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Welcome to February 2017.

The other day I caught myself commenting on how fast January had passed and also wondering if it was just me, or if others are feeling the same way. I know that people feel like time speeds up as they get older, and I did just celebrate another birthday, but this last month seems to have zoomed by before I knew it. The energy of the new year is shifting and we should be firmly grounded in this new energy by the end of February. But first we have and few interesting things to talk about.

The big news this week is the Lunar eclipse on Friday, February 10, 2017. It begins at 5:34 pm EST, peaks at 7:43 and is over by 9:53 pm. Even if there are no clouds, this eclipse won’t be that spectacular. This is because it is a penumbral lunar eclipse and therefore very faint. It will, however, be visible in most of the world except the pacific ocean and the farthest most parts of Alaska, Asia, and Indonesia.

This eclipse it teaching me about a totally new aspect formation. This formation is actually two shapes over-lapped; a Grand Trine and a Magic or Mystic Rectangle. The combination of gentle sextiles and difficult oppositions in the figure actually create harmonious energy that is best accessed instinctively.

The Grand Trine figure is full of gentle energy. This formation falls in fire signs and adds power to all the characteristics that are discussed in the following lines. This especially applies to seeking new possibilities or new ways of being.

Together, these two shapes form an envelope shape just as the eclipse is beginning. This blends the energy of five planets, five houses, five signs, and a bunch of aspects together, and is a good example of how complex astrology can be. I won’t dare to discuss all these components, just the most prominent ones.


This Full Moon and eclipse have the Sun in Aquarius, opposing the Moon in Leo. Our ego is loving its freedom and objectivity while our emotions want to take center stage and are all about the self. This makes me dizzy just thinking about it.

The Full Moon is also the time when we start to bring home what we started with the New Moon. Full Moon’s are known to be romantic and emotional. Just think about the crime and birth rates during a full moon. Now add all this extra eclipse energy to it and who knows what can happen.

This is what we are going to look into today. . .

Lunar eclipses are known to deal with relationships. They can stir things up and create a relationship crisis of some sort. Don’t limit your thinking to romantic and family relationships however. This can apply to all sorts of relationships. Neighbors, friends, co-workers, the grocery clerk, the bank teller, and the doctor are all people we have some sort of relationship with and there could be issues with some of them.

Crisis can be both good and bad. A crisis can divide or bring together. Just last week I read a sweet story about a Boston bombing victim that married the first responder that saved her life. This is a great example of the good that can come from crisis. Congratulations to the happy couple!

Lunar eclipses can also deal with our relationship to our career, our health, and even our goals and life purpose. Count on the Full Moon to shine light on all these things, or some of them at least. As with all things astrological, much of how you and I are affected depends on what is triggered in our own natal chart.

This might be a good time to throw in the T- square aspect that is in this week’s outlook. It is the same one I have talked about in weeks past that includes an opposition between Jupiter and Uranus and squares between Pluto, Uranus and Jupiter with Gemini energy as the focal point of the T-square. This is rebellious, transformative, growing energy with a side helping of uncertainty or duality from the Gemini focal point.

You might recall that Pluto is lord of the underworld. He loves to uncover hidden meanings, discover truth, and to tear down in order to rebuild. All those things represent change. What could dear Pluto uncover in your life in the coming days and weeks around this eclipse? What will he uncover on the world stage? Only time will tell, but I am betting it’s could be big, even explosive news.

I feel like Pluto will help this eclipse energy, help us discover more about ourselves and our relationships. Perhaps it won’t all be positive but we can count on Pluto to assist us in our transformation on all levels. We all know that change is never easy but it is necessary so just hold on, take lots of deep breathes, and stay as positive as you can. Happiness and joy will go a long way toward getting us through the rough spots.

Eclipse energy doesn’t fade or change like planetary energy does as planets transit from sign to sign. It sticks around for as much as 12 months. Those with natal chart points in the fixed signs and the degrees between 17 and 28, will feel the strongest effects. To review, fixed signs are Taurus, Leo, Scorpio, and Leo. I am expecting this one to affect me to some degree because I am Aquarian and have a Scorpio ascendant. Neither of these points in my chart are within the specified degree range, however, I do have Mars in Scorpio and Pluto in Leo within those degrees. Jupiter, Uranus, Neptune, True Node, Chiron and the Mid-heaven within the specified degree range but not in fire signs. This info is going to give me lots to research for myself.

Now, let’s backtrack a bit to yesterday, February 4, 2017. This is when another figure formed in the heavens known as a cradle. This involves the Sun, Jupiter, Saturn, and Uranus. Saturn is our authority and Uranus is rebellion. The Sun represents us or our ego, and Jupiter makes all this energy bigger but since Jupiter goes retrograde Tues, this his influence on growth is more inward than outward.

At first, I might view this cradle as volatile energy, and no doubt to some extent it is. The cradle shape softens this energy and shifts it to a much more harmonious energy than we might expect. I guess it might rock us like a baby in a cradle. This cradle formation will last for two weeks, with its peak on the 11th, the day after the eclipse.

Monday, February 6, Jupiter turns retrograde in Libra for a little over four months. Libra is another place where we deal with relationships. This four-month time slot will be a good one for examining how you really feel about your relationship to various schools of thought including your life’s purpose. You could be drawn to change your point of view on religion or philosophy, or feel directed to some other calling.

Tuesday Mercury moves into Aquarius. Our thirst for knowledge will increase with this transit and will leave us open to new, innovative ideas. This energy is forward-looking, objective, and takes us outside the box. Sounds interesting doesn’t it?

The last bit to discuss comes on Saturday when the Sun trines Jupiter. Jupiter represents growth and expansion, but remember he is now retrograde. This is part of the peak of that cradle I mentioned earlier. The energy of this aspect could increase our willingness to take risks or try to impress someone. If you are wanting to start a new business, take classes, or begin some other new relationship or project, this could be a great time to start.

This week should be interesting.  writing this has gotten me a bit excited. I see more interesting aspects coming ahead of us, such as the Grand Cross in next week’s forecast.

Until then, I wish you all peace, joy, and lots of love.