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This year, Saturn winds up his transit of Sagittarius. He is also retrograde from early April through late August. But before I go further, I want to make you aware of something I came across while researching this information. I found at least two astrology sites that incorrectly listed Saturn’s transit through Sagittarius as beginning in January of 2017 and lasting til January of 2020. This is where knowing how to use an ephemeris can be important.

The ephemeris shows the degree and sign position in the sky, day by day, month by month for the planets, for each year. Astro.com has an ephemeris that covers 9000 years in their files. This is where you can look up the position of any planet between 5000 BC, through the end of 22st century. That covers a lot of territory!

Saturn’s current transit of Sagittarius, according to this ephemeris, began on Christmas Eve 2014 and continues through December 20, 2017. As you can see, Saturn’s transit is a long one. Transit length varies from 2 ½ – 3 years due to retrogrades. It takes Saturn between 28 and 30 years to complete one full cycle around the Sun. When Saturn completes its cycle in our natal chart, we call this “ our Saturn return”.

I often refer to Saturn as our cosmic father. He is an authoritarian, teacher, and is represents the rules and regulations we must follow. He governs institutions, governments, finance, education, science, and all other types institutions. He puts the breaks on our fun and reins us in when we get wild. Saturn is what drives us to work hard or suffer the consequences.

Saturn also represents time, aging, and death. This is opposite of the Sun, which represents life. Saturn will show you where you lack confidence, where your greatest challenges are, and what is restricting you. He will make you face these too because, like any good father, he wants us to become our best self.

Saturn will wind up his transit of Sagittarius this year. I have read that the last degrees of any transit are the most powerful. I do not know if this is true or simply the viewpoint of some astrologers. There is, however, a very interesting Saturn return this year. Three of them to be exact.

You may remember reading or studying in school about the stock market crash of 1929 that lead to the “Great Depression”. The market is one of the institutions governed by Saturn. On that day, October 29, 1926, Saturn was at 26 degrees 48 minutes Sagittarius. This year Saturn returns to that very spot on the chart, three times. The first one already passed, on March 1. 2017. The second is coming up on May 13.

Why three you ask? This is due to the current retrograde motion of Saturn. This backwards motion will cause Saturn to track back over the degrees it traveled during its retrograde. Once Saturn turns direct in August, he will then go back over those degrees a second time as he heads back to the degree he first turned retrograde. This motion can easily be seen in the ephemeris charts for this time period.

I feel as if May is going to hold some very interesting times for us but I have no clues as to what they might be. Sure, I could speculate but my goal is simply to inform. From an energy standpoint, May is the fifth month. The number five has some powerful energy according to numerologists.

Five is the most impulsive of all single digits numbers. It is always moving, changing, and fiercely independent and at the same time loyal as they come. It also is the month in which fixed Taurus ends and mutable, changeable Gemini begins. Changeable and mutable mirror the five’s energy.

Any numerologist will also tell you that the number eight is also one to watch. August is the eighth month and when Saturn will turn direct again. This is also the time of the next total solar eclipse. Eclipses are said to have the greatest effect on the areas the pass over.

This eclipse will cross the United States from near McClellansville South Carolina, then sweeps across the middle of the country through the toe of North Carolina, and a sliver Georgia. It then moves on through parts of Kentucky, Illinois, Missouri, 450 acres of Iowa, Kansas, Nebraska, Wyoming, a tiny bit of Montana (8 square miles), Idaho, and exits out over the Pacific ocean through Oregon.

The swath of the eclipse covers the very heart of America. Interestingly, just five days later, a retrograde Saturn turns direct. All these events represent a great deal of energy very close to each other. Combine these things with the additional aspects and influences of the other planets as they interact with Saturn, the Sun and the Moon and it could get very, very interesting. I have not looked ahead into those details as yet but plan to in the coming weeks and months. I will be paying close attention to how Venus plays in all this as well.

The last time Saturn will be at the exact return point of October 1929 will be on November 22, 2017. Some astrologers feel this one will have the most impact on us. How that impact will play out is anyone’s guess. Only time will tell.