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You don’t need me to tell you about the whacky weather. This winter has been one for the books and there are many connections to astrology. Many of the connections involve Uranus in some way since this is the planet that rules weather. But, the year began with Mars in Pisces.

Pisces rules water. Mars is action and getting things done. We just don’t think of a deluge as part of this action most of the time. These downpours on parts of the west coast, caused landslides and millions, even billions of dollars in damages. The following link gives you a better


The Phieffer Canyon bridge on Highway 1 in Big Sur collapsed in early February stranding about 400 residents and much of the tourist destinations there for the foreseeable future. Helicopters were used the first few weeks to get food and supplies to the people. Now I read that a four-hour footpath has been established to connect the two sides of Big Sur. Check out this links to read more about this bridge and to see the demolition of the damaged section.



Relationships have been front a center ever since Venus turned retrograde in early March. Jupiter was turned retrograde a month earlier. This past Thursday, Saturn turned retrograde and today, 4/9/2017, Mercury turns retrograde. Next week, Pluto joins these four planets in their backward trek through the cosmos.

Planets do not actually do backward. This is just our point of view from planet Earth. The energy does seem to shift during these times however and this shift is what we pay attention to in chart readings.

Retrogrades all cause us to go inward and look at things from a more personal perspective. Venus rules Taurus and Libra. Thes signs act as the lens through which we now view all things, Venus.

Venus retrograde, as I have mentioned in previous posts, is asking us to examine our relationships, what we view as important, as well as our relationships with money and finances, and how we work with them. Through Taurus and Libra, she also wants us to see where we are stubborn about these things and might need to find more balance.

Retrograde planets all ask us to look back, revisit, review, revisit things. They often bring us ghosts from our past. An old heartthrob might show up or we find ourselves looking through old family or school photos and reminiscing. This particular transit could be a bit more difficult than some because it involved both Aries and Pisces.

Venus has recently been retrograde in Aries which is quite direct and does not mess around with things. Aries wants us to deal with all these old relationships or finance issues now and move on. But last week Venus moved back into Pisces. This past week’s energy has probably felt a bit more gentle than the retrograde transit through Aries. This is a more introspective, dream-like, and creative energy.

This retrograde transit ends this coming Saturday 4/15/2017 and Venus will return to Aries on 4/29/2017. We will talk more about what that means when the time comes.

Again, this is where having a natal chart is helpful. The free website astro.com is a great place to generate a natal chart for yourself or someone else. I will post general instructions for generating a chart in the near future. First, we need to take a look at what this holds for us.

The week begins with a Full Moon in Libra. This will take place at 11:08 pm on Monday, April 10 EDT. Those that are sensitive to moon energy have probably been feeling it for a day or two. This is Moon is all about partnership and balance. It is about learning that your way is not the only way and while you might be pretty clear about what you want and how you think things should go, there is always another side to the coin.

At the risk of breaking my own rule about staying with the topical confines of astrology, I feel strongly about the other side of the coin being an important thing to remember in today’s divisive climate. If you know me, you know that I am always trying to find the peaceful, comfy spot so I can live and let live. Strong egos and narrow vision can make this challenging.

The past few months have been about letting go, clearing the clutter and setting our sights on the future and dreams big dreams. There for a while, I kept pulling an Angel Oracle card called “Clear Your Space”. Today, just for fun, I pulled a card and got “Prioritize”. The subtitle says: “ Archangel Metatron: Focus on your highest priorities. I will help you get organized and motivated.” Well, at least it wasn’t “Clear Your Space” for the gazillionth time.

The Full Moon in Libra is asking us to take a closer look at how you are serving others. This is a compassionate Moon. With so many planets retrograde, the focus is more on being compassionate with ourselves. This is the only way we can really know who we are and through knowing ourselves better, truly serve others and the greater good. Of course, there are those the don’t believe this sort of service is in their best interest but some do and therein lies, its own balance.

The Full Moon energy will affect us for the next two weeks but Mercury, which is stationing today to turn retrograde, will be affecting through May 13, 2017. This is when it will be completely out of its storm and back to full speed ahead.

Aries is a very physical and commanding sign. Mercury is the planet of communications. When Mercury is retrograde in Aries, things are far from energetic and demanding. They can be as stagnant as pond scum and slow as a snail. Frustrations and disappointments about as things we are expecting to happen and  never do or at least get delayed for longer than we would like.

This is really going to hit my Aries friends and those with strong aspects in Aries the most. This is going to be a difficult transit for these people. Please remember there is another side to the coin and remember to be kind to others. Our relationships with family, friends, and co-workers can go south fast if we aren’t careful. Please think long and hard before you speak.

And try not to judge other before you have all the data. Often there is more going on, or more people involved than just what we see in front of us.

The flip side of this energy is that this is a great time to make amends for past actions. Use this time to right the wrongs. Apologize and keep an open mind about the views of others. Our intuition is not very sharp under this energy and decision-making skills are on the low side now. Regardless, we can learn from others if we are open to.

The Sun is opposite Jupiter all week. This brings a conflicting idea about what we think we should and what we want to do. Some of us will splurge or indulge ourselves in things we know we should not. There is might also be a strong drive to take on more than we can handle. Or we could experience unexpected changes in a project we are working on.

Venus square Saturn all week and today it forms a Grand Trine with the Moon at the third apex. Venus square Saturn is challenging. We might feel like we need more than what we are able to acquire. Social situations can be awkward as our sensitivity comes against the stiffness and rejection that Saturn can bring. Remember that all this will be more inward now that both planets are in motion.

The emotional distance this aspect can cause will serve our inward reflections nicely. It will also be wise to avoid new financial dealings right now. If we don’t, we could just be throwing good money after bad.

The last aspect to talk about today is the Sun square Pluto. After today, however, these two planets will be moving away from each other but the square energy will be within orb and affect us all week. Power struggles or abuses or power could be a common theme. Pluto loves to go deep as I am mentioned many times in the past. This square aspect will push us to get to the heart of things within us.

Use this energy, along with all the retrograde energies to find the power that lies within. The Universe is asking us to get in touch with our deepest selves right now. It is time to stop manipulation others in order to advance our agenda. We might also find that it is time to trust others more and allow things to unfold in their own time.

I hope this info is useful to you as you go about your week. Don’t forget to be kind to all you meet.