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I have missed you all for the past two weeks! Shingles is an interesting illness and probably everything you have ever heard about them is true. But let’s leave all that alone now and get back to astrology. This summer is going to be an interesting one I feel sure.

Welcome to June. This month is named after the Roman goddess Juno, who was the champion of young women and marriage. We are just past the halfway point of the Sun’s transit through Gemini. This transit will end with the Summer Solstice on June 21st when the Sun enters Cancer.

Gemini represents duality. Those born under this sign usually have two distinct sides to their personality. Their blend of Yin and Yang energy is perfectly represented by the symbol of the twins.

Gemini’s are curious, imaginative, intellectual, love to collect information, and talk about whatever is on their mind. They are also known to change their minds in an instant. They have often have great eye hand coordination which makes them good artists, musicians, and sportsmen. They also make great writers too.

The shadow side of the Gemini is being indecisive, contradictory, and sometimes tense, troubled or uneasy. They are extremely social people who dislike being alone. They also dislike a routine life and had much rather be out experiencing all there is to experience.

Sunday (today) Mars moves into Cancer. During this transit (through July 20) we might not be so direct when going after the things we want. This energy is just not all that aggressive, but it is a defensive sort of energy. Cancer, the Moonchild is all about emotions and a Mars transit is the same. You can expect changing moods and changing minds, not only in others but in yourself as well.

Monday, Venus is semi-square Neptune. This is the transit the phrase “looking through rose colored glasses” was made for. We can feel as if we are addicted to happiness. But with this also comes a sort of blindness that allows us to only see things the way we want to and not as they really are. It will be a good idea not to begin a new relationship or make any big purchases right now. Remember that Neptune is all about illusion, caution should be taken in all legal, dealings and contracts, formal agreements, and financial and social actions.

Also on Monday, Mercury will be sextile (60 degrees) from Chiron. This is a positive aspect. It’s a good for opening up communications, being sensitive, and being a good listener. It will be easier to get our point across to others too. Our words can be healing and that is almost always a good thing. This aspect can also help us see our life and our problems in a new light.

This Tuesday Venus, the planet of love and beauty, moves into her home sign of Taurus. June is also a popular month for weddings. This transit should bring many positive waves of energy, sensual pleasures, and appreciation of somethings value and of money. You could also notice an increase in your desire for music, art and other things of beauty. Enjoy all this transit has to offer even if it is not all about love.

Mercury changes signs Tuesday and moves into Gemini. Mercury in Gemini should be a good transit for business, social, communications, and travel over the next 3 weeks.

Thursday, Mercury is sesquiquadrate Pluto. The very characteristic of this aspect is one of anxiety and over sensitivity. With this particular aspect, we can expect suspicious minds to rise up, especially in those whose natal Mercury or Pluto is triggered by this aspect or those who are naturally suspicious anyway. This energy is best used to investigate or get to the bottom of something. Try not to fall prey to mental stress. Take a deep breath and chill out a bit when you feel your mental wheels spinning.

Friday we have a Full Moon in Sagittarius. Full Moon’s are always the time when we work to complete the projects we began at the previous New Moon. This Full Moon will be rather close, a mere 5 degrees apart, from Saturn. Saturn’s energy can be somewhat challenging and cause things to slow down or cause roadblocks of some sort.

The other side of this coin is much brighter. This is a good example of why we study astrology too. So we will know what is coming and how to use it to our benefit or how to avoid it as much as possible. The bright side of Saturn is patience, strength, and perseverance. These characteristics can bring a great deal of success to our efforts of completion.

Friday also brings the long-awaited direct station of Jupiter. Jupiter retrograde is not felt in the same ways other retrogrades are but it sure feels better when he is direct! You might notice your luck shift this week and certainly in the next few weeks. I hope any and all shifts for you are welcome ones.

Now I want to talk about an aspect pattern called the “Yod” or “Finger of God” of “Finger of Fate”. This is a triangle formed by three planets or points on a chart. Traditional astrologers debate over the importance of this aspect but modern astrologers seem to be in agreement that this is an aspect to take note of. What makes this interesting now is that there is a triple Yod in the heavens.

The actual Yod is formed when two planets are sextile (60 degrees) to each other and quincunx (150 degrees) to another planet or point in the sky. As with most pattern aspects, the individual aspects as amplified by the whole pattern. In the case of the yod. The sextile aspect energy is said to act like a laser pointer focusing its energy onto the thrid point in the chart.

The next week and a half there will be three of these patterns in the sky. There is actually more going on here than just the three Yods. I hope this doesn’t not become too confusing as I try to explain it all. All three involve astroids so the mainstream astrology forecasts probably won’t even mention them. Sunday is when they begin. Remember all three as inter- connected!

The asteroids involved are Ceres, Juno, and Vesta. The planets are Jupiter, Neptune, and Pluto. To be absolutely correct, there is one Yod that is not comprised of two quincunxes. Instead, it is made up of a sextile between Pluto and Neptune, a quincunx between Pluto and Ceres, and a square between Neptune and Ceres. Ceres is the focal point regardless and the square side only adds a bit of extra kick to this pattern mix.

Ceres was the first body discovered in the asteroid belt. She has been up graded to a dwarf planet and is now considered to has the same importance in astrology as Pluto does. In mythology, Ceres is sister to Jupiter or Zeus, and the goddess of grain, known as the Earth Mother and rules over food, and all things concerning food like cooking and nutrition.

Her position in your chart is where you feel nurtured, give love, and feel comfortable. Ceres influences our gardening, parenting, and pension for hard work. She helps us to “ go with the ‘universal’ flow”. This Yod can bring up mother-daughter issues, sadness, release and or return. Paying attention to this aspect could trigger Pluto’s ability to bring prosperity and Neptune’s intuitive ability to increase our assets.

The pattern that involves Vesta is one I really like. That is because it could bring positive support and cause that supports the greater good or the human collective.

There is part of this triple Yod that will lend assistance to our collective spirituality. Spiritual awakening has been taking place for decades in a minority of people. Cosmic energy is almost constantly giving this a boost. This triple Yod will give an additional boost to our spiritual awakening, creativity, and efforts in the area activism.

I hope you enjoy this weeks post. I also hope you all have a great week this week. I’ll hopefully be back next week with another post for you.

Be safe everyone!