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Friday’s Full Moon was beautiful. Now, this week, we are winding down or completing the four week cycle of the Moon. Anne Oretlee says “eclipses echo back in 19 year increments”. This would mean that we can go back and look at February 1998, farther back to February of 1978 and even further to 1960 to see what was going on in your life then. Where did Friday’s eclipse hit your chart?

For me, it hit my tenth house of work. I hope this does not mean that I will be losing work but rather gain some. I’m not ready to retire just yet but when I look back to 1998, I have just taken a new job as a nanny. That job would change me in ways I would never have expected too.

Going back to 1979, I find another big shift in my work life. I was barely 25 and working in the social services office of community action program. I was involved with a guy and his family that would provide me with a variety of work experiences far different from the CAP job or anything else I would ever experience. It was all good, nothing shady. They taught me a great deal about life and people, and are certainly some years that stand out among the rest.

The eclipse also hits my fourth house of home and family. And guess what? I went home two days before the eclipse to visit my mother. Yes! Lots of home and family stuff there.

She is trying to purge her home of unneeded things and also make room for a washer and dryer that will be installed in the closet of my childhood bedroom so she will no longer have to go up and down the basement steps. My strong, beautiful mother is no longer steady on her feet and no longer has the energy to do very much.

Big changes. Mom always sends me away with “things”. One thing I came away this time was my Barbie doll, circa? ? ?


Coincidences? Maybe, but I don’t believe in them myself. The question now is, what story is this eclipse winding up for you? You might want to get a reading from a good astrologer and ask them.

This week brings Valentines and a change of sign for the Sun. For some Valentine’s day can be a difficult time just like the rest of the winter holidays. Those that are single or separated from those they love often feel sad, even depressed. I am happy to see more each year about celebrating you as a person on Valentine’s day. Relationships are difficult at best and being alone is not always a bad thing so single folks.. . . . REJOICE! . . . and show yourself some LOVE

Today, Sunday, Mercury the communicator will be semi-square Chiron, the wounded healer. This could cause communications to be more haphazard or unkind than we intend them to be. Reading the intent of others can be difficult too. Some could have a problem with authority, anxiety, or blame. Communicate cautiously as the opinions and viewpoints of others conflict with yours.

Tuesday, Valentine’s day, the Sun will be sextile Saturn. This aspect will help us stay focused on our task and move toward completion. Saturn helps with our discipline keeps us within time constraints. Progress could be slow but our persistence will pay off in the end.

Tuesday also serves up a semi-square between Mercury and Saturn. I think I mentioned last week that Saturn seems to play a big role in aspects this year. Or perhaps I am hyper-focused on Saturn this year? At any rate, this aspect is difficult. Re-doing is in the cards just when we thought we had finished that task or project.

You could find that email or phone call you were expecting seems to take forever to come or doesn’t show up at all. This aspect, along with these types of delays are frustrating and leave us open to criticizing, being ultra sensitive, and thinking more negatively that we might naturally. Your day will be best spent working to repair and correct things. Try to refrain from giving attention to the frustration of any delays.

Valentine’s could turn out to be a great day to be single after all. Jupiter will be inconjunct Chiron. Our goals, beliefs, even our faith can face uncertainty today. This aspect is asking us to examine what is possible. I say question away. To me, this is one of the best things about being human. Don’t give in to outside influences or expect too much from ourselves or other people today. Just relax, enjoy, and do your best to spread some love.

Thursday Mercury in Aquarius will sextile Mars in Aries. Any aspect between these two planets always makes me sit up and pay attention. Mars is all action and Mercury is how we communicate. Things can get busy when these two interact.

This aspect is more about the mind. We will probably find we are more alert and lively today. We could make decisions rather quickly if we need to. New ideas could also be plentiful but our busy brains don’t seem to cause us any overwhelment. Instead, we use this busy mind to create new projects or get ahead on ones we may have already started.

Saturday the Sun moves into Pisces. We have been in Aquarius for the past month. That energy had been innovative, expressive, nonlimiting, nonrestrictive, and free of restraint. Our individuality has ruled. Aquarius is not exactly selfish but in comparison to the Sun in Pisces, it is.

Sun in Pisces is quite selfless, emotional, and creative. Pisces loves to dream and drift off into fantasy whenever he can. Like the other five higher zodiac signs, his thinking is more universal in nature than the lower, more personal signs. Pisces rules altruism, empathy, loyalty, and wisdom. Pisces also rules addictions, victimization, depression, submissiveness, illusion, and misconception. For all the creativity and spirituality we can find it Pisces, this is not always a pretty sign to be in.

This afternoon it is about 75 degrees outside. I am going to stop here for this week and get out to enjoy some of the sunshine. This winter has been very, very mild over all. I have barely worn long sleeves, a sweater, or coat. Wednesday Mom was saying she was going to leave her winter wreath on her door a bit longer because she was hoping for one more snow. It has been in the upper 60’s all that day. Then that night when I got home we had a thunderstorm. Maybe Mom was right. The old farmer’s tale is that when there is thunder in winter, 10-12 days later there will be snow. I’m not holding my breath this year. I feel like this could be just a trick of that old Fire Rooster.

Wishing you a happy, productive week and a happy Valentine’s day too!