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A lot of things going on in the skies this week!

First of all, I want to remind you that Mercury entered his storm period last Thursday. This means that he has slowed down to less than 40 degrees per day and preparing to station and turn retrograde on the 13th.Treat this time as if Mercury were already retrograde.

Today, 8/6/17, a T-square involving Venus, Jupiter, and Pluto is in full effect. It peaks on the 15th, and ends two days after the Solar eclipse, or on 8/23. This pattern is affecting our relationships. What ever is not working will be brought up and into view so we can take a good look at where there is harmony and where there isn’t. Staying centered in our hearts will be the best way to resolve any conflicts. New opportunities in the area of finances will be music to some ears. I hope this turns out to be your ears.

Monday is the Lunar eclipse and Full Moon. The effects of this most powerful of eclipses will last 6-12 months. Hang on to your hats. Change is inevitable!!! And I am not talking the sort that a Mercury retrograde brings either. This is all about living authentically. I know at least one person who will enjoy reading this. If you are looking for happiness all you have to do is use your talents, gifts, and sparks of intuition to serve the human collective. Joy will no doubt be the result of such authenticity.

Tuesday is the peak of the Lions Gate Portal. For more on this read two posts back. There is also a finger of God, or Yod forming between Mars, Neptune, and Pluto. Pluto is always wanting us to be real and authentic. Tha planet loves to get down to it while at the same time, sending us loads of perceptiveness and source energy.

Wednesday the Sun is quincunx or inconjunct Pluto. This means they are 150 degrees apart. Our forward movement now depends on the changes we make in our lives. Our psychological development is what needs our attention most.

Wednesday also brings us Mars sesquiquadrate Chiron. This aspect can cause us to be touchy and easily offended. At the same time, expressing our emotions of anger or desire could be difficult.

Thursday Mercury sextiles Venus. This aspect is good for doing social things. It is also good for dialogue, negotiations, romance, business, partnerships. This is favorable energy for clarifying love relationships and making promises. Oh, My!

That same day, Mars is quincunx Neptune. Some of us could feel out of step and have no direction. Good ole Neptune always likes things elusive, doesn’t he? Some of us could feel as if we have been overcome with a case of the lazies. Pay attention so you don’t make careless mistakes in judgment or do something that could cause your plans not to come to fruition.

The last aspect for Thursday is the Sun sextile Jupiter. This is a good luck aspect. Anything to do with marketing and self-promotion is in the spotlight with this aspect. Generosity abounds and Jupiter is helping us see the big picture. I think that is almost always a good thing.

Friday my dear friend and ruler Uranus will be semi square Neptune. This can cause some restlessness in the area of our hopes and dreams. Remember Uranus is a rebel and loves independence while Neptune is all about the illusion and fantasy.

This might be the perfect time to talk about Uranus retrograde too. As I said in the last eclipse post, a planet is most powerful when it changes direction. Uranus, because he moves so slow, is still in that powerful window. However, once he gets settled in his backward motion, he won’t be as quick or chaotic as he usually is. But just like a Mercury retrograde, which we are moving into, Uranus’s retrograde period over the next five months, will be a great time to take a look at how well we are using the qualities he has to offer.

Between now and January 2, 2018, we could examine how well are doing at using our talents, intuition, and how well we are managing the chaos in and around us. Are we being our authentic selves and living in alignment with our soul’s purpose? In case you don’t know what that is, Uranus is trying to help us figure it out and the eclipse energy is giving us lots of help. Open up and allow the Universe to be of assistance!

The last aspect this week, or the last one I want to cover, comes on Saturday when Venus is trine, Neptune. Again the illusion energy! This time is a bit different however because we will likely find we are more interested in the world of art and beauty. Imagination could spike as well. I love it when this happens.

The best way to use this sweet, gentle energy is to be gentle. Be kind, compassionate, and open. There is also a certain level of magic in the air that can make our relationships and social interactions much less stressful than they might be. Romance could in the cards, or in the skies for us too. What a nice way to end the week and begin a weekend!

Two posts in one day? Ok! That is a record I think. All this energy has me revved up and paying attention. I have also been pretty wiped out too. Friday about 5 PM I could not hold my eyes open so I laid down for a nap. I slept 2.5 hrs. Got up for 2.5 hrs and went back to bed at 10 PM. I slept another solid 8 or 9 hours. That is a lot of sleep and clearly, my body needed it.

Point is, as I said in the Lions Gate post last week, be good to yourself. Eat clean, fresh foods and drinks lots of clean water. Get your feet on the ground, in some dirt or water, get as much rest as your body requires. Don’t think that your tiredness is wimpy or from eating too much sugar. While it might be those things, it is more likely that your body is just dealing with an influx of energy in a way that makes you feel tired. REST! !! Be kind to yourself. That’s all……

Have a GREAT week! ! !


PS….with all this energy……. pay close attention to earthquakes, volcanoes, storms, geomagnetic storms, etc. I can’t help but feel we are likely to see some earth change and  weather related events in the coming days and weeks.