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The past week has many of us have been celebrating Passover and Easter. A significant number has also been on spring break. I personally can’t remember ever celebrating spring break but I have enjoyed having time off from school in the past. I did have Friday off this week and used it to do chores. I’m feeling accomplished.

Astrologically, this coming week is brings us several energy shifts and changes. 

But first let’s take a deep breath and notice that Venus is now direct, as of April 15,2017. I hope you used the retrograde time to look over your relationships, finances and your self-esteem. Has your point of view about what you value changed? Do you see your own worth differently?

Whatever took place in your life since Venus’ retrograde on March 4, 2017, it is not time to move forward. Venus direct is asking us to move on from those situations that hold us in a patterns of hurt. If you experienced relationship difficulties during this retrograde, it is time to forgive yourself and the other person or persons. Realize there is no such thing as perfection and stop opening up those old wounds. The release you will feel is amazing. I am feeling so much better myself. 

I need to warn you that Venus is not finished with us just yet. Friday, she perfects the square aspect she has been moving toward for some time with Saturn. Saturn is somewhat stiff with his rules and regulations. He puts limits on us. The might could make it hard to get what we want. There could be some negativity that holds us back and some of our socializing might not turn out as well as we had hoped. This aspect can lead to us be more sensitive to rejection and cause us to seek some emotional distance.

This will also be a good time to avoid any new financial ventures. And, don’t forget that Mercury is retrograde and increases the prospects of this being an unfavorable time to start things. I would be sad if you created some sort of money pit for yourself. Things are often difficult enough without our pushing that envelope.

Now lest back track a bit to Sunday 4/16/2017.

Mars will be sextile to Chiron, the wounded healer. This aspect will stimulate our healing process as we attempt to recover from all the relationships issues that were brought on by Venus retrograde. Ths energy also creates the desire toward cooperation, to take positive action, teach, and defend or help not only ourselves but others as well. This is very good energy and I hope now that you know about it, you find positive ways to use it.

Venus conjunct Chiron on Sunday so this means that Mars will also sextile Venus. This energy with further assist with our relationship and personal healing and make us feel all warm and sexy. This energy also spreads positive energy on finances but with so much other energy against this, I would not give this too much thought, but it does leave the door open to possibility, and that is always a good thing.

This energy is also good for creating long-lasting relationships connections that are successful and prosperous. Our creativity might also be stimulated. Get those juices flowing and make something beautiful.

Monday, the Sun is trine Saturn. Feeling productive might be difficult but this is good energy for being able to stick to a task. Productivity is slow but sure. I feel as if this is my life these days, except some days I don’t feel like I have gotten much of anything done.

Side bar:  This is not Saturn’s fault or the Sun’s however, it is just the way things are now and I think it could have more to do with vibration of the Earth going up to around 35 MHz than the planetary aspects.

Monday Mars moves into and inconjunct aspect to Saturn. Try not to force a concern. This energy is going to be like a city bus….stop and go, stop and go. This could also create indecisive or fretful thoughts that can slow down our drive toward action. It’s all good so just ride this one out.

Tuesday the Sun is semi square Neptune. We tend to lose our focus and our center. This is a great day for creative projects and spiritual quests. With things so fuzzy now, avoid scheduling important meeting, operations or procedures, or beginning new projects. Sounds like a good day to meditate to me.

Wednesday we leave the Aries energy behind and move into the more earth and grounded energy of Taurus. Taurus is known for being stubborn too, little wonder this sign is represented by the bull. This sign is at is best when it is defending things. They also love feeling secure and take pride in their home and surroundings being comfortable retreats.     

While Taurus has a great deal of determination, loyal to friends and family, and loves things that last, the shadow side can stop us dead in our tracks. The dark side of Taurus in extremely possessive and stubborn like nothing else. This is why Taurus is known for being bull headed and sometimes acts like a bull in a china shop. This is not a pretty sight!

Thursday, retrograde Mercury conjuncts the Sun. This is a good time for solving person problems. We should also be cautious of what we say or write today too. Our communications are precise. For good or bad, and our words can have a huge impact on others. You might want to think longer and harder before saying what is on your mind or write that letter.

Saturn sure seems to be a big player this week and Friday is no exception. On this day Venus is square the old man. This can definitely put the kibosh on our social life and raise our sensitivity levels to rejection. Our self-esteem can really take a hit if we are not aware of what is going on.

This is not good time to take on new financial projects or investments. And remember that Mercury is retrograde and adding extra negative energy against these sorts of things. I would not like to see any of my friends end up dealing with nothing more than a big conduit for money.

Saturday, Mercury is trine Neptune. Neptune causes our thoughts to go more into daydream mode that into a place of clarity. This is a good day to stay home. Avoid contracts and big agreements. Technical details can be unclear too.

I thought I might not get this post finished today. Mercury seemed to be against me. My text editor froze up repeatedly and I lost part of this blog in early in the process. I didn’t allow my self to get in a twist however. I just tried other ways to do things, took my time, and finally it is complete. We have a few more weeks of this Mercury retrograde energy and it storm period. I hope you are able to ride it out and not let it frustrate you. 


I feel like this is going to be a very interesting week ahead. I am going to need to refer back to this info a few times this week. Wishing all of you safe travels and all the best life has to offer. Till next week……Peace!