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Happy Fourth of July week! This a week for vacations, fireworks, parades, picnics, parties, and lots of people getting together. With that in mind, I hope you are ready for whatever comes your way. Plans can change in flash this week so do your best to be flexible and ride the waves of change. Staying grounded and in the moment really helps.

Last week I spoke a bit about the numerology of the seven since we are now in the seventh month. To refresh our memories, the main characteristics of number seven are contemplative, serious, graceful, wise, and intelligent. Seven is also prone to boisterous expressions of emotion, being shallow, cowardly, and back stabbing. All in all, this seventh month of July is preparing us for the last eclipse season of 2017 which comes up in August.

It is important not to forget the spiritual characteristics of the number seven. Forget about this being a number representing luck and look more to the seven’s ability to get at the truth. Trust seven to show you what it just or unjust, and keep an open mind. Having an open mind means allowing and accepting that your current belief system might be wrong. It’s OK. If we are wrong. When we open our minds, we allow for real growth and spiritual evolution. It is a good thing.

This week I want to talk about “Thor’s Hammer”. This is an important aspect. It is also one of  several triangular shaped patterns we find in charts. The others are the Grand Trine, T-Square, and the Yod, which was discussed a few weeks ago.

Thor was a mythical character that, you guessed it, carried a hammer. It was not a hammer for work, but a hammer used in battle. In a chart, the hammer is formed by two planets that are square (90 degrees) to each other and a third one that is sesququadrate (135 degrees) to them. There are no soft aspects to this pattern and it is therefore considered to be a difficult one.

The degree of difficulties is dependant on the planets involved but in general this pattern is not into change. The planets invovled are more or less fastened together with each other and working as unit. The level of diffculty is dependant on mainly on the planets involved.

Early this week we have two connected hammer’s in the chart. They began forming June 29 and will peak today. Their affects of course will remain with us for a few more days and this is why I want to look at them today. One hammer involves Venus, Juno, and Jupiter. The other involves, Venus, Juno, and Vesta. Clearly there is a lot of Venus and Juptier energy here. The energy of these patterns bring us is going to show up as a conflict of loyalty or a important people in your life. Maybe it is time you set aside some time for that significant other or some other important person in your life.

The planet that is sesququadrate to the other two is the focal point of this aspect pattern. This means the other two planets express themselves through the focal point of Venus in the case of the first hammer, and through Juno in the second hammer pattern.

If you recall the discussion of Vesta and Juno a few weeks ago, you will remember they both deal women and the home. This energy amplifies the nurturing Cancer Sun energy too. Venus can make this about a significant other while Vesta and Juno make is these hammer’s energy more about the women in our lives. This can mean immedtiate female family members as well as close female friends and even co-workers. Regardless of who, I think we can count on interactions or new about signifcant women in our lives to be part of our world early this week.

Another Hammer of Thor’s hammer shows up Monday. This one will involve Venus Jupiter and Pluto, again with Venus as the focal point and last all week and into next week. Pluto if you recall, loves to go deep into things and figure out why things are as they are, or what makes us tick. This hammer aspect can lead us to discovering hidden relationship problems and also propell a current relationship into a higher level. That could definitely be a good thing in some cases and not so good in others. Regardless, rest assured the Universe is ultimately looking out for us and only wants the best for us. Sometime this can mean a heartbreak too.

Now to back track just a bit, I want you to be aware that Chiron turned retrograde July 1. The wounded healer will remain retrograde until December 5, 2017. This will be a good time to do some shadow work. This means that we shoud be working on those things that cause us the biggest upset.

This is also a wonderful time to examine how we are moving into a personal role of healer, advisor, coach, or spiritual guide. You might want to look at where Chiron is in your chart too and see what aspects might be forming there for you. If you have not gotten a natal chart done yet, you can go to www.astro.com and generate one there for free. Be sure to add Chiron and one of the asteroids you want to show up, otherwise you will just get the planets without asteroids. You will find the asteroide when you scroll down the chart selection page.

