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Folks have been talking about spring coming for weeks now. Many places in the country have seen spring-like temperatures off and on for what seems like most of the winter. This week, however, we can actually say that Spring is here! Officially, it arrives tomorrow, 3/20/2017. Keep in mind that this does not mean we won’t still have a hard frost or two but I doubt it will be anything like last week’s 22 degree hard frost that froze the peach and strawberry crops, along with my pretty azaleas.

Regardless of what you or I believe about climate change, there is no doubt that weather patterns are changing. One theory is that there is an outside influence from the cosmos that is causing the core of the Earth to heat up and thus change the climate. The Hubble telescope has given evidence to support this theory or at least cause some head serious scratching among scientist. Photos show the famous, massive red spot on the Jupiter is getting smaller and becoming more round than elliptical.

The ice cap in Mars is also showing evidence of melting. No one knows why these things are happening. As far as we know, greenhouse gasses can not be blamed for the changes on these planets like it is on Earth. I feel sure this topic will be debated for years to come, especially if money can be made on it.

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The coming of Spring is the astrological version of the New Year. Not only will Monday herald the beginning of Spring, it is also the day the Sun enters Aries where it joins Venus, Mercury, and Uranus to form a stellium in this cardinal sign and fire sign of Aries. A stellium in when there are more than three planets in a sign. Needless to say, this will bring quite a lot of Aries flavored planetary energy to us over the next month. This stellium will also trigger the of cardinal signs.

Cardinal signs are the signs at the beginning of the seasons; Aries, Cancer, Libra, and Capricorn. They are initiators and get things going but sometimes are not so good at seeing things to the completion. People born in cardinal signs are often movers and shakers unless they choose to live in the shadow side if their Sun sign.

This stellium is going to be interesting. Aries is red hot, impulsive, and ready for action. The more explosive the better sometimes. Aries prefers the short – cut to the tried and true way of doing things. He represents our youthful impatience and the idea that nothing can stop us. Add some Uranus quick change, rebellion, and freedom loving to this and you can almost smell the gun powder in the air as things begin to explode. I am going to keep my eye on earthquakes around the world.


Venus retrograde is taking us inside to do some work on relationships and ourselves. You know how difficult these things can be to deal with don’t you? And Mercury in the mix is sure to have us expressing outrage in one way or another. As someone who had rather avoid conflict, I think I may stick my head in the sand this month. Things are probably going to be very unpredictable during this transit.

The good news is that this is a good sign for the Sun. Both the Sun and Aries represent us, or our ego. Aries, a fire sign, rules the first house. The first house is where we present ourselves to the world and make that first impression. The fire aspect lends passion, energy, and power to all that it influences. All in all this stellium leaves a lot to uncertainty. If you are like me and try not to hurt others in words or deed, this transit will require a great deal of patience and extra meditation time.

The Moon is also in a fire sign on Monday. The Moon represents our emotions. The Moon’s transit through Sagittarius could lead us to some risk taking. It could also bring about a desire for new adventures too. What do you have in mind? A new project? A road trip? Just don’t look for a new relationship right now. Wait until Venus turns direct in mid-April before you consider that.

You know I usually avoid speaking of politics but this time I want to say one thing. All this fire could cause some sparks that become fires in the political arena. This is certainly not limited to things in this country either.

Thursday Mercury squares Pluto. For those of us that are adept at reading between the lines, this aspect can color this ability with a negatively. This negative point of view could cause some to be suspicious, or exaggerate things. Don’t forget about Mercury’s connection to all things mental. This could be a time of mental stress or a time when we feel the need to force our ideas onto others. I seem to say this next thing quite often, but relax and take a deep breath. Resist the impulse to be compulsive and do your best to allow things to unfold as they will. In other words, keep an open mind.

Friday Mars is semi-square Chiron. Don’t take things personally today. This is a transit that can causes problems when it comes to directly expressing our emotions, our anger, or what we really want.

Friday also brings us an opposition between Mercury and Jupiter. This is part of that Grand Cross we have been talking about for weeks now. Jupiter loves to expand things, make them bigger, and hopefully better. When he is in opposition to another planet, this is not always the case.

Mercury is where our communications lie. When he is opposing Jupiter, things can turn into a big fish tale really fast. Exaggeration and overestimating are common traits. Metal clarity might not be our strong suit right now. We might miss some details too so you want to be extra careful if there is something that really needs the details right.

Saturday, Venus makes a connection with the Sun. This conjunction asks us to seek balance in our relationships. Many of us have been examining our relationships for a while now. It has been a roller-coaster period for many and relationships has changed or ended for many. This balance could an important part of the healing process in some cases. The characteristics of this conjunction are increased appeal and diplomacy.

Even though Venus is retrograde and romance is on hold, this is one day that is good for being social and romantic. Don’t get too carried away, however. It is just one day after all. Venus also disappears from the sky today for about 10 days. After this time she will return to view as the morning star.

Happy Spring everyone! I hope your week is sunny and bright!

Be safe, until next week. . .