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I am just beginning to feel the energy of this new cycle and this world year of One. This is energy is about starting fresh, starting new things, getting our groove back. This has nothing to do with anything that is going around us. It is just about the energy of the cosmos in general and about energy according to Pythagoras and his study of numbers.

This does, however, bleed over into the world around us. The good news is, numerologist are saying this is going to be a good year. There are a few times we need to pay attention to, but first I need to explain something.

If you are not familiar with numerology, I suggest you start by taking a look at the link below or check out Doreen Virtue’s Angel Numbers book.


Now, what I want to explain is, while no number is bad or good, there are numbers that don’t work well together. Sounds a lot like us humans doesn’t it? The numbers two, four, and eight are all very compatible. So are three, six, and nine. That leaves one, five, and seven, all of which work well together. There is such a thing as toxic numbers. That is when the energy of two numbers clash such as a four and a five. These two do not make good partners. Fours want to stay home and fives want to go out. This can create a bad or toxic situation.

This could be a time of big Earth activity. We could bad weather, floods, volcanoes, or earthquakes during this time. There could also be conflicts between nations.

There are people that can sense things like earthquakes. I have heard a couple of them interviewed in recent months and as you might guess, they are still talking about the BIG one that hits California. They all agree it is not a matter of if, but when, and they all seem to think it will come sooner than later. I have recently commented on increased activity in “Ring of Fire”.

Just last night, at 11:00 EST January 21, 4:30 am UTC January 22, there was an 8.0 earthquake in the Bougainville Region of Papua, New Guinea. The USGS has since downgraded this to a 7.9. I saw this report just 50 minutes after it happened and before it was downgraded.




Who knows what could be ahead of us? There are small quakes every day. Just today there have been six small ones in the US alone. All of them 3.1 or less and a 3.4 just happened in British Columbia as I was writing this.

This is what happens every summer when we get to July and August. July is a seven month and August is an eight. These numbers clash in a big way. Think about it and think about whether your life usually runs smooth this time of year or not. A lot of that can depend on your own numbers too. It might be a good idea to figure out what your own life path, soul, and, destiny numbers are. You can learn a lot from the link above or any of the many other websites on numerology.

The vibration or energy of the number One is original, self-reliant, and individual. Number One has a strong will and can be very focused. It is also known to be rebellious. This characteristic, however, is most often expressed constructively rather than negatively. The shadow side of One is a selfishness with a healthy side of stubbornness. One’s can also possess weakness and be rather unruly. The advantage of knowing about numerology it knowing how to use the energy of numbers to your advantage.

I hope you are able to tap into the energy of this One year and make the most of it for yourself. There is a lot of opportunity in it.

Last week the Sun moved into the sign of Aquarius. I am sure you know that the planet as a whole is moving into the “Age of Aquarius” too. 

Most of us first became aware of this shift of ages back in 1969 when a group known as 5th Dimension sang a song called “Aquarius”.



As with all shifts in energy, the bigger the shift, the more time it takes. Mercury for instance shifts often and this energy shift is felt quickly. Shifts of an age, like the one we are moving into now, take decades to complete.

Many believe, as I do, that we are now in the “Age of Aquarius”. We are at the very edge of this time however, so we are not getting the full effects of what is said to be an age of peace and understanding. Indeed, we have a long way to go yet. This might be the year that propels us deeper into this “ New Age”.

When the Sun is in Aquarius, we have more of a hunger for knowledge. We are also more innovative and seek to find new ways to view things. Capricorn has put restrictions on us and we are eager to break free of those now. We want freedom and to be able to express our individuality. Rebellion is certainly not out of the question.

Besides the fact that the Sun has just shifted signs, we are still under the influence of the Jupiter-Uranus opposition. This is part of a T-square that also includes the Uranus-Pluto square we have been under since 2008.But the week’s biggest event, the first of four squares between Saturn and Venus this year. Saturn is going to be a big player this year due in part to his retrograde that begins in early April. This aspect will cause problems with not only relationships but also our finances. This square perfects on Friday, January 27 and coincides with a New Moon in Aquarius.

New Moons are times of new beginnings. We are really getting hit with the new cycle energy now, aren’t we? Aquarius deals with freedom and justice. It is a humanitarian sign and works for the collective good of all. This is a time to use freedom and justice in our new beginnings; our new starts. (Interesting how this happens just as we swear in our new president.)

mars-aries-300x300Friday, Mars moves into Aries. This is his home sign the place he is most comfortable. This is where he is the most positive and self-assured. This will actually act to soften the Venus-Saturn square. This will be a six-week transit for Mars so be sure to take advantage of this boost in confidence.

Saturday begins the Chinese year of the Fire Rooster. And next Sunday there is a conjunction of Mercury and Pluto. Dear Pluto loves to go deep so who knows what could come to the surface late this week or early next week. This could also be a catalyst for things to come.

I won’t go into the Chinese New Year  information today. I will save that for a short post in a few days. I promise to get that up by Wednesday evening. I am sure you will find that interesting.