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April showers have arrived! The air is getting a good washing and I am so happy. I hope this makes the grass seed in the trunk of my car grow fast. Hahaha! Yes! I neglected to get it to its designated spots before the rains came. Maybe I will do that later when it slacks off some.

The week ahead holds a New Moon in Taurus at 8:16 am on Wednesday. If you have anything really important to begin this week, the time period between 7:46 am and 8:46 am is the best time to begin.

The Sun is 3 degrees into its transit of Taurus today. This sign is very organized and grounded. This is not surprising since Taurus is an Earth sign. Not all Taurus people possess this characteristic, however. There could be influences in one’s natal chart that might cause any organizational characteristics to take on a more chaotic expression.

Taurus people are like plants. They require a lot of security, although I if you ask many of them they will deny this. They often forget that their acts of defending and resisting are directly related to their own security.

Taurus, like all signs they many great qualities. One of them that I am most fond of is loyalty, especially when it comes to those they hold close. Their friendship often spans decades, even lifetimes. The shadow side is being bullheaded and possessive. Occasionally, to their detriment, these characteristics can cause Taurus people to hold on to something long after its benefit is complete. They are good at starting things and not so good at completing them.

And did I mention bullheaded? And stubborn? Just kidding….I love all my Taurus friends so much because we share these characteristics. 

Mercury is retrograde in Aries. Mercury is the planet closest to the Sun and is one of three planets between us and the Sun. These three planets, Mercury, Venus, and Mars are considered personal planets because they greatly affect the individual.

Mercury is the planet of communication. This encompasses, all forms of communication whether it is written, spoken; in person, or with the aid of technology. There have been many examples of problematic communications in the news recently.

I personally had a communication problem on Wednesday last week. I pulled into a station for gas and filled up for the coming week or so. Once I was finished and ready to leave, I realized I had locked my keys in my car. AAA Carolinas came to my rescue but when I looked at my natal and transit for that day and that time, the explanation was clear. Mercury was opposite my natal Neptune. This could have been a factor in my lack of attention to the details. It is always best to adopt a chilled attitude during a Mercury retrograde. Delays of one sort of another are so, so common.

Another aspect of this particular Mercury transit is the prolonged interaction between him, Uranus and Saturn. Both of these outer planets affect the collective more than the individual usually. When an inner planet is in aspect, however, this directs the energy inward and magnifies a more individual effect.

Monday Mars will be in perfect trine with Saturn. Saturn will assist us with some realism and clarity of thought. If you have things to do this week that require structure, detail, or organization, this transit could be the one that helps the most. The shadow side of this could be some blue feelings. There will surely be some sweet victories this week to balance any blues.

Thursday, Mars will be sesquiquadrate Pluto. This aspect is known to cause us to be extra sensitive to outside influences. External stimulus seems strong right now so I suggest focusing on joy. Channel your thoughts towards what brings you joy. For me, this is love, peace, creativity, nature, and sharing good times with good people.

Friday, Mercury is conjunct. If your week becomes a bit busier than you expected, you might need to take a look at how this aspect triggers your natal chart. For me, this is going to opposite my natal Neptune. I can probably expect some more head in the clouds time this week so I will need to pay extra close attention to details.

For the rest of you, the general energy of this aspect is increased understanding of rational ideas and misconceptions. Be aware this could overload the senses of some people. If you are highly sensitive, you might want to pay close attention to how your thoughts might be stressing you out. If you become more scatter-brained than usual, impulsive, or impatient, you might need to stop thinking so much. Get out and find some form of distraction like a walk in the park or some gardening.

Intuition will be quite accurate and some of us will notice we have the right plan at just the right time. Overall, when channeled in a positive way, this energy will lead to lots of creativity and originality. It is expression is forward thinking, open minded, inclusive. I can hardly wait!

In posts over the past few months, I have talked about noticing a rise in earthquake activity. This has continued. This past week did show a bit fewer than in the previous 2-3 weeks but what I have noticed taking its place is a rise in Sun activity.

It wasn’t too long ago that I read an email telling me that the Sun’s activity was at an unexpected low. That low does not seem to be continuing. Nearly every day I get notices from my apps that alert me to CME activity that is large enough to have a noticeable affect other our magnetic field. The magnetic field directly affects the planet and one trickle down effect is increased quake activity.

You might wonder how all this happens. Well, hold on. I’m about to tell you. 

You have no doubt heard of sunspots. You’ve probably heard of Solar Flares too.

Sunspots are viewed in NSAS photos as dark spots on the Sun. They are dark because they are 2 million Kelvin cooler than the surface of the Sun or the photosphere.

A Coronal Mass Ejection is an eruption from a hot spot or solar flare on the photosphere. This eruption releases particles we call plasma. This release creates a force known as solar wind. This can all be seen with special coronagraphic tools used by NASA. The larger and more powerful the release of plasma, the stronger the effect in our magnetic field.

The most noticeable way for us to know when these storms hit our atmosphere is when we see the auroras and colors in the sky we call the “Northern Lights”. The reason these are seen only around the poles is because this is where our magnetosphere is most greatly affected. Most often the effects are limited to the upper atmosphere.

Not all CME’s hit us. Most don’t come close, or are not direct hits and therefore only glance our atmosphere. When they are direct and strong, scientists pay close attention. This is when the lower atmosphere can also be affected.

This is lower atmosphere hit can cause problems with electronic equipment and even affect human behavior. We have an internal electrical system after all. Just think about the heart and the brain.

I will stop now because if I go farther, this ends up being an apocalyptic post rather than as astrological one. (Maybe I already went too far?) but if you wish to learn more…..here are a few links for your edification.


http://www.swpc.noaa.gov/sites/default/files/images/u33/finalBoulderPresentation042611 (1).pdf

I hope you enjoy this last week of April. We are close to halfway through spring! Where has it gone?

I’m grateful for spell check because I’m not great at spelling.