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Last week the cosmos served up a small banquet of difficult aspects. How did you enjoy the Capricorn Full Moon conjunct, Mars? It has been quite the emotional Moon for many of us. Regardless of how difficult it has been, it has ultimately propelled us forward in our evolution. We are collectively raising our vibrations, ascending up the dimensional scale, and awakening to who we really are.

Today we are under the influence of the Full Moon energy thanks in part to a five-planet T-Square. This T-Square includes the Moon, Sun, Mars, Juno, and Jupiter. The one thing I have noticed most about the aspects of late is that there is a huge amount of female energy being triggered. The sign of Cancer is definitely feminine and so is the Moon.

The opposition of Cancer and the Moon highlight this energy. Mars in Cancer is pushing us ( the Sun) into action and Jupiter in Libra is expanding the feminine energy to bigger and hopefully a positive energy. The Full Moon wants us to finish up all the things we have been working on.

Capricorn energy wants to look into our traditions and responsibilities. Are we doing our best when it comes to time management and productivity? I would urge you not to beat yourself up if you think you are not doing as much as you could. Just make a mental note of it and move on. I believe we all are exactly where we need to be a doing exactly what we are supposed to be doing. Overworking or pushing ourselves too hard is seldom a good idea.

The shadow side of this some fo this energy involves not treating people with respect. Some folks could find that they are asking too much of others. They view subordinates as replaceable components and a means to an end that only benefits those on top. It is important to conduct ourselves in a much wise manner. Be the leader others look up to and respect.

The Cancer/Capricorn energy we are working with right now is asking us to look at the balance between our private (Cancer) and our public (Capricorn) life. How are we balancing our career and our family? For those of us that don’t have a family, the balance is between work and private life. If there is an imbalance, the next two weeks will be a good time to express your feelings about this and work toward making corrections and gain balance.

Now let us move on to what is going on with the aspects for the rest of the week.

First, we have a Sun/Pluto opposition. This gives a good boost to our individual transformation. This energy also helps us let go of things that do not support our evolution. The energy of Cancer is dealing with the family dynamic while the Capricorn energy is dealing with our status, career, and responsibilities. You will do well to follow your intuition and inner guidance this week. But isn’t that always the case?

Tuesday we have another Yod showing up. This one involves Mercury, Jupiter, and Neptune. This will last all week and peak on Friday and ends on 7/17/17. This is all about being creative. In this aspect, we have communications supported by Leo’s spotlight, and expansive Jupiter in the artistic sign of Libra focused on creative Neptune in Pisces. With all this creative energy about, I doubt many of us won’t feel the tug to draw, paint, or do something creative this week.

Thursday, there is a Grand Trine forming in the chart. This involves Juno, Vesta, and Uranus. This aspect will perfect on 7/13 and last until 7/28. This Grand Trine is focused on intuition and creativity. If you have a committed partner this aspect could bring power to the ability to manifest. Uranus can throw in a surprise or two as well. This surprise could represent some creative sexual expression for some. Ooh la! La!

Thursday we get even more female energy coming at us when a Kite formation begins that involves four female asteroids. I think it might be a good thing that a kite is a positive aspect pattern. This is doubly good because this pattern will last a month and not fade until 8/11.

The energies we will be working with are:

1. Ceres deals with abundance, sadness, letting go, and mother-daughter relationships.

2. Juno deals with committed partnerships.


3. Pallas deals with functional creativity, feminine positiveness, and plans of action.

4. Vesta, the virgin, polishing your skills and altruistic service to the greater good.

Work with the characteristics of these asteroids one by one or two by two. If you are more ambitious, then try working with more than one or two at a time. Just don’t get greedy or over zealous though. That seldom works out very well.

Friday, as I said earlier, the Yod peaks or perfects. If you have been looking for your inner “Wonder Woman”, this aspect pattern could be helpful.

Saturday there is a T-square forming between Venus, Chiron, and Saturn. This is a pretty intense pattern to me because of its ability to dive into the psyche.

Chiron loves to dive into our past, into those deep emotional wounds, and in the process make us better people.

Saturn wants us to learn the lessons life has to offer us.

Venus is about beauty, creativity, and finances.

All in all, this T- square can help us with our relationships, finances, and our creativity. I think I like this aspect more than most that involve Chiron.


See you again next week. Be safe until then.