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Photo courtesy of Ceri Booth, Winston-Salem, NC

Welcome to another week! What a lovely week last week was here. Daffodils are in full bloom and trees are beginning to pop. This has definitely been a warm winter. Summer could be very buggy. But first, we have a lot of letting go to do, both personally and collectively.

This is eclipse season. There was a powerful lunar eclipse two weeks ago and today we have a powerful Solar eclipse. This one will not be seen anywhere near the US but here is a link to its path.


We are definitely living in interesting times. Each person has his or her own idea of what their rights and freedoms should be, Many of us, often think everyone should feel and believe as we do. Lately is seems clear our various points of view are more polarized and this has created a great deal of chaos. It is all good and part of human evolution. Perhaps even, part of a greater cycle of the Universe. None of this is pretty or easy to go through. Right or wrong, good or bad, it is what has to happen so we can evolve to where we are supposed to be. We are such a stubborn lot or species and have resisted this evolution for a very long time.

Eclipses bring in lots of transformative energy. They affect our planet’s electromagnetic field. Our brains and hearts respond to electromagnetics, as are birds, cetaceans and, the earth itself. If you are sensitive to energy, you are aware of these effects. If you don’t feel it, trust me, you are affected whether you know it or not.

Perhaps the most interesting aspect of an eclipse to me is, how long their effects last. They are easily felt for six months and even a year. They make way for us to enter a higher vibrational level as well continue our path the to a new dimension. Take a look at last week and notice this coming week if there are any emotional changes that you may not be able to explain easily. Does your mind seem to be going at full tilt boogie? How about your emotions? Are they all over the place? All these are signs of today’s eclipse energy.

I am sure by now that you know the New Moon is the time to begin new things. First, we must make room for the new by clearing out the old stuff. When you add eclipse (Pisces) energy, it is time let go of old emotional hurts and wounds from the past. I am seeing this take place in the lives of a few friends as well as my own. It is ALL GOOD! . . . . Painful at times, but good. One thing I am learning is not to allow any feelings of guilt rule me. My guilt is not really me. It is my ancestors talking to me. It is old, outdated, ways of being that no longer serve me or us collectively today. It is time to LET THEM GO! ! ! Allow this to awaken your spirit.

The Sun is Pisces now and very close to a perfect conjunction with Neptune. The exact conjunction will take place Wednesday, March 1, 2017. Mercury will be just five degrees away. Neptune is spiritual awakening energy. It is also creativity, dreams, and fantasy. If you don’t already write down your dreams, this would be a good time to begin that ritual or at least examine the dreams you have this week.

The Sun being so close to Neptune and the other characteristics I mentioned regarding the eclipse, increase the possibility of substance abuse, playing the victim, and a desire to take flight. Of course, as I always say, this is going to felt more by those who’s natal charts are triggered by these transits.

Sunday gives us a conjunction with Mars and Uranus. This spells restlessness, impulsiveness, and dare devilish behavior. Sounds like an accident looking for a place to happen in some ways. There can also be some fast changes in a work related plan or schedule. Some of us might have a need to change something else in our daily life; perhaps a goal.

Also on Sunday, Mars brings us energy that is fearless, even cocky. Uranus is inventive and forward thinking. Together this means is energy is willing to try out new things and step out into new territory or try new things. As long as we are moving and hopefully in the forward direct, we will make the most of this. Undesirable things could happen if we fail to allow things to flow.

Monday Mars faces off with Jupiter. Since Jupiter is retrograde, this will have a more personal effect than it will collectively. Know your limitations. You might bite off more than you can chew. Differences in viewpoints can cause problems and you want to pay extra attention to the details so something important doesn’t fall through the cracks.

The second aspect on Monday is Mercury semi-square Pluto. This one will help us with all the letting go I’ve been talking about and will help us see what it really at the core of things. I love how Pluto digs deep. This can be painful at times but if we are ever going to awaken, evolve and be the humans we are meant to be, we must endure the discomfort. Mercury makes mental stress the most likely way we feel this. Know when to take a mental break.

Wednesday brings more Mercury/mental influences. Oh boy! Mercury will semi-square Uranus and cause some foolish, scattered thinking. That brilliant idea you came up with might not be as well-received as you had hoped. Communications could suffer too.

Mercury will sesqui-quardate Jupiter. Lots of Mercury action this week isn’t there? Another reason to attention to the details and take breaks so you don’t become overburdened mentally. You could hear more that on ”big fish tale” today too.

I have already more or less covered the Sun conjunct Neptune above in the eclipse info. But to continue, it will be a good idea to keep an eye on what is real and not forget the fantasy characteristics of Neptune.

Friday our good buddy of the week, Mercury, will semi-square Mars. This one might be looking for an argument. This is huge fire energy and these two are pushing us to get things done. Tempers could be hot too so watch out for the other guy of gal that didn’t get much sleep or is under the gun in some way. If someone interrupts you in mid-speech, please try not to take his head off. This goes both ways. You could be the one to interrupt. With all this conflict in the air, I think it is a good thing it’s FRIDAY! ! !

Saturday there are two things to take note of. First is Venus stationing retrograde. I hope no one has a wedding planned in the next 40 days. This is not the best time to marry in general. However, if there is an old romance that you are having difficulty letting go of or resolving in some way, this energy could be what you need. Clear out. Let he, she, it go, and move on! It is just time to.

Last, thing for the week is Mercury conjunct Neptune. This transit is full of creative and intuitive energy. Hope you have a project in mind that can benefit from it. Neptune is probably going to cause some distortion in our mental processes but out insights into things might make up for it. It is not a good day to sign contracts either. Good thing it is Saturday, huh?

Enjoy the day-dreams today. Facts are not our strong suit today as they most resemble the “alternative” variety than actual fact. This will not be a great day for serious communications of any sort. Putting out thought down or even speaking them can be clouded, confusing, or undefined.

I just got a message from a good friend and she is really feeling this eclipse energy. It’s all good. Very healing on several levels. I hope it will ultimately do similar things for all of us. Till next week, I wish you all the good things.

Remember, we all just want to be heard and loved.