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The Full Moon this past week was a bugger for some, while others just skated through it all. Some folks seemed quite agitated while others were full of peace and love. I had lots of energy mid week and was very productive. This lasted through yesterday. By 7 PM last evening, I was feeling good about all I had accomplished but knew it was going to be an early evening.

Last week brought us more surprises in the political arena too. Astrologically, Mercury and Uranus were conjunct. Mercury rules communication and transportation; Uranus rules the unexpected and quick change. And that is all I am going to say about that.

I had rather think about the unity consciousness that is developing. This might be difficult for some to see but it is there. Consider how many folks are fed up with the way things are. Consider how things seem to be falling apart. Both of these things are bringing people together. Perhaps not in the most loving and positive ways but together none the less.

Folks are uniting in their desire for change and the old structures are being torn down and destroyed so new ones can be built. This is going to take time of course and the path through it all is not pleasant or easy at all.

We are still under the influence of the Saturn/Uranus trine. Once again, we have Uranus and his quick change, rebellion, and all things unexpected, gently aspecting the old guard we call Saturn. This is an aspect that is easy to work with and it will be with us until the end of the month. More on this later a bit later.

The Sun’s transit of Taurus is coming to a close. This is the time of year we plant and hope our roots grow strong to support our crops. Our need for security grows too but there is the shadow side to deal with. This shows up as possessiveness and stubbornness. Neither of which go in my column “A”.

The end of the week the Sun moves into Gemini. This is an air sign like Aquarius and Libra. Air signs are known to seek knowledge. Under this sign, we might find we are more social, curious, and rational. I would love to see more rationale in the world.

The shadow side of Gemini is that we are often split between our choices. Should we do this or should we do that? Which one will bring us more pleasure? Which one will satisfy our curiosity and our thirst for knowledge? This sign can cause a great deal of unreliability in some of us. In others, it will be all about the joke.

Mercury will move into Taurus on Tuesday. We’ve had a long retrograde related slow down during this last retrograde. Usually, once Mercury stations to turn direct, he is quick to move on. This time he sat in one spot for nearly a week. It seems as if he has gotten stuck in the Taurian mud and is having trouble digging his way out. He stationed nearly two weeks ago, on May 3rd. However, he won’t be back to full speed until May 20.

I know many of you are wondering what all the terms used to describe Mercury mean. Most of you know that retrograde means a planet appears to move backward. The terms storm and shadow are two other aspects for a retrograde but not often used to describe a transit other than Mercury’s.

The station refers to the point at which a planet changes direction. The origin of this word is from the Latin word “stare”. This means to stand or to stand still.

The shadow period is the degrees a planet travels back over as if moves backward and then forwards again. This is best understood by looking at an ephemeris. If you look at this past Mercury retrograde in an ephemeris, you will notice the retrograde began on April 9, 2017, at 4 degrees 48 minutes Taurus.

A couple of days passed before he fully stopped and began moving backward. He eventually re-entered Aries on April 21. 2017. Then on May 3, 2017, Mercury stationed or stopped and began moving forward again. The ephemeris shows the degrees and signs he traveled over. This also shows the Mercury does not move back to the sign and degree where he first stationed retrograde until May 20, 2017. The shadow period is determined by the traveling over territory already transited.

The storm period has to do with speed. Mercury slows down as he stations to turn retrograde or direct. The storm period refers to this time when he is moving slowly in either direction. The storm period is over once he is traveling at full speed again. This storm period and speed it determined as any time when Mercury is moving at less than 40′ (40 minutes of arc) per day. This is one more illustration of the intricacies of astrology. If you are confused, just move on and try to read this again later. But remember, the effects of both shadow and storm are nearly the same as a retrograde. 

Venus remains in Aries through June 6, 2017. Perhaps you have noticed some spontaneity in your social life or the way you approach things of beauty? Doing things on the fly is what this transit is all about. Just like spring, we tend to exude a fresh, new view of life and love while going about it all with some abandon. It is the thrill of the chase after all that is most attractive now.

Mars has been in Gemini since April 21, 2017. The planet of action is a great deal more versatile in this transit. He also has perhaps far less ability to concentrate on tasks at hand too. But this can be balanced by his diversity, or at least one can hope. The shadow side of this transit is often noted as being scatter-brained or flipping flopping on ideas and decisions.

The aspects this week include a T-square in Wednesday that involves Mars, Saturn, and Chiron. The focal point of the T- square formed by these three planets is Chiron in Pisces. This could mean that some sort of spiritual healing modality is what is called for. Chiron’s squares to both Saturn and Mars is difficult without a doubt.

The bright side of this aspect is that our leadership skills could be spotlighted and our energy might be quite high. Saturn does push us to be our best and use our time and talents effectively. Chiron in some cases will boost the Mars energy and help us get over our reservations about boldly stepping out with new found wisdom and information.

Thursday the Sun is sextile Chiron. This can lead us to seek our purpose or find our mission. This aspect can help us find solutions to problems. Something we all need from time to time. This can also increase our self-confidence and our desire to learn from others and our own experiences. I don’t think these are ever bad things, are they?

Friday, Saturn is trine Uranus. This aspect has been with us a while now and will continue through the end of the month but today it is in its perfection or exact. This aspect relates to our life’s path, our work, and our careers. Some of us could see some fast changes in some areas of our lives. No matter how fast they are, these changes are likely fairly well thought out and have successful, innovative outcomes.

Friday also brings us, Venus, opposing the great benefic, Jupiter. This can bring about a need to amplify our affections and to overstate them. Jupiter does love to expand on things even when things are exactly viewed in the most rational light. Drama can be high and some of us might show signs of over-inflated egos.

Our inclination toward over indulgence could be a problem. This will be especially in those who feel they are not getting what they need from their daily lives. I know there are a lot of social events coming this next weekend. Please have fun but try your best not to go too crazy with the drama and desire to party hardy.

Stay safe in all you do. Drink lots of water. The weather forecast for my area says we a jumping head on into summer this coming week! What a roller coaster this spring weather has been.