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Hard to believe we are looking into May this week. April has been an interesting month. At times it has seemed like winter was trying to make a comeback and at others, like yesterday, it seemed like summer was already here. Make me wonder what changes are coming our way? Some of these storms the past day or so have been horrific! 

Our astrological weather is full of change too. Mercury retrograde always brings changes. Gratefully, this current one just two days from being over. There will be another 10 days, however, and he won’t leave the retrograde zone until May 20. This means the retrograde effects will still be noticeable and effective.

For some reason, this week I feel drawn to talk about the moon. I am going to blame my young, 3-year-old friend, Ezra C. for it. I just read that he asked his Dad, “Where does the Moon sleep”. This triggered my own thoughts about the Moon and how important it is to us. The Moon represents our emotions and mood. She influences how we respond or react to things probably more than any other cosmic body does. It is the second most influential planet in your natal chart.

From ancient times the Moon has used to measure time. The mystery of its nighttime appearance is associated with the dream time and seems to eerily touch on the edges of death and the life beyond death. In contrast, we also associate the Moon with love, relationships, and beauty.

The Moon had also been used to plant crops, weed, and is even believed to rule parts of the body. The “Old Farmer’s Almanac” is still a trusted source for this information and I refer to it regularly. I check mostly now for ideas on what sort of weather to expect in the coming weeks.

Once, about 40 years ago, I used it to schedule oral surgery when I needed to have my wisdom teeth taken out. I chose a date that put the moon as far away from the head as I could. I like to think that my lack of pain or complications was due to this choice. I have read that when went procedures are done when the moon is in the sign of the body part being worked on, there can be complications and/or a great deal of pain.

For those that wish to know more, here is the list:


Head, face, brain, eyes


Neck, throat, thyroid, voice


Lungs, shoulders, arms, hands


Chest, breasts, stomach


Chest, heart, spine, upper back


Digestive system, intestines, spleen, nervous system


Kidneys, skin, lumbar area, buttocks


Reproductive system, bowels, etc.


Hips, thighs, live, sciatic nerve


Knees, joints, skeletal system


Ankles, calves, shins, circulatory system


Feet, toes, lymphatic system, adipose tissue


The Moon moves fast. It stays in a sign just about 2 days. These fast transits mean that the demeanor of the Moon also changes fast. These fast transits also make way for the four phases of the Moon described as quarters. Last Wednesday the Moon was new, representing a time to begin new things.

This Tuesday, the Moon enters its First Quarter phase. There is a crisis theme to this phase. In this phase, we might feel strongly about taking some sort of action. We might also run into some problems too.

I will continue with the Moon phases next week as we enter the second phase. I will continue each week until all four phases are covered. Perhaps, in the meantime someone can help little Ezra understand that the Moon does not really sleep anywhere.

In other parts of the sky this week, let’s touch back on Mercury for a minute. He will turn direct on Tuesday. And while what I said about him earlier is true, you can now sign those contracts and begin moving ahead on the projects you put on hold. Our technical device’s performance should improve, and travel problems and delays should minimize.

Venus has just moved into Aries where it will transit until June 6, 2017. Aries adds spontaneity straight forward character to our love life. Just like Spring, we feel all fresh and new with a side of impatience when it comes to the love.

If you have lost as love then this is a good combo for healing because Venus in Aries does not look back or dwell on the past. What was, was. Now it’s time to move on to the next great adventure. Aries loves the chase but is also in for the long haul. That is as long as things remain fresh. With all the other retrograde planets pushing our energy inward, this Venus/Aries energy is no doubt being directed inward. This is a good time to work on our own issues around love. Not very exciting I know, but I promise if you work in this area, you won’t regret it.

Tuesday the Sun is sesquiquadrate Saturn. Sesquiquadrate is the aspect of 135 degrees and falls between the trine and the opposition. It close to but should not be confused with an inconjunction at 150 degrees. When this aspect is exact it is quite powerful.

In this particular instance, it might be difficult to make the ego happy. Circumstances or other people seem to cause a roadblock of some sort. You could feel a bit disheartened but we know how Saturn dislikes wasting time and energy. Sit back and let this one roll on by instead of getting your goat.

Tuesday, the Sun is also semi-square Chiron. This aspect can bring on feelings of being different (what’s new?) or a lack of confidence. However, there you might find your desire for knowledge and new experiences is strong.

Wednesday the Sun is sextile Neptune. This is also the day Mercury is stationary direct. The sextile aspect will strengthen our intuition. If you find your hunches are on target, this could be a contributor. This aspect also helps us appreciate our differences. If you are looking for a good rush, do something nice for someone, volunteer, or give to a charity of your choice. Today is a good day to start any new self-improvement plan.

Thursday Mercury will be semi-square Mars. This one could make lead us to the snarky side. Not the side I am very fond of. This could also bring about some nerve-wracking, get it done now, work related pressure. Do your best to think before you snap and lash out. These sorts of things never show our best side, do they? Remember, think before you speak. Don’t rush to be right or heard. Talk less, listen more. And yes, we should do this every day, but especially on days like this.

Friday the Sun…..the busy one this week…will be inconjunct Jupiter. We might not know what we want but with this one but if you find you feel restless, this might be why. Letting go of old stuff, old habits, or old traditions can provide us with enough freedom to explore new experiences. Go for it!

Lastly, on Saturday, Mars is semi-square Uranus. For some, this will bring challenges, especially those that enjoy taking risks. This aspect is all about risk taking. Mars wants to move, jump the gun, do it NOW!

Uranus is adding to the restlessness of Mars to some extent. It might also help us make any speedy changes that we need to make in any area of our lives. There will be a tendency toward not considering consequences. We all know what happens when we don’t think about what could happen if. . . One more time….think before you speak or act.