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May is a busy time of year, isn’t it? Lots of graduations and award ceremonies. The Music festival season begins and lets’s not forget our Mothers. Living or dead, they have loved and supported us through school and life, to get us to where we are now. You have one week to order those flowers, plan that dinner, or simply set aside some time for a visit or phone call.

This week also brings us the Full Moon! Sun is in earthy Taurus and the Moon in watery Scorpio. I am going to expect some flooding in some area this week.

This flooding could be significant as an opposition between Uranus and the Moon occurs the same day. There will also be a trine aspect between the Sun and Pluto, the destroyer. While I hardly feel comfortable or learned enough to predict these things, the aspects this week sure look like they are pointing to flooding.

This week is in fact, full of trines. These are gentle aspects and often beneficial. They tend to magnify or support the energy of other planets and aspects. This week is no exception.

I’ve already mentioned the Sun trine Pluto that takes place on Tuesday. This aspect can help us figure out what is really causing x,y, and z in our lives. You could also notice your concentration and ability to make sound decisions in pretty good this week. Pluto will take us deep so we can use our past experiences to assist us with things now.

We sometimes call Pluto the destroyer. His powers of destruction are necessary for helping us move forward and evolve. This particular trine should raise the power of our goals. For those is us that have been in flux of late, this could be quite the positive aspect. Of course, this could cause further problems if we are not ready to let go of the old ways and move on with the new. If you are considering a new project or business, this trine’s energy could be helpful.

Wednesday, Mercury conjuncts Uranus. The planet of communications and objective thought meets the planet of the unexpected, weather, technology, and the future. This energy will boost our intuition and our ability to understand more intellectual thought.

Some of us will notice our ideas seem to come from nowhere and are right on time. Others could feel like they got hit with an ADD stick. Regardless of how this aspect presents in your world, do your best to channel this energy in the most inventive, unbiased ways you can. Be progressive and follow the creative direction this can give you. Go with the flow!

Thursday, Mars is square Neptune. This can bring inspiration from some extraordinary places. This is also rather ADD like energy so our organizational skills could feel a bit less organized. But this is another aspect that brings out strong intuition. The problem is, with Neptune involved, our intuition might not be so accurate. This energy is not good for a new project either so use caution on this day in particular.

Thursday, Mercury trines Saturn. This will help balance the Mars square Neptune energy because it is pretty much the opposite energy. This energy it also detailed and progressive. Whatever you do with this energy now, can create good results in the future. Our conversations will be more short, sweet and simple.

Friday, Mars trines Jupiter. This one is of particular interest to me as Mars is about to conjunct my natal Jupiter soon. This trine is different from my natal conjunction, however. This aspect should boost our willpower, which is almost always a good thing. Our energy level will get a charge too.

This will be, in general, the best day this week for contracts and negotiations. You might even feel like going big and taking on more projects and setting new goals. Jupiter brings a great deal of optimism to the table and Mars adds a bit of adventure. All in all, this aspect will help us end this week on a positive note. But don’t wait till Friday to act in positive ways or get started in at least thinking about anything new that can improve our life.

This ends this week’s outlook. Make the most of the best this week has to offer. If bad weather should show up in the area where you are, I hope you are able to stay safe and well. Interestingly, right after I began today’s post, my mother called to tell me about a tree that had broken off in last week’s storms. She is fine and the house suffered only a very small hole in the roof. She was lucky.