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The first day of daylight saving time, or as some say, daylight savings time is always momentarily confusing when we gaze upon the one or two clocks in the house that we forgot to change. I wish all my clocks would spring forward or fall backward on their own like the computer and cell phone do.

March means basketball to many. Sports people call it “March Madness”. I think this this term equally applies to the weather in March when it can change from one extreme to another. This might be true this year more than most other years simply because.

Astrologers most often refer to the late degrees specifically as the 29th degree while technically any planet in the last 3-4 degrees is in the “late degrees”. Uranus, the planet that rules weather, is inside this margin at 26°30′ Aries. A planet is in the last degrees of a sign typically has more power and influence than when it is at other degrees. Could we have some surprise weather events as spring progresses? I say “Yes!”. However, time will tell and remember, nothing is written in stone.

Once Uranus moves into Taurus, he will be in his detriment and operating from a weakened position. I will talk about this more as we get closer to May 15, 2018. This is the date Uranus moves into Taurus for the next eight years.

This week we have some new things aspects and energy to talk about.

Today, March 11, we are influenced by a Mars/Uranus trine. Many, if not all of us get intuitive flashes. This trine supports our quick our response to these flashes. I think we would do well to pay more attention the these flashes in general, regardless of influencing planetary aspects.

Monday Pluto trines Pallas, an asteroid represents our creative mind, and indicates wisdom and healing. This trine supports feminie positivity. It also stimulates pragmatic creativity, especially when it comes to planning strategically.

Tuesday Venus squares Saturn. Our planetary father wants us to be repsonsible and accountable, while Venus wants to have a good time socializing and having fun. This is the epitome of difficult aspects. Saturn will no doubt win out thanks to his comfortable placement in Capricorn and Venus is not happy in Aries. There is a bit of good luck later in the day however when the Pisces Sun trines Jupiter.

Wednesday brings us a square between Mars and Chiron. This might sound ominous but this difficult square can be used favorably if we choose to. Allow this energy to mend, heal, and teach.

We are still under the influence of of the four Yod’s or Finger’s of God who’s constant players are Ceres and Saturn. The four other planets that move through this apect pattern to complete this skinny triangle are Venus, Mercury, Sun, and Juno.

What we have hopefully experienced from this, in a word, is manifesting. These Yod’s also positive energy for healing old wounds fast and effectively. Who among us doesn’t have some old wounds to heal? The end of this week brings all this energy to a close as this Yod pattern begins to disapate. Should you wish to recap the info about this pattern, please refer back to the February 18-24 post.

Wednesday there is a difficult semi-square aspect involving Jupiter and Saturn. Saturn as you know, is all about discipline. He plays strictly by the rules. Jupiter want to bring us more, to expand and grow things.

There are no aspects Thursday or Friday so I am looking ahead to St. Patrick’s day on Saturday. There is also a New Moon on Saturday and the possibilty of some conflict when Mars semi-squares this New Moon/Sun. However any disagreements, conflicts or fights will probably be short lived with the these fast moving planets. Later on Saturday Mars enters Capricorn for the next two months. This will provide fiery Mars with a strong, comfortable transit over the next two months.

The last cosmic thing to bring up is Mercury stationing to turn retrograde next week. He is already in his storm now or slowing down. This means we are already feeling some of the retrograde effects. If you can get your taxes turned in before Mercury stations next Thursday, that would be a good thing. Other wise if have not already started working on them, please be sure to go over them extra carefully this year.

Mercury will be direct April 15. You might want to wait until then to file. There will still be two days before the deadline. Since the 15th falls on Saturday this year, the deadline is April 17. Regardless of when you file, get that paper work finished so you can move on.

St. Patrick’s Day is a big day for celebrating in some towns. It is fun to be Irish for a day and the food that comes with the holiday is simple and tasty. This is also known for comsuming lots of beer and Irish Whiskey. If you fall into this category, please arrange for a designated driver or an Uber. Be safe and not a statistic. I am seflish and want my all my readers to come back the next week, safe and sound.