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This week is sure full of aspects. Today brings us Mars square Pluto.  Anytime Pluto is involved things can get interesting as he uncovers stuff and lets the secrets out.  Mars can be a bring out the bully and stimulate the desire to control. Both of these planets are strong and this aspect can show up in power struggles of all sorts. Do your best to roll with it all. Don’t try to control things. Instead, allow them to unfold on their own.  The results will be more to your liking if you take your hands off.

If there are working on deep personal issues, this energy is most helpful. I am loving this energy because it is giving me clearer vision around my own stuff.

On a different note, this energy is very passionate. Maybe this is a good time to re-visit Valentine ’s Day? Sexual energy is high.  Just be smart about it.

Thursday, Mercury is sextile Saturn. Rules, regulations  and authority working are with communications.  Use this energy to work on those project details s and get ready for the next one.  This energy is practical and can if we work smart. Thankfully this is what Saturn is all about. What we do this weekend will help bring us great rewards in the future.

This same day Mercury semi-squares Venus. Be aware that social, personal and romantic communications could be difficult, to say the least.  If you put some effort into it, exercise some patience and use good manners, you should have no problems.  The shadow side of this aspect is ADD brain or a mind that wanders. Some of us could feel a bit ultra-sensitive and a bit on the dramatic side.

Saturday the Sun semi-squares Uranus.  This one can make you want to get up and get moving. Problem is, where do we want to go? Take some time to plan things out so you don’t make a wrong turn anywhere. This will probably be me, as I go out of town for the evening Saturday. Anytime Uranus is in the picture plans can change. For many, change of any sort is difficult.


The last aspect I will mention this is also on Saturday when the Sun is sesquiquadrate Jupiter. Expansive Jupiter will cause us to feel a bit impatient. There is also a thread of unhappiness.  This energy reminds me of the fisherman’s exaggerated story about how big that fish really was. Being wasteful is another possibility. Don’t let your champagne tastes override your beer pocketbook, and don’t give into your eyes being bigger than your stomach. This last one has me written all over it, but I am getting better……really I am.


I am sorry this week’s post was so fragmented. Every time I think about shutting down this blog I think of weeks like this when there is so much going on in the sky.

I am recalling an interview I heard some years back where the astrologer was talking about aspects we are seeing now and even father out to the 2020’s. I clearly remember this person was saying that the aspects that we are seeing now were more difficult than we had been used to. No doubt there is a lot going on. I appreciate your taking this ride with me.