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Spring is officially here according to the calendar and folks are wondering if there will be another cold snap before April 15th. That is a frost date for North Carolina. I am going to say the chances are 75% in favor of one. Who knows? All I know is that the pollen count has been around 11 out of a possible 12 all this past week. Oak, Maple, and Junipers are blooming. I’m going to be glad when this part is over. I have all of these trees in abundance in my yard and my neighborhood.

This coming Monday is the first New Moon of the Astrological new year. This one, of course, falls in the fiery sign of Pisces. New Moons are always a time of new beginnings but this one is more potent than usual because it carries the New Year energy along with it. I know I have been talking about letting go for a while now. It certainly seems to be the major activity of the past decade, but this New Moon is asking us to go even deeper and do more letting go.

Now is the time to move on from what has been holding you back. Another way to put this is to call it an upgrade. Yes! Time to upgrade your life and release all those things that no longer serve you or assist you in your purpose in this lifetime. Whatever you hold on to, will only delay your progress forward, your evolution, awakening, ascension. Letting go is a valuable act in our shift of consciousness.

Use the early part of the week to think about where you want to go and what you want to do. Set new intentions. The next two weeks are the best time this year to begin something new. Pamper and Make the most of the fresh start the Universe is offering us with the New Moon.

But let’s go back to today. As I have mentioned in recent weeks, we have been under the influence of a Grand Trine formed by Uranus, Pluto, and Jupiter. If you add in the asteroid Vesta, this trine becomes a Grand Cross. Either way, this formation peaks today and is increased with the addition of Mercury’s conjunction with Uranus. Yep…let’s add some interest to things!

Expect to have some dazzling thoughts today. Also high on the list of expectations is intuition. Listen to your gut today. You might be glad you did.

Monday the New Moon will conjunct the retrograde Venus. This union increases the energy around the work we are doing in our relationships. I have definitely been using this energy to peel back some layers in my onion. I just need to keep in mind that there are more and I am not yet done with my personal growth and evolution. I would be dead if I was.

A cradle formation that began on 3/14, will peak on Monday. This is made up of asteroids and I don’t usually talk much about these bodies simply because I am not yet very knowledgeable about them. But this cradle formation is interesting to me. It involves the asteroids Ceres, Vesta, Juno, and the outer-most planets Neptune, and Pluto.

These three asteroids, all represent goddesses and this cradle is especially important when working with our female energy. This cradle energy is asking us to look at how we see ourselves in the world and to examine our value and self-worth. Are you strong in your place and who you are? Or is your sense of value colored by feelings of fear, or what looked through this lens at one time or another. Some of us have learned from this examination and other have become frozen in time, unable to move forward.

The ones that have moved on are the one’s that know they are totally worthy of just because they were born. The rest of us might still have some work to do in this area and this is what this cradle is for. It is a comfort zone of examination and healing. This is also a place to work on our intentions so we can manifest things that serve our higher good.

This cradle is also good for nurturing creativity. I did say Neptune was involved didn’t I? Whether you dance, sing, do yoga, paint, draw, or just color, this cradle is providing many ways to heal old wounds if we just open ourselves to it. The cradle ends on 4/4/2017.

Now to get really confusing, there is another cradle forming Tuesday. This one involves Mars, Ceres, Vesta, Chiron and Pluto. Anytime I see Chiron in the mix is makes me bristle a little bit. It is that wounded healer energy that gets me everytime.

This 2nd cradle is also about healing and changing. Use it to continue some of the same work you began with the previous cradle in addition to transforming how you serve the greater good. Pluto’s influence in this formation is sure to help tear down of barriers that may have kept us from transforming previoulsy.

Other major aspects this week are Mercury conjunct Uranus on Monday. This combo is one of our mental giants and full of intellectual concepts. Intuition is nearly laser sharp. But there is also an aspect of impatience and spontenaity that can cause us to seem scattered. The flip side is that our thoughts are interesting, progressive, and often one of a kind.

Tuesday Mars will sextile Neptune. It seems this week is really going to deal a lot with out intuition. But let us not forget that Mars is the planet of action. He will be adding inspiration to our week. Just in time to get us moving on our spring projects no doubt. Neptune will make probably take this action energy to a higher creative level. Why not grab the camera, pen, pencil and paper, crayons, or what ever form of creative expression you desire and express some of your inner creativity. There is no anger or bad feelings in the aspect, or not much anyway so enjoy this creative burst.

This week is heavy with aspect in the first couple of days. The last one to mention is again on Tuesday when Mars is aspecting Saturn. This energy wants to solve the problems. It could cause some resistance also. If you find that your efforts are blocked in some way, this aspect might be the culprit. Don’t waste your effort but will feel like it takes more than it should to finish your chores.

As I complete this week’s post, a light rain is falling. I am grateful! More is on the way in the next few days according to the predictions right now. I can hardly wait!

I know there have been some pockets of severe weather in the midwest, deep south and elsewhere. I am hoping all of you are safe and continue to be safe this week and this year. Thanks for reading and extra big thanks to those that reblog this post. You make me smile.