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The Lunar eclipse seems to have set off some interesting energy. At least I hope that is what is going on. Now we are moving toward a solar eclipse that will take place next Sunday.  Eclipses always come in pairs, even triples, and their energy technically lasts for a year. However, in six months a new eclipse season comes in to adds its energy to the mix for the year. Therefore some astrologers will say that eclipse energy last six months while others say it lasts a year. Confused yet?

I am constantly amazed and intrigued by the complexity of astrology and the many ways to study it. The List below should give you a better idea of what I mean.

1.   Vocational astrology that helps people find a career that is best suited for them.

2.   Mundane astrology studies events concerning countries and the world. For instance, this is the word that describes the study of the chart of the US.

3.   Medical astrology is ancient. This form of study helps us understand what could be causing an illness, a good time to schedule an operation or procedure, even ways to prevent illness.

4.   Relocation charts can help one find a good place to move to or determine is a chosen location is a good choice.

5.   Financial astrology helps with knowing when to invest or pull money.

6.   Relationship astrology is a popular one. When two charts are compared, the quality of the relationship between the two people can be viewed.

7.   Vedic or Indian astrology, and Chinese astrology as other cultural forms of astrology.

8.   Specialties vary too and include, asteroids, Lunar effects, and movement, planetary returns, midpoints or nodes and the ascendant and mid-heaven.

9.   Some astrologer’s include and spiritual or esoteric view of the planets.


I am sure there are more. Question is, what category do I fall into. Perhaps a combo of many of them because I find them all to be so interesting.

The past couple of weeks, I have been most interested in the formations forms by the planetary aspects. Two weeks ago there was a mystic rectangle and a Grand trine on top of each other. The combination formed an envelope. This past week a Grand Cross formed that will last for three weeks. The coming week keeps bringing us interesting formations. Lets begin by discussing the Grand Cross.

This formation involves the asteroid Vesta which is now considered a proto-planet, or a cosmic body that is becoming a planet. Well……Ok. (File this away for later).

A Grand Cross or Grand Square is when four planets are square to each other and actually form a square in the sky. I this case we have Vesta holding down one corner, with Jupiter, Uranus, and Pluto holding down the other three corners.

Now along comes Mars who will is joining up with Uranus to hold down that corner. This whole formation comes to a crescendo this Friday, Feb. 24, 2017. But wait! There is more, as the guy on TV used to say.

The Grand Cross, minus Mars, actually formed back on January 19. And it lasts until April 20. Asteroids are not as popular as the planets and add to the complexity of astrology so not many astrologers have talked about the Grand Cross but they have talked about the T- square which leaves Vesta out altogether. I am pleased to see Asteroidology slowly catching on.

So let’s look at Vesta.

Vesta, recently categorized as a baby planet, is the daughter of our planetary father, Saturn. She is where we get the term, ‘vestal virgin’. Known as the goddess of the hearth, Vesta and rules Virgo and Scorpio. Her location in your chart will show you where your home is, or “where your home fires burn”.

You might be asking what Vesta has to do with this Grand Cross. She has a lot to do with it. The Jupiter, Uranus, Pluto T-square is already one of the strongest influences of 2016-2017. As you probably know already, the Uranus/Pluto square is fading and will we will be done with it in 2018 when Uranus leaves Aries. Jupiter is however, giving this aspect and shot in the arm and expanding what energy is had left to bestow on us. This is sort of like the last hurrah for big rebellion, revolution, chaos, fast change, extreme weather, and political upsets.

We need to remember that astrological energy does not shift with great speed. The energy transitions in and out like ripples on water. The ripples can turn into big waves, but coming in and going out is usually not so volatile.

Vesta helps us sharpen our senses and our skills. She trains us for completion. After we reach a level that is beneficial to others, then we can move on to our next cause. This is usually a cause that both serves others and makes us feel happily fulfilled. She is helping us get ready for what comes after the Grand Square.

Mars joined in this action on Valentine’s Day. His energy is like Aries energy so he is making it easier to keep your enthusiasm and momentum at a higher level. He is going to help us stand in our power and fight the good fight.

One thing you will need to watch out for is how much risk you take. Be careful and think things through. Too many of us tend to “go off half-cocked” and this is a time we really need to be more intentional so can avoid accidents.

There is a whole lot of erotic energy with this too. Mars, Aires, Pluto, Jupiter, and Vesta are all associated with sexual energy no regardless of your style. Whether you like it vanilla, kinky, or tantric, think before you leap into a sexual mistake. This Grand Cross can get things really hot and bothered.

This post is running long so I won’t post the rest of the week now. But I do want to say this week has the potential for very strong weather in some places. This only increases as we get closer to the solar eclipse next Sunday. I noticed earlier today that there is a large coronal hole in the sun that goes all the way across it and looks a bit like a jack-o-lantern’s smile. This is sure to produce some nice colors in the northern sky this week.