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Spring is so beautiful. The trees are just beginning to put on leaves and the Dogwoods are beginning to bloom. My azaleas, unlike the ones across the street mine, are toast, thanks to a deep freeze last month.

We have just crossed through the portal of the Spring Equinox. We are letting go of what no longer serves us, good or bad, right or wrong. We are making decisions on how we want to live our lives from this point on. The Universe is also assisting with this process. This helps us make shifts some of us are not even aware of. Shifts that are subtle and nearly undetectable. But not all the Universal energy goes unnoticed by everyone. Some people are quite sensitive and this past week might have felt dizzy or sick to our stomachs.

These symptoms are often crossed off as a virus or bug that might be going around but they can also be due to changes in the Earth’s magnetic field. We are directly connected to this field if you think about it. Some of us just more sensitive to it than others are.

If you are having trouble understanding this connection, think about the nervous system. We know that messages such as pain travel through our nerves pathways and to the brain. Once there, through a series of electrical and magnetic impulses that eventually let us know we are in pain.

One of the great inventions in recent decades was the invention of the MRI or magnetic resonance imaging. This machine uses a magnetic field and radio waves to make pictures of our internal organs. It could not work unless our bodies reacted to the magnetic field. You may have also have used magnets to ease pain some place in your body, or as part of a healing modality.

The reason I mention all this is because last week, while the Sunspot activity was low, there have been some things happening in the heavens that have affected our magnetic field. One of them is a comet that is close to the Big Dipper. And while Sunspot activity has been quite low lately, there is one large spot that is Earth facing right now and solar flare activity created a M4.4 class flare on April 1st.


Today, 4/2/2017, there was an M5 class flare. Besides causing some of the previously mentioned physical discomforts, more of this can be expected this week. Don’t rule out a headache, lethargy or sleep disturbances as symptoms either. If you are in an area where the Auroras are easily seen, look for some good ones around the middle of this week.

There seems to be an increase in earthquake activity and magnitude in the past week or so. I am noticing a higher number of quakes above the 5.0 magitude mark than I did a month or more ago. This could have been in part due to the stellium we just had in Aries. Mercury has now moved into Taurus so that lessens the Aries energy influnece just a bit even though it will be short lived.

Speaking of Mercury, it is that time again. Mercury is slowing down and entering his storm period this Tuesday. This storm period will last for only five days but remember to treat it just as you would a full on retrograde period. Don’t start new things this week. Write down your nes ideas and save them till after Mercury in out of storm on the back side of this retrograde.

Things will start moving again on May 12, 2017. So, just chill out till then and review things in your life. This will be the most productive way to use these next six weeks. However, we all know that life happens and if we find we must divec in head first into something, say buy a new computer or whatever, then we will need to us extra care in our choice and read and re-read all the details and specifications to be sure it is what we need and want.

Currently there are three planets that are in retrograde motion. Venus is one of them. I’ve said more that once that this is a good time to review within ourselves. This is not the best time to get married or begin new relationships with others.

Venus is traveling back into Pisces today, 4/2/2017. This is love seen in techicolor. It is sensitive and warm, forgiving and compassionate. It is also illusive to some extent and there can be a feeling that something is just out of our reach. It feels a bit like an itch we can’t reach. This is not the most focused time for Venus. Being in Pisces and retrograde make this a difficult time for matters of the heart. Use this time to go inside and examine how you relate to others and to yourself.

The shadow side is feeling like a victim or somehow deceived. Don’t allow the fog that Neptune casts on this get the best of you. This backward transit into Pisces will be over 4/28/2017. At this point she moves back into Aries where love is normally natural and straightforward. All in all, the best way to used this Venus retrograde is by focusing on the role we played in the detriment or successes of past relationships, and how we can make changes to improve future ones. I never said it would be easy.

Mars, the action guy, has close to three weeks remaining in his transit of Taurus. Here he acts a bit like he is stuck in the mud and can really dig his heels in. In Taurus Mars is more interested in passively hanging out but can get pretty fisty if he needs to defend something. Mars in Taurus is mostly interested in his long term happiness and will go about the task of reaching these goals with patience. Taurus a stubborn, well anchored, fixed earth sign.

Other aspects this week:

Tuesday Venus is inconjunct Jupiter. This energy can lead us to over extend ourselves. Saying “no” is difficult to do sometimes but today might call for a lot of saying “no”. Saying “yes” could cause us to tip the scales out of balance and become over extended, out of step, and not in touch with our natural intuition.

Wednesday,  this aspect should help us stay on task. Pluto loves to get to the nitty gritty of things and get rid of what no longer works. This aspect will prepare us for revisiting or reworking out projects as Mercury enters his storm and turns retrograde.

Friday the Sun opposes Jupiter. Frustrations can arrise around what we want to do and what we think we should be doing. Jupiter, the great benific is always trying to bring us more. I this case it could be too much self indulgence. This can be in almost any area of our lives from eating to excess spending on things we really don’t need. Or do we? The possitive side of this is that we want to learn more. I can go for that but I already have more learning on my plate than I can digest right now.I might need to work extra hard to stay in balance.

The positive side of this is that we want to learn more. I can go for that but I already have more learning on my plate than I can digest right now.I might need to work extra hard to stay in balance.

Saturday, Venus squares Saturn. When Saturn is involved in anything, this is about authority. In this case, Venus who loves beauty, money, and love, might not be getting what she wants. Don’t forget that she is retrograde too her energy is turned inward right now. This combined energy is probably going to cause some additional strain on relationships.

I would not be surprised if some feel increased emotional distance in a relationship. Don’t forget that the word relationship includes, neighbors, friends, co-workers, or anyone we come in contact with. This is not the best day to socialize or take on any new finacial burdens. Do your best to be kind and put your best self out there. Don’t allow the sternness of Saturn rule the day with attitude.

Lastly, on Saturday, the Sun squares Pluto. This energy is probably going to be most felt in the form of impatience. As I have said before, Pluto loves to get to the root of things. He digs deep but we want things the way we want things. I am sure we are all aware of the conflicts that can happen when someone doesn’t do things the way we think they should or do them the way we do them.

People in power can take other for granted under this aspect. At the same time, those in subordinate roles may be stuborn as heck. This is definitely a good time to chill out; a nearly impossible task for some of us. But if these people don’t heed this call to chill, their impatience could server to make matters worse.

This will be a good time to examine who you are rather than what is going on with anyone else. You can’t fix others anyway, they have to do that themselves. In the long run you may discover you are more powerful that you imagined.

Wishing everyone a productive, wonderful week ahead. Be kind, smile at everyone you meet and enjoy life.