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Above: Jingpeng Liu took this picture of the Moon approaching Venus over Qingdao, China, on July 15th. Later today, North Americans will see a much closer pairing with only 1 degree of arc separating the two.

Another week full of interesting global, individual, and personal events is over. I did my best with it but I know I could always do better. Regardless, I use my mistakes and shortcomings to guide me in the future and to treat all along my path with respect, dignity, and grace. I will admit that I am not as good as I would like to be with the grace thing, but I am getting there.

The first astrological point of interest I want to draw your attention to is tonight, Sunday, July 15, 218. At Sunset, the Moon will transit Venus in a tight conjunction, at just one degree of arc. Look to the West and if the sky is clear, you will be able to see this conjunction. To learn exactly what time to look from your location, go to https://in-the-sky.org/location.php and enter your town or a major one within 50 miles from you.

There is quite a bit of Venus energy we need to be aware of. Venus is, the goddess of love and romance. She is also a planet of the senses. She rules beauty, jewelry, self-worth, money, and sweets. In some ways, Venus is rather like Neptune in that she governs substances that can lead to addiction, including food, and she can cause mood swings. The latter attribute is more understandable when you consider that she rules two signs that don’t deal with each other very well; Taurus and Libra. The key to managing this energy is to find our balance between our inner and outer selves.

Venus in Leo puts all the things she rules in the spotlight for us a and others to see. Venus has pretty much taken center stage lately and this week is This is perfect energy for the many awakening souls and those already awake who are looking for deeper understanding of themselves. This energy will help us shift and grow as we assimilate the 5th-dimensional energy.

One of the best ways to use all this Venus energy is to enjoy everything we do, especially the lazier of endeavors like being a couch potato or a yummy dessert. Remember I used the “B” word earlier so don’t forget to find the balance in any indulgences and fall into a food coma. This could be difficult for some because of the Moon’s influence. Emotional eating could become a problem for those with strong Leo, Venus, or Moon energy in their natal charts.

By the end of this week, Venus will be shifting from a trine with Saturn to a trine with Pluto. The addition of Pluto’s energy will take us deeper into examining ourselves with respect to all the Venus characteristics. So if you find you are looking at your diet, your finances, or how you see yourself and others, Pluto could be providing the stimulation for this.

Monday sets off two inconjunct aspects. The first involves our favorite goddess, Venus, and Mars. Some of us will feel rather clumsy and awkward as we attempt to be friendly with others. There might be some difficulty in meeting our romantic and sexual needs, causing some misunderstandings in this area. Be patient. This will pass soon.

The second inconjunct is with Mercury and Pluto. Communications will be dicey. This energy can spark a power struggle or some form of hostile action from our friends or family. If we turn this inward, the result can be self-doubt about our decisions. This is not entirely a bad thing, is it? We simply need to be careful that we are looking at all sides of a situation or decision is all. If we don’t like what we see then an adjustment is in order.

Tuesday and Wednesday bring the beginnings of two T-squares. Tuesday’s is with Juno, Pallas, and Jupiter. This influence will be with us until the end of August so you might want to make a note of it. We will be asked if we have given away too much of our power in our committed relationships. This sort of energy has certainly been with us for a while now although it has been supplied by other planetary aspects along the way. This particular T-square is going to provide assistance to transform our lives and our committed relationships in positive ways. Transformation can be difficult but is always, ultimately positive.

Wednesday, the T-square involves Sun, Mars, and Uranus. This T-square only lasts three weeks and that is probably a good thing. This one is predicted to be more explosive than the typical T-square. Mars, the god of war, and Uranus the planet or quick change give the T-square energy a short fuse that will trigger some of us toward chaotic behavior.

The good news is that this aspect can give assistance to those that are moving into leadership roles or some sort of innovation. We will do well to use all the self-discipline you can muster in order to avoid saying things we don’t mean of having outbursts of anger. Our intuition will be our best guide for the next three weeks.

The Universe always seems to know what we need much better than we do. After a full week last week, this week might seem easy because there are so few aspects among the major planets and asteroids. I’d say we deserve this break. The next eclipse is in less than two weeks. And just before that the Sun will change signs and move into Leo. I can hardly wait!

That is all I have for this week. I hope everyone is having a good summer. I’ve got some food ready to grill for supper. I really enjoy all the summer fruits and vegetables.

Wishing you a good week ahead and please don’t forget to smile and be kind to everyone.