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Hello beautiful people. I hope everyone had a safe and fun 4th. I took a look at the county’s chart today. I can’t pretend to decipher all there is to know about this chart but it is clear that the U.S. is heavy with Cancer energy. Besides Cancer being her Sun sign, the U.S. Has three other planets in Cancer. They are Mercury, Venus, and Jupiter. I’m sure Mom and apple pie are in there somewhere.

All of the aspects this week involve the planets in this natal chart of the U.S. Currently the only planet transiting Cancer is the Sun. That will change in Wednesday when the Moon enters Cancer and eclipses the Sun on Thursday. This eclipse will bring the energy we will feel and be able to use for at least six months from now, its Cancer energy no less.

Cancer energy is about women, the home and domestic matters, food, safety, nurturing, and our emotions. Cancer is represented by the crab, a creature with a soft inside like us and a hard outer shell which represents our need for protection and safety. Cancer is also ruled by the Moon and Thursday’s eclipse will be in Cancer so you can bet your britches that this eclipse is going to bring us very, very strong energy around all things Cancer for the next six months.

New Moons and Solar Eclipses are about new beginnings. This one is strong in both ego represented by the Sun, and our emotions, represented by the Moon. This week’s Solar eclipse will ask us to examine our homes and pay attention to our feelings, needs, and instincts. This goes for both our physical home and our inner home or self. We will also be pulled to examine our relationships with our family whether that is our actual birth family or our family of friends and others who support us.

This energy over the next six months will lead us to probe many areas of our lives or the lack thereof. Things like belonging, intimacy, and our ability to both give and receive support from others. We could even begin some home improvement project. This could be an outside or inside beautification. These things also apply to our physical bodies too. If you have been thinking of making some sort of change in your exercise routine or diet, the next six months will be the best time to begin these.

I was listening to an interview with spiritual master yesterday and he was saying it was wise not to publicize our intention to make a change. He suggested that we stay quiet until we are absolutely sure we are ready before we shared our intentions. Otherwise, we only push ourselves farther away from our goals rather than closer. I have found this to be true in my own life in the past year or two. Any time I plan to change something, I ponder it and take time to wrap my brain around the change. Every time I have done this, the change comes easily and with great results. If any of you have any experience with this I invite you to share that in a comment.

With this eclipse energy, the Universe will be sending us a big wave of energy also. This will help us firmly anchor in the 5th-dimensional energy that has been flowing our way for some time now. It is more important than ever to focus on LOVE. This means even sending love to the things we are disagreeable with. Love is the only thing that can and will transform the dark into the light.

Now let’s go back to the aspects of today and the rest of the week. Today, the Sun is trine, Neptune. Our intuition is right on target. We are probably in a giving mood and see wondrous beauty in our diversity. Meditate on that today or anytime this week. It will take us to that place of love. If you do, pay close attention to any sensations in the center of your chest. This is where the heart chakra is. Any sensations you feel there are likely caused by the heart chakra opening and balancing. Soak it all up! Breathe it all in!

Monday we have Mercury square Jupiter. This energy can lead to an overload of information. We might feel the need better if we limit our TV and internet time today. Beware of spinning a big fish tale or of others who do as things can become exaggerated easily with this energy. Traveling today could hold some difficulty, as could getting our point across to others, or our ability to focus mentally. But if we are somehow able to concentrate, then we can expect a great deal of progress.

Venus enters Virgo on Monday. With this energy love becomes practical and we enjoy showing it through our actions toward others. Things, like doing errands or just being there for a special person, is what makes us happy now. We will also enjoy detailed work now and spending money on sensible items rather than impractical or frivolous ones. Enjoy this energy until August 6, 2018.

Tuesday Jupiter stations to turn direct. Over the next few weeks, this energy will be steadily moving back to full, benefic speed. W only have a few more months to enjoy expansion in the areas of knowledge, understanding, and optimism. In early November Jupiter will move into Sagittarius.

Wednesday, Venus will trine Uranus. This energy can encourage us to take more risks. We are pulled toward the unusual and avant-garde in romance. Commitment is not on the agenda now but creativity is. This is a good day for socializing. Why not head out to grab a dinner or drink special with friends today?

Thursday is packed with aspects. Not only is it eclipse day, it also brings us an inconjunct aspect between Venus and Chiron. This could cause some uneasy feelings around our relationships, possessions, or our finances. Some of us will definitely feel uncomfortable about expressing our emotions and feeling to others.

Mercury will be in an inconjunct aspect but to Neptune this same day. This is both hesitant and unsure energy. The good news is, this will be a great day to plant dream seeds. Imagination is how all things begin. Use this energy well because today is not the best for communications or being productive.

The Sun will oppose Pluto on Thursday. There could be upset or uneasiness in the areas of power, cooperation, and competition. Some of us will probably experience a great deal of internal conflict today and in fact, all week. Watch for a tendency to control through manipulation by others and ourselves. The bright side of this is that we can also discover great strengths we never knew we had.

I told you this day was packed with energy!

Friday Mercury and Chiron form a difficult aspect to each other. Watch for hurtful communications. We all will want to be extra careful to think before we speak today, but then this is always a good idea is it not?

The last two aspects for the weeks are both with Venus. The first one is Venus trine Saturn. Our love is stable and mature. We are able to see our relationships realistically and better able to take the bad parts along with the good parts. Older people figure in prominently as they offer their wisdom and good advice. There is a possibility of an old friend showing up to renew a relationship or we feel more responsibility in our current relationships. This aspect will also increase and stabilize our business sense.

The last aspect for the week is a sesquiquadrate with Venus and Pluto. This might show us where there is stress in our social life. Passion is sure to be high but will probably come with some sort of hidden agenda. Thanks, Pluto.

The green-eyed monster we know as jealousy might show up and our fear of losing someone close to us along with it. This aspect may bring about feelings of, or an actual romantic disappointment. It will be best to avoid any sort of power struggle or manipulation among friends and lovers.

Yep! This is a powerful week coming up! Now that you and I know what to expect I hope we all use this energy in the best possible ways. After all, this is how astrology is intended to be used.

Regardless of how your week goes, I do hope you remember to smile and spread a bit of love to all you meet.