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Greetings Earthlings! The triple Yod I talked about last week came into perfection yesterday and continues for most of this week. It will begin to diminish rapidly after Thursday. One of the three Yod patterns is stronger than the rest and will last longer. This is the Neptune, Pluto, Vesta Yod. It will last through June 23. This pattern lends a hand to our projects that help the collective, or as some say, the greater good.

Since the triple Yod formation will continue most of this week, I thought a little more background on the asteroids that are involved might be a good place to lead off with in this week’s post. Last week I touched on Ceres as the sister of Jupiter and explained she was the goddess of grain, food cooking, nutrition, and the Earth Mother.

Juno was the third asteroid to be discovered. This asteroid has female energy and is known as Jupiter’s wife. She also has some characteristics in common with Venus. Juno however, is more commitment oriented and on the lookout for a soulmate. But like Venus, Juno is attracted to beauty and fashion. She is diplomatic, and the patron of true love and relationships.

Juno influences the weather, female genitals, equity, and flowers. As Jupiter’s wife, she has experienced much unfaithfulness and is well equipped to deal with spousal abuse, women’s rights, anger, rage, low self worth, dis-affirmation, inequity, and betrayal. She is a powerful force for women everywhere.

Vesta is the second largest asteroid in our solar system and was the fourth to be discovered. Like Ceres, Vesta is a sister to Jupiter. She is also called the virgin goddess, rules self-respect, mental clarity, keeps the home fires burning and the family rituals in tact. Vesta is very organized and can break things down so others understand better. She is good at handling the security of the household including locks and keys, insurance, and inheritance.

Vesta has has domain over our metabolism and the upper intestine. Her shadow side is where we find insecurity, promiscuity, secrete organizations, fear of intimacy, low self-respect, and denial. Sounds depressive doesn’t it?

Ceres was covered last week. This is actually a dwarf planet with as much influence as Pluto. She rules over grains, is thought of as a Mother Earth figure, and rules over food and cooking, parenting, and gardening.

Ceres shadow side brings work problems, eating disorders, custody and child endangerment issues, and fertility and stomach problems. The shadow side can also display low self esteem, feelings of abandonment, fear of abundance. The location of Ceres in your chart will tell you where you feel the most nurtured. For me this is the eleventh house, the house of friends and just this morning a friend paid me a special visit and brought me something I have been wanting.

Asteroids are still not discussed by many astrologers but in as little as the the past couple of years, I have noticed more people taking notice of them and including at least Chiron in their weekly forecasts.

There were lots of energy shifts last week. Mercury moved into Gemini and Venus moved into Taurus on Tuesday, Mars moved into Cancer last Sunday and there was a Full Moon in Sagittarius on Friday.

This week on Tuesday, we have a lot of action with Mercury. Mercury will semi square Uranus and this can make us a bit scatterbrained and also provide us with some moments of good insight. The Uranus influence on our communications might make them less accepted this week. Uranus is rebellious and at the same time, peace loving. This square aspect brings out mental disharmony, sarcasm, and general negativity.

Tuesday also has Mercury squaring Neptune. This throws us into la la land in a way. Concentrating on anything can be difficult with this aspect. It is not a good idea to sign contracts or make any big decisions. Everything is under an illusive lens now. Nothing is as it seems.

Lastly, on Tuesday, Mercury is trine Jupiter. This is a sweet aspect that could boost our positive thinking. This is a good aspect for short trips, writing, studying, teaching, and getting applications or forms submitted.

Thursday the Sun opposes Saturn. This will cause some difficulties with many of us. Some of us could feel overcome with doubt, guilt, and a general lack of hope. Hopelessness seems to be a feeling many of us are struggling with this year. Leave it to Saturn to bring on a large dose of reality. Over all, this difficult aspect could help our confidence levels rise and help us realize that we can take care of ourselves.

Friday, Venus is sesquiquadrate Saturn. This aspect can cause some problems when it comes to relating to other people. Everyone seems to need a chill pill and put some distance between themselves and the other guy.

Financial endeavors often turn out to be conduits for money and not a good idea in general. This is also not a good aspect for love and relationships. This is an aspect for break-ups, separations, and other negative expressions of love and emotion. The best use of this aspect will be to use it to reflect on love and matters of the heart. Being alone can be the best thing ever. But many of us don’t feel like we are enough. Reflection can help us see our self-worth and eliminate self-doubt.

The last aspect this week is again one with Mercury’s influence. Friday, Mercury is inconjunct or quincunx Pluto. This is another aspect that can stir up power struggles and even hostility in some. This is another aspect that can bring in self-doubt too. Don’t give in to it. You are more capable of making good decisions than you might feel like on Friday. Take extra care in making any big decisions and don’t be afraid to adjust your plans in some way. Being flexible is usually a good thing.