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Yesterday I mentioned the earthquake activity seemed to be up and there was a great deal of energy hitting the Earth’s magnetic field.

Today according to, http://www.spaceweather.com/, the chance of earthquakes is indeed high.

The Sun had been unusually quiet for while but now seems to have awakened with a rumble. Sunspot AR2644 is no longer directly Earth facing but any CME’s that erupt from it could wield a glancing blow to our atmosphere.

There is also an asteroid passing us today at just one Luna Distance away.

Earlier today there was 6.5 earthquake in Botswana, a 5.3 in Panama, several other 5.+ quakes around the globe, including the usual activity around the “ Ring of Fire”.

My intention in sharing is not to cause fear. It is simply to inform and connect with yesterday’s Astrology post.

I will be watching all my quake and magnetic field apps this week with great interest.

Thanks for reading!