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I guess you figured out that I took last week off. I felt the need for a “be kind to yourself” day. This summer is indeed turning out to be interesting in ways I never imagined it would, and it is really just getting started!

The past week seemed to be one big news story after another, and not all of them dealt with politics. A few of note are:

  1. O.J. Simpson was granted parole.
  2. Bill Cosby’s trial on rape charges ended in a mistrial. (This does not mean he is innocent).
  3. 6.7 earthquake rocked Greece and Turkey. Aftershocks followed.
  4. Mexico announced a trade deal with Argentina that cuts out US products.
  5. More and more rural hospitals in the US are closing. The hospital in a town near me is currently on life support and close to total bankruptcy.
  6. Schools in Marion County Florida will not have home work this year.
  7. Gold miners threaten Chocolate supplies in Ghana where 25% of the world’s supply is grown.

Of course, there is much, much more. There is a lot of energy in the cosmos these days. But whether it shows up as positive or negative is pretty much your choice. It’s all about perspective. Even if your lens sees more bad than good, you can rest assured that as far as the collective humans go, all is happening for the best outcome. Seeing the love in all things is the best approach. At least this is what the 12 archangels are telling us.

However, Saturn is trying to tell us something else as he opposes Venus this week. Saturn is playing a big part in the sky this summer and in the life of the president. This planet of rules and regulations is conjunct Mr. Trump’s, Moon. The Moon represents our emotions, emotional life, and family. We all have seen what I would I call an emotional response from the President in regards to Donald Jr.’s negative presence in the news. Due to retro grades, Saturn is at nearly the same exact degree it was then the Trump University scandal was in the news.

To make things more interesting for the President, Pluto is about to square his natal Jupiter. Remember that Pluto loves to tear down, destroy, and bring the skeletons out of the closet while Jupiter loves to make things bigger, give us more, and is known as the “Great Benefic”. In this case, Jupiter is probably not the bringer of luck as much as he will increase the ruinous energy of Pluto.

This week opens with plenty of energy changes. First of all the Sun left Cancer yesterday and moved into Leo. This is a big shift in energy that takes us from the home, our nurturing mother, and safety to a prideful, frolicsome, outgoing, and drama filled energy. The shadow side of Leo is vanity and being self-absorbed.

Coinciding with the change in Sun sign is the New Moon that took place at 1:48 Am EST this morning. New Moons mean new beginnings and this New Moon is pushing us to find joy in life. But we also must realize that we are diving creations first. This means that we need to love and respect all living things regardless of whether our views align. We need to acknowledge our connection, not our separation from source. The world would have us believe otherwise.

Mars is also part of this New Moon and the Leo energy lends a lion’s share of fire to the Mars energy. This means an extra helping of pride and self-confidence to the Sun-Moon connection. Mars energy is passionate and not concerned with details. He just wants to get things moving in the most direct way possible so he can lead us to live our best life. Quite a contrast to the energy of the Cancer Sun/Moon isn’t it? This is a good time to step into a leadership role. It is also a good time for kids. This includes the kid in us. Let your inner child out to play! In my world, this means it’s soon time for the 32nd (?) annual Leo-fest. That is a party put on by a large group of local Leo’s.

There is a shadow side to this New Moon. That side is directing us to take responsibility for what we do and own the choices of how we live. Over all, however, this energy is pushing us to chill and go with the flow more. The idea that things happen for a reason is only true because we give it a reason. If we didn’t, things would just happen, or just be.

I am reminded of a few years back when I noticed a great deal of water on the bathroom floor. Before I moved into this house I had to have the whole bathroom gutted so the rotten floor could be replaced. When I saw water on my relatively new floor I totally freaked out and went a bit crazy thinking of the damage that could cause. I went nuts before I stopped to investigate what was really going on. Turns out it was something small and damage was averted but I let my mind take me to a dangerous place. I did not go with the flow but gave an exaggerated reason to something that didn’t even exist.

The New Moon is bursting with energy and will certainly create some fiery energy in the last days of July. It is also just ahead of the last eclipse season this year. The Lunar eclipse will be on August 7th and the solar eclipse will be on August 21st. I will get more into the eclipse energy next week. But for now, I will say that the first eclipse opposes the President’s Pluto and

could bring out more things relating to work or health. The second eclipse hits his Mars. This could bring more things out into the open, probably things he wishes would stay hidden. We might also see a heightened display of anger and frustration, as well as a possible health issue. I don’t wish anger of ill health on anyone so I am hoping for a different expression of this energy. Regardless, I will do my best to roll with whatever comes.

Eclipses are known for shining light on things and affect the whole planet far ahead and far after the actual eclipse. The areas that an eclipse travel directly over are said to have the most impact

Earlier I mentioned the Saturn opposed Venus this week. The perfection of this aspect takes place Monday, July 24, 2017. Time to take a good look at finances and relationships. Creativity is another area to look at.

Tuesday Mercury enters Virgo. Get ready for a retrograde too. But that won’t be until August 12, 2017, and we have another 10 days before Mercury enters his storm period or starts slowing down. This means his transit of Virgo will be long but there will be a short period of about 10 days where he transits back in Leo before turning direct on September 5, 2017. On the back side of the retrograde, Mercury will be direct on 9/5, 2017 and out of storm on 9/10/2017.

Wednesday is a great day for the athlete in our lives. I am far from being one but sure know a few adrenaline junkies. This is the day that Mars and the Sun are perfectly conjunct. I hope the weather cooperates temperature wise as predicted. Summer storms are always likely at some point in the day, however.

Thursday, that Venus/Saturn square forms a T-square with Chiron. Chiron loves to take us to the depths of our old, emotional wounds. Saturn offers up a chance to master some very important lessons. Look to the wisdom of others to aid you with your finances, creativity, and relationships. This might be a good day to get out that adult coloring book too. The meditative act of coloring can be mentally therapeutic.

Friday there is a fabulous pattern forming. It is another T-square. This one involves Ceres, Pluto, and Jupiter. Ceres has been in aspect patterns a lot this summer. She is the grain goddess and associated with abundance. Pluto rules wealth. And here you thought he was just about death and destruction. Jupiter, as stated before, is the great benefic. Put them all together and we have a prescription for extra money!

Of course, our level of resourcefulness and inventiveness will play a big part in the size of any windfall. And surely some of us won’t see a single penny. We might even see our finances flowing out rather than in, but the chances of money coming in are definitely on the good side. This energy is also good for doing shadow work.

Also on Friday, Mercury will sesquiquadrate Pluto. This energy can lead to thoughts of suspicion. Instead of going to the dark side of this, use this energy to get to the facts. Find out what is at the bottom of an issue and do your best to avoid mental stress or pressure that is common with this energy.

Saturday, the Sun, and Saturn are in the same sesquiquadrate pattern. The ego (Sun) could have a hard time today. Some of us might feel disheartened. If you find this is true of you, do your best not to let it get the best of you. Don’t waste your time trying to fight it, just wait it out. As the saying goes, this too shall pass.

I will return next week with more on the eclipses as well as the weekly aspects and energy. Stay cool and stay safe.

In gratitude, peace, joy, and love. . .