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Hello friends! It is time for another weekly astro post my me, Indigo2Crystal.

First of all, I want to speak to all the transition that is taking place right now. I feel like a broken record sometimes when I tell you about this aspect, planet, or sign is helping us to let go of what no longer serves. This is one of many ways the Universe, Source, Creator, God, or whatever you wish to call the source of all things, is trying to help us evolve and grow. As long as we hold on to our junk, things, emotional wounds, a job that doesn’t fit, a relationship that no longer works, a lifestyle that is not healthy, there is no room for something new to come in and take its place.

I am feeling this and seeing the transition in my own life, and in those all around me. Transition asks us to leave our safe space, our comfort zone and move into unknown territory. We all know how much we humans dislike change but change is often exactly what is needed. However, when we resist a transition, it actually prevents the Universe from giving us what we want and slows or prevents our soul’s growth. This leads me to the first aspect for us to know about today.

Many relationships are going through some sort of transition about now. This might be due in part to a square aspect between Pluto and Juno. This square can be a great catalyst for gaining a deeper level of connection with a partner if the relationship is already in harmony. If it lacks harmony, then this square can allow the discord to rise up and come into clearer view. What we do with it from here is a choice. Letting go can prove to be healing, especially if you are aware of the need for the healing and actively do some healing work. No matter what you decide to do, this square aspect will be with us until July 1, 20118. Make the most of it.

The next big thing this week is the Gemini New Moon on Wednesday. As you might know, we feel the Moon’s energy a day or two before and after the actual New Moon. I have some sensitive friends who feel its energy many days in advance. This Moon will also be a Super Moon which means it is closer to the Earth and therefore we feel the energy more powerfully than at other times.

This power causes us to more easily understand whatever messages and lessons the Moon is bringing our way. New Moons are about new beginnings and this Moon will be sending us clear, strong messages about what we need to do. I encourage you to sit with this energy from at least Tuesday-Thursday and see what you are able to discern from it. The energy will guide you if you allow it to.

The middle of this week also holds two significant sign changes for us. June 12, Mercury leaves Gemini and moves into Cancer. This is about being attracted to and needing good quality information. Cancer is ruled by the emotional Moon so this is probably going to take our attention away from any global interests and adjust our focus to a more personal, family, and close friend sort of perspective.

The second sign change this week coincides with the New Moon on Wednesday. This is when Venus leaves Cancer and moves into Leo. Leo is full of pride, In this sign Love is grand and we are full of pride about the things we love and our finances. Venus in Leo loves to be acknowledged, adored, and spoiled. The shadow side of this energy is saying things only for effect or to create and feeling of extravagance.

Now for the more minor aspects and energy of this week.

Monday the Sun aspects Pluto. We might find we need to change a plan or make some sort of adjustment in order to progress. Pluto is the psychologist of the Zodiac and the Sun is us. This aspect can take us deep inside for a clear view at what makes us feel mentally healthy.

Tuesday Mercury aspects Jupiter. This is an aspect that can cause us to get mired down in information. It can also cause some people to exaggerate more than usual. Be careful that you pay attention to details. Details can get lost under this aspect.

Wednesday, Mercury aspects Uranus. This is a good day for meetings, internet communications, or doing about anything that involves technology, science, or metaphysics.

To balance what I just said about this being a good day for meetings, Wednesday, Mercury is also square Chiron, the wounded healer. Chiron can put a damper on good communications and some can be rather unkind. We might also find ourselves experiencing some self-doubt or feeling we are not as effective as we want to be. There is a good chance for some miscommunications. This could be due in part to a diminished ability to read the intention behind the words.

Thursday, the Sun aspects Mars. This is aggressive energy. Conflicts might be avoided if we use this energy constructively.

Venus squares Uranus on Thursday. This could cause some opposition between our values and likes. This can take us down paths we had rather not go down. Many of us will need to watch our spending as this energy can cause some impulsive spending. Overall, this energy is restless, rebellious, and can hold relationship problems. I’d say there are some lessons for us here.

Friday has two difficult aspects and one easy one. First off, Venus aspects Neptune. Love and happiness is rather addictive today. TGIF! So have some fun but once again, watch the spending. Remember that Neptune is the King of illusion and everything is in a fog when he is involved. Besides spending, it will be a good idea to avoid contracts.

Mercury will oppose Saturn on Friday. Besides Chiron, I Saturn make me sit up and pay attention most. I have a long-standing bad relationship, even fear of authority. Saturn will cause some hesitation in expressing ourselves with words. We will likely feel like we need to pick and choose what we say more than usual. There is a level of self-consciousness and sensitivity with this energy thanks to Saturn. Look for the light side of things and don’t get mired down by any blocks Saturn throws your way.

The last aspect for Friday is a trine between Venus and Chiron. This energy provides us with great energy to heal our individual, personal relationships. Chiron will help us see the beauty in our humanness, build trust and see the possibility in others.

Saturday, Uranus is semi-square Neptune; another aspect about illusion and dreams. Some of us will feel inspired while others will feel like their dreams are not keeping us as hopeful as the once did. Uranus us sure to stir things up a bit too but any wild thing he adds to the mix is short lived so we can breath easy.

The last aspect of this busy week is n inconjunct between Mercury and Mars. This will cause some discourse in what we think vs what we do. There is likely to be a lot of interrupting in our conversations today. Often, when we interrupt we end up assuming we know what the other is going to say. So do your best to stop, be present in the moment and listen to all the other person has to say. Over all, our thinking is not a clear as it might be.

I wish you all a good week ahead. Don’t forget to smile and be kind to all you meet. You never know when you might meet that new best friend.