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Photo courtesy of Angela Moore, Marion, NC

Tonight is the full moon. Spring Equinox is just two weeks away. Yesterday was a typical March day as the Lion roared loudly and winds blew over 60 mph in some places and 30+ mph elsewhere. We’ve changed out clocks back to daylight savings time and there were snow flurries here and there as a cold front moves in for the week. The weather this year has swung like a pendulum.

The last New Moon got us moving toward letting go of anything that no longer serves us. The Angel card that speaks to clearing clutter still comes up for me. The other day I pulled one card and it was that one. I don’t think I am physically clearing as fast or as deeply as the Universe wants me to. On the inner level however, I am clearing out lots and loving my new perspective.

There is a lot going on with and around this Full Moon. Venus is stationary retrograde. We are at the very beginning of 40 days or so of relationship review. For those of you who are personally experiencing troubles, I am sorry, but know that this will ultimately be for your best and highest good. Take those lemons and make some lemon aide.

You will get some help from Uranus trine the Moon. Your ability to think outside the box will be greater and this could help you see beyond your hurt and help you transform it and create something positive.

The same time the Moon is full, a Grand trine forms with Saturn at the focal point. Saturn is real-world energy. He is head of the department of rules and regulations. With Saturn as the focal point of the Grand Trine he is causing us to take a close look at the dreams we started this Pisces month with. It is time to let go of the typical Pisces illusion and see things as they are. For some, this will be very difficult to do. We need to be present as much as we need creative inspiration. This conflict could also cause more crazy than usual too.

I hope the skies are clear where you are and that you have a chance to see it tonight. I have certainly enjoyed the perfect angle of its rising that allows it to come shining through my window the past few nights. It is not a super moon but it is big and bright. Tonight it should be spectacular.

Other than this Full Moon, the week is cosmically fairly quiet. Monday, Mercury leaves Pisces for a move through Aries. Mercury is about communicating and travel. This transit will help us say what we mean and get our point across and make decisions. Many will find they are less interested in an objective point of view. However, it could be important to hear those objective views. You might need the difference in perspective to help you come to the best decision. Try not to give in the Aries ego.

Mercury energy is always affecting our communications. Mercury transiting Aries will be good energy for stimulating new ideas. Aries adds boldness to our communicating and we tend to be assertive. The shadow side of this transit is that sometimes we might become too bold and direct. This can cause hurt feelings, which I am sure is something we all want to avoid.

Venus is stationary retrograde at the moment. Please refer back to last week’s post to learn more about this. Remember that retrogrades tend to take our focus more inward and this one is no exception.

Mars has just entered Taurus yesterday, 3/11/2017. Taurus is one of the more stubborn signs and this transit definitely has its stubborn streak with a side of resolution and passivity. This is in direct contrast to the planet’s transit of Aries when it was quite impulsive. During this transit, Mars is more interested in the long-term contentment.

Tuesday the Sun conjuncts Chiron. Our confidence could get a boost as we feel a strong sense of what our life purpose is. On the flip side, some sort of life lesson could help us see where our fears are holding us back. (Isn’t there always something?)

This is just another thing to help move us along in our evolution. Change and growth are good things. It is how we greet them that determines the level of difficulty this causes. Don’t stress. Take a few deep breaths, relax and be grateful for what this is showing you.

Friday is St. Patrick’s Day. This might feel a bit more serious than usual thanks to a square aspect between the Sun and good ole, serious Saturn. The best part is that both the Sun and Saturn as in easy going signs. All celebrations should flow nicely without being too rowdy.

These days this holiday make me think of 10 years back when I had a spirit leprechaun. His name was Jimmy and he wore overalls and a yellow plaid shirt. Not the usual leprechaun attire I know. Jimmy stayed with me for about a year and a half. He loved to make things fall from shelves, hide things, ride standing up in the passenger seat of my car. I wish he was still around but I am sure he moved on to where he was needed more. 

Saturday Mercury and Venus meet up in Aries. Use this day to review relationships in your past. Glorious or not, this conjunction will shine a favorable light on this for us. This is a good day for social events. Let those good manners shine as you socialize and thank this conjunction for its help.

I see this as one more way the Universe is guiding us to grow, evolve, and awaken to who we really are.

That is all I have for this week. Enjoy the Full Moon and stay warm this week, where ever you are.