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Photo courtesy of ceramic artist, Tammy Leigh Brooks. http://www.tammyleighbrooks.com/


Happy New Year to all my Asian friends and anyone who celebrates the lunar New Year. I hope you have had the chance to read last week’s post on the New Year. It is all about the year of the Fire Rooster. 

The New Year began with last Friday night’s (January 27, 2017) New Moon in Aquarius. The energy of this Moon is pushing us to think about the future. Aquarius is a refreshing change from the stodgy, unfashionable Capricorn. He loves freedom and independence. And while he might understand the need for rules and restraints, he is not fond of them. Aquarius prefers the collective act responsibly and in good self-governance. Wishful thinking perhaps but Aquarius keeps that faith that one day this will happen and continues pioneering through

imagesThe shadow side of Aquarius can be rebellious like no other, unpredictable, and unashamed with a healthy serving of stubbornness. Yes! Folks, I get it honestly!


One of the biggest influences of this New Moon was a square between Venus and Saturn. Venus is currently in Pisces where she is pursuing her heart’s desire and feeling idealistic, romantic, and quite dreamy about her life. Occasionally she can be a bit lost, even sad. This transit will end at the end of this week when Venus changes signs.

Saturn in Sagittarius has very different energy. He is realistic, stiff, rigid, and precise. Some would say he is quite narrow-minded too. This square aspect between Saturn and Venus holds the energy of confronting facts with fantasy.

Did you know that Saturn was once considered the ruler of Aquarius? Uranus was discovered in 1781 but it was not until the early 19th century that it was assigned rulership of Aquarius. If you would like to read more about this on your own, here is a link to an article from The Mountain Astrologer that I found very interesting.


You are probably aware that the New and Full Moon energetically set the influence of the two week that follow them. The New Moon is about planting seeds and moving forward. Besides the fact that my sleep was disrupted most of the last week, I am ready to move forward with things. My focus has been more localized. By localized, I mean I have been focusing almost totally on me, my home, and my work. As my dear friend, Judy (JC) Cochrane 14322285_10210171575273926_4643786363125758957_nsays in her book, Eleven Days, we must “begin within”. I am hoping to use this Saturn and Venus square turned Mars -Saturn square energy to refuel my passion for things I may have  put aside. There is not a better time to move forward than now for lots of reasons.

Mars and Saturn are moving away from their square this week and by week’s end will be out of orb. If you have felt more sensitive to limitations, this square could be the reason why. Perhaps the boss, parents or some other authority figure has been on your back and you are feeling stressed about it. Relax! Stop pushing your point of view for now because it won’t do any good. Work instead on the long term plan.

Today, January 29, 2017, Mercury joins Uranus in Capricorn. Our thought processes area activated and can be intense and quite focused. This energy is searching and examining. This could assist us in getting to the root of things, discovering concealed meanings, and perhaps find the hidden truth.

We are more persuasive with this energy. Our stronger powers of observation can lead us to a stronger plan of action. However, some of us will find this energy to be mentally frustrating. Knowing what the energy holds can help us to

We need to back-track to Venus for a bit. Right now she is in Pisces but the end of the week she moves into fiery Aries. In Pisces, she has been fantasizing about a new romance and pulling for the underdog.

Venus can’t get very relaxed in Aries. This is a very uncomfortable transit for her. She could take on the first romance the comes along. The thrill of the hunt will provide the most enjoyment for many. mars_disarmed_by_venus

The Venus Pisces energy is not going to be totally over for the year, however. The planet of love and finance goes retrograde in early March and she will flip-flop back into Pisces and then again to Aries until she finally moves into Taurus on June 7, 2017. If you didn’t get enough Venus in Pisces or didn’t finish what needed to during that transit, then you will get another shot later this spring.

Moving on into next week, on Sunday, February 5, Jupiter will turn retrograde. We will, of course, be feeling this shift much of this week. This turn of direction will give us four months to review our point of view on all matter of philosophy. This includes our view on things like morality, ethics, and religion.

Jupiter is about expanding. This includes long distance travel. During this time is might not be a good idea to travel oversea. Keep in mind that Jupiter is in Libra and that could mean some decisions will be made that don’t sit well with the masses. Since this is also Superbowl Sunday and referees fall under the rule of Libra, don’t be surprised if there are some calls in the game that have folks shaking their heads and or fists, and wondering what in the world they were thinking.


Wishing you a fabulous week ahead. Be safe and be well.