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Mercury in Cnacer

How has life been treating you lately? I hope you have had more vigor this week than I have. While I am not sure what to attribute this lack to, it seems many people I have spoken to this week have been feeling it too. Whatever it is, I hope to find some relief soon. In the meantime, I do my best to roll with whatever is going on.

The BIG news this week is Summer Solstice. Then there is a sign change for Mercury, a New Moon, a trine between Venus and Pluto, and a square between Mars and Jupiter. I might need to mention that the Solstice also means a sign change for the Sun, as she leaves Gemini and moves into Cancer.

Summer Solstice is the longest day of the year. After Wednesday, each day will have about two minutes less daylight time until we get back to the shortest day of the year or Winter Solstice. I think I am feeling the energy shifting now.

The sign of Cancer is ruled by the Moon and therefore is an emotional sign. It is also the sign of the Mother, women, family, the home, security, nurturing, and the homeland. Mercury will be joining the Sun in Cancer that same day. This energy could stimulate coherent, objective, consistent conversations in all forms of delivery.

Mercury also moves into Cancer that same day and conjuncts the Sun. This can be a good thing because it could create more objective, rational, and coherent communications via all forms of delivery. Gemini was a very chatty transit for the planet of communications. This transit is quite the opposite and thus more coherent.

There are a lot of aspects this week and most involve either Mercury of Venus. But first I need to mention the Sun sextile Uranus. This is going to bring some new stuff; new ideas, new luck, new destinies, and new situations to experience. This can be good energy for socializing too, especially when is comes to organized groups and meetings. This energy will stimulate positive, creative problem solving, and hopefully positive changes as well.

Today Mercury is opposite Saturn. This can cause a less than positive point of view and far from optimistic thoughts and communications. Fortunately, many of us won’t feel much like talking and that can be a good thing. Second guessing ourselves and the need to re-do some of the things we thought were complete might be the norm of this day. Expect delays, sensitivity, and critical expressions. I’d like to say do your best not to dish out criticism but that might be difficult for even the most gentile among us.

Monday is all about Venus it seems. Today she will be quincunx or inconjunct Jupiter. This brings us a powerful desire for the best life has to offer. However, this can be a strain on relationships when we are expecting more than they can give us. My dad used to say “don’t let your champagne tastes overextend your beer purse”. I think those words could be applied here. Balance is, as always, a key to happiness. In this case, the balance will be between responsibilities and perceived desires.

Monday Venus is semi-square the Sun. Any inner uneasiness might present its self as an irritation caused by someone else. This is a reflection you need to look at. We often think our unhappiness is caused by something or someone when in fact is it is caused by our own skewed point of view. Try going within. Meditate. Doodle or write about your feelings. Just don’t go off half-cocked and do something you might regret later.

Venus shows up one more time on Monday in a semi-square to Chiron. This can cause to us pay more attention to how we are different than how we are alike. It is not as if we need more energy in this direction, is it? Remember that we can learn something valuable from everyone as long as we stay open-minded. (Deep breath).

The last aspect for Monday is a square between the Sun and Chiron. Have I told you about my love-hate relationship with Chiron? Haha! This aspect brings out or fear of not fitting in, of being different. Some of us could feel a distinct lack of trust in our ability to make decisions. We might tend to trust others more because of this or in an effort to please someone. This is just self-doubt. Recognize it as that and learn from what it is trying to teach you. You are worthy of your own trust.

Tuesday, Venus will sextile Uranus. Like the Sun sextile Uranus, this is a good aspect for meetings and things that involve an organized group. Any form of digital, technical, or scientific activities or projects methods of communicating is favored. This energy could increase our intuition and be good for getting that flash of insight from nowhere. This aspect is all about creativity and originality. Both are favorites characteristics of mine but at the same time, I am not without prejudice. I am working on seeing things with a new perspective and this aspect will be beneficial in the effort.

Tuesday also brings us a sextile aspect between Venus and Neptune. Anytime Neptune is involved we are dealing with imagination and illusion. Today it is all about being imaginative and keyed into love, romance, and all things beautiful. This put our social and our love lives into a positive light. Enjoy!

Tuesday, there is another aspect with Chiron. Mercury will square the wounded healer. Look for difficult communications and misunderstandings. Some of us could find it difficult to make a decision or have some self-doubt. Knowing what meaning is intended by others could cause strain in our communications.

Wednesday, as I said this is Solstice and the day both the Sun and Mercury move into Cancer. This also means there is a Mercury-Sun conjunction. It could be a good thing that our desires seem to be in line with our thoughts. This energy is good for problem-solving. But be sure that whatever we communicate right now, will count and have an impact. You might want to be a bit careful when it comes to the feelings of others. Then again, perhaps a wake-up call is just what they need.


Next up is Mercury semi-square Venus. This one wreaks of all sorts of social and romantic problems. But the is the shadow side of this aspect. The positive side is that it could lead us to be more considerate than normal. This can also cause make us feel like we are in la-la land or having an ADD day because we can’t seem to stay focused today.

The last aspect to talk about today comes on Saturday. Venus will trine Pluto. This is great energy for money and love. It could even go to the intense level but not in a bad way at all. You might notice a desire to share things more deeply with a friend relative. This will help us see love more clearly in all things too. Not a bad way to end the week I say!

The only thing I have not gone over is the New Moon on Friday. It will be in Cancer and amplify all the Cancer energy we will already be under with Mercury and the Sun. So respect all things Cancer, especially our need for security and safety. I know how difficult this could be for many of us and I won’t go further into this topic except to say, give it your best shot! One thing that might help is if you find some way of leaning into accepting help and support when it is given and finding ways to give the same to others. This is a hard one for me because I am so used to doing things by myself. But as I get older I am needing more and more help. I’m not proud of losing my long-standing independence but I suppose it is a right of passage we all go through. As I have said repeatedly in the 4 and ¾ years I have written this blog, humans love to resist change. I will resist as much change as I can for as long as I can and hope that when it is necessary, I will gracefully allow it come.

On the note, I wish you all a happy Summer Solstice and a great week ahead. Be safe, and be kind to all those you come in contact with.