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Sunday’s post got long even without the days of the week so I decided to post the days of the week later. Computer glitches caused more delays and I could not get the full week finished last night. There will be more info later this evening so watch for that. 

The Sun has moved into Pisces now. Our out of the box thinking will be giving way to a more unselfish mindset. Our feelings and the desire to be more creative will motivate us. Pisces energy is also about dreams and fantasy. But the shadow side is avoidance, substance abuse, and addiction. This energy does not care as much about making things happen as it does allow things to unfold as they will. . . Que Doris Day . . .http://bit.ly/2grGCNR


The Sun will remain in Pisces until March 20, 2016.


Mercury is also in Pisces. This placement is helping us to think more visually, have more imagination, and be more intuitive. Pay attention to your intuition especially until Mercury exits Pisces on March 13.

Mars is all comfortably nestled in Aries.  For another couple of weeks. Aires is his home sign so he is strong here and helping us to be more impulsive while also working with our intuitive energy generated by Pisces. The shadow side of this placement is arrogance, self centeredness, impulsivity, thoughtlessness.

Venus is also in Aries. She will have a long tour here but it will be split up some when she retrogrades. We will talk about this more when this happens. For now,  Aries love is spontaneous! Cha, cha, cha! This energy allows us to be more daring and brave when we are on the hunt.

Venus in Aries only has its eye on what is ahead and won’t look back for a minute. If things become stale and this Aries becomes unhappy, she won’t mince words. She will simply state her case and move on. Her intention is never to cause hurt feelings but there is sometimes, of course, there is collateral damage. This Venus is more interested in the chase anyway.

Today we had Mercury sextile Uranus. If you had meetings or some sort of group event or gathering today, it should have gone pretty well for you, especially if there was some technology involved. Perhaps you noticed some good, creative, and original ideas that seemed to come from nowhere. Or perhaps you were able to view things with a new perspective.


Tuesday is a big day this week, loaded with aspects.


Tuesday the Sun semi-squares Mars. This is part of the Grand Cross I talked about yesterday. This particular aspect could lead to some conflicts and can be a bit aggressive but that is typical Mars isn’t it? This energy, when used creatively, can help us get a great deal accomplished. On the shadow side is restlessness  and impulsivity that can lead to unnecessary disagreements.

Next up for Tuesday Mercury trines Jupiter. Optimistic thoughts, perceptiveness, co-operation, and everyday things come with this aspect. This is also good energy for short trips and the written word. Why not put pen to paper and write down your thoughts? This will also be a good day to study, take a day trip, or for teaching. Observations will be more acute today and opinions accurate.

The Sun squares Pluto Tuesday. (Told you it was a full day.) Manipulating for control of our environment is the order of the day. In the process, we could discover assets we never knew we had. When this happens to you, remember to be grateful for all the things that get in your way and cause frustrations. They are our teachers.