday we have a sextile aspect between Saturn and Neptune. This is a big influence throughout the year, a total of 15 months to be exact. The first alignment was on January 31, the 2nd one on Tuesday, another on November 8, 2019.

Some of the ways this energy could show up in our lives is in spiritual practices. We might change how we practice our spirituality or become detached from is. We could seek out spiritual guides and practitioners to help us advance our practices and embody awakening. Or become more focused and grounded in a current practice.

The shadow side of this energy is doubt and We might lose faith in our abilities and have a feeling of unworthiness. Boundaries will be important because a lack of them can cause us problems, spark painful emotions, and allow any desire for self-medication to bubble up and take over. With so much focus on opioid addictions, This could be a period of time when we see a great number of overdoses. I certainly hope not. If you or someone you know is feeling down, tell your friends and seek help.

Friday is Summer Solstice and marks the beginning of the next three month period of time. It is also the day the Sun moves into Cancer. I’ve already said that Neptune is a big player too. In the graphic below, you can see he will be in aspect with almost all points on the chart that day. Neptune is circled. The list includes the Moon, Mercury, Venus, Jupiter, Saturn, Uranus, and Pluto. In short, this means Neptune is going to be influencing our lives in a BIG way. There is a great possibility with this as well as some trouble spots. Be aware. The opportunity for awakening is here.

The Sun in Cancer is a whole different type of energy from the Sun in Gemini. Cancer is feminine and ruled by the Moon. Cancer represents the Mother and the home. Our focus will be more toward nurturing and family than it has been.

That is all I have for today. Next weekend there will be all sorts of Solstice celebrations to participate in. People are going on vacations too. Be safe in all your travels. Don’t forget to be kind to all you meet and smile. You never know what is going on with the stranger you come face to face with. If they are being nice, there is probably a good reason and a smile could brighten their day more than you can imagine. Remember that when we are nothing more than a skeleton, there are no differences between us.