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Today I begin my 6th week of experiencing shingles. The good news is that I am healing and while I have learned a great deal, I would not wish this on anyone and do not wish for a repeat performance.

The other day as I was thinking about this illness and the duality I have felt in my body. It struck me that my outbreak occurred just before the Sun entered Gemini, the sign of duality. From a spiritual standpoint, I am pretty sure I have not learned all the lessons I can learn from this. I will, therefore, continue to examine how duality is playing out in my life in the coming days, weeks, and perhaps months. If I discover anything worth sharing I will let you know.

This past week I dealt mainly with postherpetic neuralgia. While researching this aspect of the healing process, I read a gruesome account of a woman who had a particularly severe experience with this. The last 2/3 of the story was so interesting to me that I decided to add the link for you to read if you choose to.

One thing unrelated to shingles that I found interesting was the slow pace with which new and valuable information sifts down into the mainstream medicine or about any aspect of life. The article also offers hope for countless people suffering from nerve related problems. I recommend that if you do read this lengthy article, to not skim over it. For me, there were some interesting, valuable, and very subtle points that I did not pick up on until I read it a second time and more slowly.


Last week the energy revolved mainly around Venus and Mercury. This week Mercury continues to take the stage. You may even feel like Mercury is retrograde sometimes. The planet of communications and travel will have no less than four interactions with other planets. But let’s begin with what is going on today.

First of all, we are in the Cancer New Moon cycle and I hope you have set your intentions for your new beginnings this month. Mars is square Jupiter and this can cause some problems in the family. These can include angry outbursts and a tenancy to be bossy with anyone, especially a family member. Some might feel extra sexy today too.

Later in the day and into Monday, Mercury and Mars will trine Neptune. This aspect supports action, communications, and all things spiritual and aids our ability to receive messages from the higher realms. If you practice dance, yoga, or any form of movement, you may feel more connected and centered in your practice today and tomorrow.

Tuesday, Mercury squares Jupiter and within the conjunctive orb of Mars. With Jupiter in Libra, our thoughts and mental processes are active! Mercury, the communicator, loves to talk so stay aware of this try not to drive folks nuts by talking too much. On Wednesday the Mercury and Mars conjunction perfects.

This perfect conjunction can be opinionated and sometimes defensive. This energy is best used by drawing on the strong influence of Cancer. If you can manage this then your communications will have a more of a nurturing nature and be more supportive to others.

Wednesday Venus is in quincunx or inconjunct aspect to Saturn. This can cause us to extra sensitive. If we attempt to be social or show affection, we might feel anxious, inhibited, and actually distance ourselves emotionally from any opportunity. Saturn can sure put the kibosh on fun sometimes. But he has his place and often keeps us from doing stupid stuff too.

Thursday brings us a difficult aspect as Mercury opposes Pluto. Pluto loves to go deep and this aspect is no exception. This time he goes deep into our minds. Planetary oppositions are always difficult. Some are more difficult than others. This one probably falls into the “others” category.

Mercury is of course about communications and travel. When Pluto takes us deep our words could come out more sharply than we might like. We might also experience more road rage or difficulties in making travel plans. Caution should be taken so we don’t say something we may be sorry for later. Those with Mercury in Cancer, Pluto in Capricorn, or with these planets being triggered in their charts in some way, will want to be extra careful.

Thursday we will see the last T- square of June develop. This will last until July 16 so you might want to make a mental note of this aspect for the duration. This aspect is balance and expansion in conflict with, deep thought and tradition, in conflict with the self and the ego securely nurtured at home.

Great healing can happen with difficult aspects if we don’t give into the fear they can stir up. This particular aspect will move us examine our beliefs and feelings about our families of choice and birth, our comfort at home, how we are nurtured, and how secure we feel about it all. There is certainly a lot of insecurity being felt in society right now on all these fronts.

All this insecurity is causing a great deal of stress. Stress is what caused me to break out with shingles. I encourage you to focus more on what you love, and on feeling and expressing love than you do on what is or is not going on out in the world. Look at the ways you feel nurtured, secure, and loved. You have more than two weeks of this energy. Use it well, or not. The choice, as always, is yours.

This is going to be an interesting summer in Astrology. It is just getting started too. Next weekend we move into July, the seventh month. Numerologists say that both the seventh and the eight months bring challenges based on their numerology alone.

Seven is very intelligent, serious, contemplative, wise, and graceful. It is a spiritual number, dislikes gossip and small minded outbursts. The shadow side of seven can be very small minded, distant, distant, back-stabbing, and even act like a coward.

From the spiritual standpoint, Seven is always trying to get to the root of things and to know the truth about why things are as they are. Seven is also uninterested in what is popular or in fashion. He gets bored with these things. Seven is also a bit like Libra in that he knows what is just and unjust. How interesting that our country, based on justice, was founded in the seventh month.

If all the prognosticators are correct about this summer, we are on the cusp of it all now. I am not going to venture a speculation but rather sit back and watch it all unfold as it will. I believe the Universe knows best.

Wishing all my friends safe travels as they head out for their vacations or just around town. I hope to see you here again next week.