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Happy first week of June! Summer is finally here it seems, even if it is not officially here for another three weeks. 

Last week I mentioned a lot of water energy going on. And then the rains came……again and again for some parts of the country. In my state, there are a couple of major roads washed out. A mudslide completely destroyed and home near Boone, NC and killed two people. This was not too far from a close friend’s place. Another friend had flood damage at a place of business. While all the flood damage is devastating, I am reminded this is all minor in comparison to what has happened in some areas of the country.

Overall there is truckload, maybe even a shipload of transformation going on. Kilauea is certainly transforming the face of the Big Island in Hawaii. The rainwater is transforming the face of the earth and transforming the lives of the humans in its path.

The Shuman resonance of the Earth or the frequency of the Earth’s vibration is rising. Therefore, the vibrations of all living things on the earth is rising, transforming and evolving as well. Now, let us take a look at and discover how this coming week’s cosmic energy could affect us.

The Grand Trine that was discussed last week is water peaked last Friday but is still actively influencing us. The same day that one peaked, another one formed that is also in water. This one involves Pallas Athena, Jupiter, and Neptune. Pallas is Jupiter’s daughter and the weaver of patterns. This pattern is quite harmonious, peaks on 6/16 and ends on 6/30. Looks like June will be a month of spiritual transformation and imaginative thought. This is a good time to get creative in any way you want to.

Tuesday is a busy day in the zodiac. The Sun and Mercury will conjunct or come together and also aspect Jupiter. Venus will oppose Pluto.

The energy of the Sun and Mercury conjunct is ready to talk. What we want is in alignment with what we are thinking. This is good energy for solving problems. Communications will be on point and whatever we write could have a great impact. Be careful what you say, be kind, and think things through before you speak out loud.

The Sun’s inconjunct aspect with Jupiter seeks more freedom and more experiences, to the point of being restless at times. This is also pushing us to let go of our bad old habits and make way for positive new ones to take their place.

Mercury’s inconjunct aspect with Jupiter is enhancing our ideas. Things can become exaggerated too. There is a risk of overestimating ourselves and not being able to deliver what we think we can. There is also a risk of underestimating things. Planning ahead is a good idea. So is reading the details of contracts and other communications.

Wednesday, there is one of two consecutive squares involving Neptune. The one today is with Mercury. This is energy that always makes me think ADD. This energy makes it difficult to follow directions or to concentrate. This is another not so good day for signing important papers. You might find that your conversations are quite unclear and you have difficulty getting your thoughts out. If you can re-schedule that important meeting, it might be a good idea to do so.

Mercury aspects Uranus in a semi-square on Wednesday. This is more of that ADD-like energy. Notice if you are more scatterbrained than usual today, or either the day before or after. Not all of us feel the same energy on exactly the same day. This aspect may cause our communications to not be taken seriously. We could find that we are more easily agitated, sarcastic, or preachy on or around this day. Remember, this is a passing thing but also remember to be kind and think through whatever you plan to say before you say it.

The last aspect for Wednesday is the Sun semi-square Uranus. This aspect is all about action. Unexpected as the action might be, whenever we have Uranus energy, we have the unexpected. Change might be afoot in your world and it could really cause a test of patience. The flip side is that this could stimulate us to take a new path or try a new way of doing things. This is sure to enhance our evolution. As long as we avoid making big decisions too fast, we should be OK.

Thursday, the Sun squares Neptune. Anytime Neptune is involved, there is some form of illusion or lack of concentration. (I think we have a theme for this week, don’t you?) This day is best spent being creative. It will not be the best day for important meetings, appointments, interviews, or starting a new project. It is a good day for that adult coloring book, so have fun with it.

Friday, Mercury is inconjunct Pluto. If we are not careful with our communications, we could upset those around us or stimulate a power struggle. This is, however, a good time for reviewing the decisions we have made and making adjustments as needed.

Saturday Mercury aspects Mars. This means fast and impulsive communications. It will be important to stop and think before we make a decision we regret. If we are careful and don’t act too fast, this will be a good energy for getting things done. If not, then our time might be a waste.

The last thing I want to talk about is last Tuesday’s Full moon. It took place at 8 degrees Sagittarius. Mahala at www.mahalasastrology.com says that this degree means new elements are being formed in the Earth’s core. This is literally mother Earth birthing something new, raising the vibrations and frequency of our planet and us.

This thought takes me, and evidently Mahala as well, to the Kilauea volcano and the fact that many of the Earth’s important places happen to be a 19.5 degrees either latitudinal or longitudinally. Richard C, Hoagland has long talked about this degree and its importance through history. Richard, along with other researchers have also found 19.5 encoded over and over again in the structures of Cydonia on Mars. Even NASA seems to be well aware of the importance or power of this degree. If you would like to read more about this here are two links to further reading.



This week seems to have a theme around communications and change. Change makes us uncomfortable because it takes us from our cozy comfort into the unknown. Change is necessary and as much a part of life as death.

We wanted change and change is what we are getting in more ways than one. What many don’t understand or are just coming to understand is that this change has universal roots and goes far beyond politics, elections, and power plays. It is part of our evolution as a species, like it or not. All faith traditions speak of this change in one way or another. These traditions, like us, are all part of the whole; the whole universe and that which created it. We are all connected on a deeper level than most of us realize, human, plant, animal, and elements.

With that said, go make this a great week! And if it turns out otherwise, make the lemonade. You got this!

Be kind!