Moving on now, Venus will be transiting Gemini this month and this asks us to look at how diverse our relationships are. Gemini wants us to check out new things and new relationships for sure. Sounds like there might be more heat waves this summer than just the ones we can read with a thermometer. Oooh! La! La!

Other aspects this week include a quincunx between Saturn and Mercury today. This can cause delays. I think we can expect this theme to continue for the next few days too for one reason or another. Stay calm and chilled out.

Mars is opposed to Pluto today. This is about power and the desire to push our agenda regardless of the resistance. You would do well to avoid trying agruments or battle the will of someone else. This aspect is highly passionate and dealing with stuff we have hidden or pushed back and stored away for some reason. Pluto won’t let us keep stuff hidden forever so deal with what comes up. It is for your own good and your evolution and growth.

Monday Venus is sextile Chiron. This deals with our personal relationships. You might notice a more open feeling toward the most personal of our relationships. This aspect has good energy for building trust. It is also condusive to learning from others.

Tuesday Venus is sesquiquadrate Jupiter. We want attention and take steps to get it. At the same time we all should make decisions slowly. Otherwise we might get in over our heads and not be able to deliver what we promised. Overdoing can cause problems too and with so much going on today it will be easy to over do. Like I said before, slow down and chill out!

Tuesday Mercury squares Uranus. Uranus and the planet of communications can be an interesting combo as is opens the possibility for new ideas. Uranus is often thought to have some rather unorthodox ideas however and these are not always greeted with appreciation. Uranus is also a bit on the ADD side of things too and challenges the routine and teadious aspects of life.

Some thing might go undone while others are interupted. If you have something to say, you might do well to hold off for a few days. This aspect could bring about something that causes an upset with tradition. Wonder how this will play out on the world stage? At the same time, new ways for thinking could pop up for some of us. This could be a good thing?

Wednesday Mercury enters Leo. Our thoughts become more confident and sometimes larger than life. Oh My! We have our eye on the prize and the bigger the better. You might notice an increase in drama and theatrics. We might also feel a bit more convincing even if we aren’t in reality. Expressing ourselves through speech or writing if favorable now.

This post is running long so I am going to capsulize the rest of the aspects for this week.

Neptune is a big influence midweek. Expect some problems with boundaries. Some of us will also feel fairly disorganized and unable to get with our routines. Feeling like we want to escape could come up for some as we feel like we are not as effective as we want to be. Be careful not to get to deep into the half-baked ideas. There will be consequences if you do.

Mid week our thoughts could be more like daydreams than clear and rational thoughts. With Mercury in aspect to Neptune, it could be difficult to say what we mean or pick the right words to say. I seem to have this problem more often that not. With Chiron in aspect, we can use our words best to heal. Avoid making presentations or important agreements.

The end of the week, relationships could take a hit. There is an underlying feeling of discontent. Some of us could experience overstimulation, high yet explosive moods might be an illusion too. Creativity could be a good way to express ourselves.

Socially things will mostly likely be fairly easy. Late week could be a good time for business, romance, teaching, and almost anything that deals with the public. On the flip side, hidden stress in a relationship might pop up. The greeneyed jealous monster could show up too. So could a hidden money issue. Try now to engage in any power plays or in manipulating friends, lovers, or business relationships.

The week ends with a Full Moon in Capricorn. The Cancer Capricorn polarity is about our public and our private lives. Cancer rules our domesticity while Capricorn rules our public acolades or punishements. Cancer is our home base and our point of origin, while Capricorn in our duty and responsibility. It is also closely tied to  our family traditions in some ways too. The Full Moon will shed light on where we have been and where we are going. Take this as deep as you want to. 

Over all, there seems to be a lot of difficult energy in the skies this week. I urge you again to stay grounded, calm, unattached to outcomes and stay in the moment. Take time to stop and smell the coffee, roses, and whatever else comes your way. In other words, when you get stressed, take a deep breath and chill out.

Wishing you all the best this week has to offer. Stay safe and be careful when traveling, grilling, and shooting off those fireworks. And don’t forget to be kind to all people, animals, and Mother Earth.

Enjoy your holiday! ! !