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Welcome to eclipse season! It’s also LEO season and yesterday I got together with about 30 friends for the 31st annual Leofest! We are getting older so instead of the traditional party where we walk from one person’s house to another and drink a different drink at each, we all met at a restaurant. It was so good to see everyone and to my delight, there was a new, budding romance in the group. These folks dated for about a years over 30 yrs ago and reconnected this past spring. How awesome is that?

Eclipse energy is so interesting. Eclipses represent some of the most powerful energy the Universe has to offer us. While humans are quite adept at resisting any change in our lives, eclipses literally force us to change. They are full of surprises, shake us up, and get us moving forward fast!

Every year the cosmos gives us at least 4 eclipses. Sometimes there are more. A recent example of this was in 2011. There were 6 eclipses that years with another taking place just 10 days before the beginning of 2011. That is a LOT of change in a short period of time!

Eclipses almost always come to us as a set. A few years back I remember there were three in a row but this is unusual. They also show up in signs that are directly opposite each other. This year the lunar eclipse is in Aquarius and the solar eclipse is in its opposite sign, Leo.

If you read the previous post about the Lions Gate Portal, you know that we are also in the midst of some pretty good energy being directed to us from the Central Sun. This energy is coming through the sign of Leo which is heart energy. The Lions Gate peaks on 8/8 and will phase out after 8/12. There is no way I can cover all I would like to about this energy. Please look into it on your own and read the post right before this one for more info.

This week I want to focus mainly on the lunar eclipse and how it could affect us. This eclipse will take place at 15 degrees Aquarius. Aquarius is ruled by Uranus, the planet known for quick change, authenticity, humanitarianism, inventiveness, independence, individuality, rebellion, and weather. Those of us with planets at 14-16 degrees of any sign will be the most affected. This will also affect all Aquarians and Leos more than other signs. As an Aquarian, I am paying extra attention to this set of eclipses.

I plan to deal with all this change by staying in observer mode as best I can and not get my knickers in a twist worrying about what is next. I know change is coming to my world. I also know some of it will be unpleasant and some down right difficult. Byron Katie talks about “loving what is.” I think that is going to be great advice for me in the coming months and years. If you don’t know who Byron Katie is, you can find videos of her teaching and work with people on YouTube. She’s been a favorite of mine for many, many years.

Perhaps the best news is that Uranus has just turned retrograde as of August 3rd. Planets are the most powerful when they change direction but this doesn’t last a long time. This boost in power is important to take note of in relation to this lunar eclipse. Unlike Mercury, Uranus moves very slowly so his extra powerful energy will be in full effect during this next lunar eclipse. I’ve been saying for a long time that this is going to be an interesting summer. Are you starting to get the picture? Stay calm, this will ease up in the coming week or two.

All of this Full Moon and eclipse energy it pushing us toward letting go of things. Sometimes this means letting go of people too, either by choice or by transition/death. This past week I lost two old friends but in the process of grieving with other friends via social media, I have reconnected with some other old friends. These reconnections could mean renewed relationships or it could mean that we reconnect only to remember why we disconnected in the first place.

Letting go of possessions is one thing. We are often attached to our belongings because of how owning them makes us feel. They fill a gap in our lives. The truth of the matter is, we only think we need them because we think we are not enough. Learning this and letting go is not a fast or easy process for most of us.

Again, I will use myself as an example. About 12 yrs ago, I came to realize that I have a house full of stuff to make up for the lack of people in my house. While I have an active and full social life, I don’t have people or pets to come home to. I discovered I used things to fill that gap.

Realizing why I collected things was one thing.  It has taken me a dozen years to get excited about purging. I must credit part of that to reading Marie Kondo’s book, “The Life-Changing Magic of Tidying Up: The Japanese Art of Decluttering and Organizing.”


I won’t tell you that I have a totally tidy house yet, or that I followed Marie’s method to the letter, but I will say that over all I found this book an extremely valuable tool in changing the way I view my stuff. For the past couple of months, I have tried to fill my trash can each week with things I no longer want or need. I also sell or give away some things. Another perk is that I shop now only for the things I actually need like healthy foods and supplements. Earlier today I even considered taking my dishes down to just two. Two plates, two bowls, etc. I doubt I will do that anytime soon but I am pleased that I had this thought.

Another perk from the book is that I now shop only for the things I actually need like healthy foods and supplements. Earlier today I even considered taking my dishes down to just two. Two plates, two bowls, etc. I doubt I will do that anytime soon but I am pleased that I had this thought.

To wind things up, for now, I want to share two exercises that you can use to make the most of this eclipse and Full Moon energy. One is making a list of what you want in your future. Be very clear. I know this sounds a bit t like many of the tools used in the plethora of sources on manifesting and it is similar. But make a list anyway.

After you have made the list, take a look a why you want each thing and write these down in a separate column. If the answers are based on the material or the ego, try to distill them down to non-material and non-ego based reasons. An example might be: I want a new car. Some folks might say they want a new car because they want to show the world they are successful. Cars represent status to many. I want a new car because I car is 19 yrs old. It is still in decent shape and runs well, but it is quickly deteriorating from age alone.

What ever it is that you want, write it down. Make that list. Let the universe know what you want. Then let go of the list, burn it, tear it into little pieces, but let it all go and don’t ponder what was on the list. When you ponder, you are holding on. If you are holding on, the Universe can not work for you. It can’t drive that car if you are still sitting in the driver’s seat. 

The second tool is to use this mantra:

I release. I let go. I surrender (to G*d). I forgive.

Releasing and letting go is the easiest of the four. When we surrender, we are getting out of the driver’s seat. The hardest part for most of us is the forgiveness. I personally believe forgiveness begins with forgiving ourselves not others. Many disagree. 

The people around us, all those that have offended us,  are just playing their part in this life as best they can. Forgiving ourselves means we forgive how we have responded to them playing their part. Remember too,  that forgiveness does not mean that you have to set yourself up for that same stuff again. You are allowed to move on and even cut those people out of your life. It’s called boundaries and taking care of yourself. Be like Uranus and live your authentic life! 

Keep at it. You will succeed! 

The Lunar eclipse is tomorrow, August 7, 2017. Get busy! Enjoy this influx of dynamite energy!

I will get to the days of the week a bit later. I think this eclipse energy is by far the most important thing to talk about for now.