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Welcome to July! The half way point of the calendar year. Time seems to be flying doesn’t it? One perspective on time zooming along is that it is all due to outside or Universal energies. Astrologers explore and study these energies, their shifts and changes and how they have a direct effect on all inhabitants of this planet.

These shifts and changes are nothing new to our world. They have happened before and are likely to happen again in the distant future. I view it as if we are graduating from one level or one class to another. Sounds like graduating from school or is it the microcosm of the macrocosm? Regardless, is seems as if we ALL are feeling the effects in large and small ways, and this is what is steering the drama and upset many are experiencing. I will get back to this thought at the end of today’s post.

July will take us into the next Eclipse season. The last eclipse season began with a lunar eclipse on January 31, 2018 and continued with a solar eclipse on February 15. Now we are about to have another Solar eclipse on July 13 and a lunar one on July 27-28, 2018, followed by another solar eclipse on August 11.

The Sun give us life, makes the plants grow, and makes our bodies produce necessary elements such as vitamin D. It is refereed to as the giver of life. The Sun also represents our ego, our identity, and is the grown-up part of us that tries to influence our inner child to behave. In our natal chart, the placement of the Sun is head honcho. That placement provides us with our core characteristics, our basic personality.

A Solar eclipse was considered ominous by our ancestors. The life-giving light was blocked or occulted. This is also the origin of the word occult which goes back to the 1530’s and means “secret, not divulged”. https://bit.ly/2lKvJGE

For a complete list of 21st Century eclipses go to the following two links.



Another great source of eclipse information is at Sky and Telescope. https://bit.ly/2lIVc3k

Next week I will continue to discuss the coming eclipse season and more. For now, the transits and aspects for this week are as follows:

The Sun is in Cancer and the theme of this transit is our home and our families. We are concerned with their nurturing and taking care of them. Emotions are deep and rather like a roller coaster with its ups and downs. Those of us with strong Cancer connections in our charts will feel these things the most.

Mercury is in Leo and our communications might be more expressive or theatrical. Leo loves the spotlight and Mercury is a prefect vehicle for him. The shadow side is that our ability to listen might be diminished under this influence. Mercury will actually retrograde later this month in the sign of Leo.

Venus is in Leo too. We are stuck in the romance stage of our relationships. Venus in Leo love the adoration, admiration, and pampering she can get with this transit. The shadow side is exaggerating our feelings and doing so for effect.

Mars is in Aquarius until August 12, 2018. This is somewhat chaotic energy as is often the case when Uranus is an influence. We will reach our goals with trial and error.

Today, Sunday, July 1, Venus is inconjunct Pluto. This is a good time to review our close relationships and social lives. Power plays could crop up for us to examine. The shadow side is jealously and fear of loss.

Monday Mercury is inconjunct Saturn. This aspect will cause challenges in getting our message across. Don’t be surprised if you run into some sort of barrier that prevents you from getting the critical details you need.

Tuesday we have one of those complex aspect patterns forming. This is a kite between the Sun, Jupiter, Neptune, and Pluto. The energy around this pattern and the transits it represents include unconditional love, grounded transformation, promise, optimism, direction, and an influx of divine light and love.

Tuesday there is trine between Uranus in Taurus and Ceres in Virgo that support any shadow work we might do. Uranus could help us achieve some excellent, quick breakthroughs. Follow any intuitive flashes you might get and take action to help others. This action could have a positive effect on our finances.

It seems that the word transformation comes up almost every week in recent months. This is a great time to do shadow work and examine how the wounds of our past affect are affecting us. For those of us in our 40’s, 50’s and 60’s, I highly recommend reading anything by James Hollis PhD., or purchasing his audio “Through the Dark Wood” available on <Audible.com>. 

The last aspects of note this week are both on Thursday. The first is the Sun in trine aspect with Jupiter. Trines are known to have gentle, positive energy. This particular trine holds the energy of growth, thanks to Jupiter. This also might give some of us more awareness of moral issues, and a desire to change the way things are morally being carried out.

The second aspect Thursday is an opposition with Mercury and Mars. This one will cause us to have a sharper tongue than we would like to have. Diplomacy might not be our strong suit today. Neither is this a good time to take trips. If you have to travel, expect a snafu of some sort. The best thing about this transit is that it could motivate our desire to a work hard and get things done.

Now let’s go back to the beginning of this post and the fact things are moving fast. This is causing lots of trauma, drama, and transformation. May of us are experiencing a great deal of overwhelm as a result. I know I have. The best treatment for this is self-care and finding ways to rejuvenate our selves so we don’t get too depressed.

As you probably are aware, we have lost two popular people to death by suicide in the past month. I can’t speak to Kate Spade but have read that Anthony Bourdain often talked about the deep human suffering he saw in his travels around the world. Anthony was indeed at the pinnacle of his career and a daughter he adored.

Could it be that he was unable to find ways to effectively vent the build up of stress caused by what he saw and indulge in his own self-care? I am certainly not an expert in anything, let alone psychology. However I see in my own life how important self-care is to me, especially this past year. Stress and the wounds of my past have clearly manifested in health issues. At the risk of being accused of being too commercial, I feel I need to share two things with you that might help you with the drama and stress in your life.

The first is a book titled, “What’s Your Superpower”. Check it out here:


This book can help us figure out what we are here for and help us find our purpose in this life. Knowing this can help us shift our identity and our expectations of the future. It is a short and easy to read book that is sure to beneficial to you. Tomi Llama (Tomi Bryan) has taken the best of what she has learned in her 20 year search for meaning and healing, and has distilled it all down for us in the wonderfully helpful book.

The second book deals completely with self-care. This is a guide book filled with ideas , information, and meditations to help us deal with the stress the fast pace of our day-to-day lives can cause. This book can be found at https://amzn.to/2tIdJ4o

This is a beautiful, full color book I am sure you will enjoy. I know I have enjoyed both books and found both to be extremely helpful to me. 

My last wish for this week is for everyone to have a safe and happy $th of July holiday. Be aware the fireworks can cause great stress for our pets and wildlife. They also present opportunity for accidents. Please us caution if you are one of many that like to use them. And as I say each week, don’t forget to be kind and to smile as all people along the way. This means acknowledging the people on the street corner that are experiencing homelessness. Don’t forget that our current goof fortune could disappear in a flash. In other words….that could be you or me standing there. Treat them as you would want to be treated.