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What an explosive 4th of July! 

Fireworks went off in my neighborhood beginning July 1 and didn’t end until almost 1 AM, July 5. 

In my last post, I mentioned that we could expect some explosive energy. I do my best to avoid saying things that cause fear but I like to be informed. Last week I was feeling like there could be another attack someplace on the globe or some catastrophic event not unlike the tragic fire in London or the many attacks we have seen in public places. I didn’t think about North Korea!

WOW!  The missile they tested certainly fits the energy I was describing.

The future certainly looks interesting, and when I say interesting, I don’t always mean that in the most positive way. Again, I avoid speaking to fear as much as possible.  

The high energy continues this weekend as we approach the Full Moon in Capricorn on Sunday. I must admit that with the upcoming energy, I am concerned about what could take place or be said at the G20 summit in Poland in the next few days. 

The Moon will be conjunct to Pluto and this could bring out emotional and violent behaviors on several fronts. One of them is within families. With the Sun in Cancer and the Moon opposing her, stories about violence against women could be in the news as well. 

Pluto, as I have said before, loves to dig for dirt. Family secrets might turn up. This alone would be enough to cause emotions and tempers to explode. The height of vacation time is not the best time for emotional outbursts, breakdowns or bullying, is it?  I suggest practicing mindfulness,  thinking hard about what you are about to say. If you can’t think of a kind and gentle way to express yourself, saying nothing might be best. 

That is all for now. I just wanted to give you a heads up so you are aware and can respond accordingly to any difficulties you may face. 

Enjoy the weekend and as always, stay safe and be kind to one another.