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We are between eclipses this week. Last week I added a post script to the end of the blog suggesting there could be weather or earth change related events to come. It seemed like my earthquake app was sending me alerts almost hourly. There were so many, I stopped paying much attention. Today I pulled up the USGS info for the past week and counted 90 earthquakes around the world at a magnitude of 4.5 or higher. WOW! That is over a dozen a day.

What I failed to mention was the severe human factor we might see last week. I will not cover these events because they are too close to politics, a topic I try to steer clear of. However, there may be no way for me to avoid it completely in the future.

As for severe weather this month, Arizona had a rare tornado event. It was faint but none the less real. Called a land spout, this small tornado was spotted just south of Phoenix, AZ that was brought on by Monsoon storms. Tucson had at least one tornado in July. Canada has had three tornadoes touch down various parts of Ontario. I remember when tornadoes only happened in what we call tornado alley the runs from Alabama up through Oklahoma, Arkansas, the Ohio Valley, and up into Illinois.

Wild fires dot the western landscape from Santa Barbara to northern California, Oregon, Idaho, and Montana. Flash floods have occurred in many parts of the country. New Orleans was in the news due to flooding in early August, now Florida is expecting them. Several areas in the Midwest have had warnings or actually had flash floods. Some folks are saying the Monsoons are moving east.

Of course, none of these weather events are really new to us. This year has been riddled with one flash flood or strange tornado after another.

There are a number of active and erupting volcanoes on the planet. Naturally, the “Ring of Fire” (Kurile Islands to the Philippines) has the most activity with eight active volcanoes. There are six each in the Pacific Ocean, the African and Indian Ocean, and Indonesia. That brings the count up to 26.

There are five active and erupting volcanoes in Mexico, Central America, and the Caribbean. Four are located in South America. Two are in European Atlantic area. And last but not least, there is on in Antarctica. That totals 38 active volcanoes on the planet. The North American and Australia are the only continents with no activity on the actual continent.

That is a very long way to illustrate that there is a whole lot of energy going on. There is little wonder why we are seeing the volatile things we are seeing between people and countries in the news lately. I expect this to continue for some time to come. I also expect some big changes in the political landscape of this country in the next month or two. I also think we will see more riots or gatherings like the one in Virgina this weekend but only time will tell that. I expect these to take place in various places in the country with larger cities like NYC, Chicago, and cities in California being where the largest ones will be held.

All of this is energy regardless of whether we feel it is good or bad, is moving to us to evolve, to awaken from our dark sleep and become enlightened beings of love. Eclipses assist this transformation.

The New Moon always new beginings and the recent Lunar eclipse amplified that energy. Don’t forget about the Lions Gate energy that is adding to its goodness from the central Sun to the transformation mix. Eclipses, both solar and lunar, happen every year but seldom do we get to see a total eclipse move across the US. The last time this happened was on June 8, 1918. For me, this is a once in a life time experience. Even though I will not be in the path of total darkness, I will, clear skies permitting, see more than I did with the Annular eclipse of May 10, 1986.

For a list of past eclipses in the US, check out the web page link below.


This week, beginning with today, The Sun is trine Saturn. This is a productive aspect. The focus is on our long term goals. Promotions at work are possible, as well as recognition for accomplishments. Taking on more duties will be a good thing and come without added stress in most cases. This transit is also a good time to mentor the next generation. I hope you share only love, tolerance, and compassion with the young ones.

Mercury is now fully retrograde and most of you know what that means. Put all new project on the shelf till after September 10, chill out, and review/revisit things in our lives. Mars is also giving us a fit now because he has been nearly conjunct the Sun for a few weeks. This brings out the fire and anger in us. But it also gets us moving too. One way of another. Remember that all that is dark and all that has been hidden in this world must come to the light to be transformed or transmuted into light. The unfortunate part of this is how ugly the dark parts are and how we are forced to see them as we are now witnessing in the world.

This Tuesday Venus will be opposite Uranus. Surprises could pop up in the area of finance, relationships, and the arts. Many of them are probably not going to be to our liking. So be cautious in your spending and relationships in particular. I won’t guarantee this will prevent any problems in these areas but it might be best to be cautious.

Thursday Venus moves to square Jupiter. Jupiter loves to expand things and most of the time is considered to the be the planet of good luck and optimism. When he is square to another planet, that is not always the case. This square could mean that any missteps we make in our relationships or finances thanks to the Uranus -Venus opposition, could be magnified by this square. I would say an extra helping of caution is called for this week.

Come Sunday, things have cooled down and are looking better. This is when the Sun trines Uranus. This will be the first of two thanks to Uranus being retrograde. The next one will be in December.

This trine aspect is progressive and loves freedom. Sunday is the day to let go of what ever you need to. For me, this is a lot of extra belongings. I have lots I things I have no interest in any longer. The process of purging is slow but steady. I wish you luck with yours.

I wish each of you peace, love, and light. Please remember to be kind to one another. You never know when or how you might need a helping hand. Help could show up in from a most unexpected source.