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Wow! We sure have had some interesting aspects to work through lately. Neptune, Mars, and Venus have been having a party over in Pisces for a little bit now. Saturn has been playing with Mercury. If any of these are triggering your chart, you may have felt like you have been trudging through knee deep mud.

You may have been feeling as if the walls were coming in on you or you were led to indulge and escape since New Year’s Day. I Have definitely not been in a party or crowd mood since Christmas. Neptune has been quite evident in my life. I have felt foggy and distant and anytime I am near water I seem to make a mess. Nothing to do but laugh at myself, the mess, and then clean it up.

The Full Moon was intense but for a change, I slept well every night. Usually, there is at least one night I don’t sleep well. This week will remain tense but for other reasons.

This week the Sun changes signs and moves from Capricorn to Aquarius at 5:03 pm on January 19th. At the same time, Mars is in square aspect to Saturn. Frustrations run high. Wrath and anger are like glowing embers below our surface. Some of us will want to use an extra amount of care so this does not turn into a full-fledged blaze, raging out of control.

The energy shift from Capricorn to Aquarius is a big one. We go from feeling responsible, ambitious, and respectful to almost a “devil may care” attitude as Aquarius takes us into a place of independence and drive for personal freedom, knowledge, and creative new ways of doing things. Aquarius energy is rational, aloof, separate, and unattached. There is a lot more I could say about this but that would lead me into politics and I won’t go there.

Saturn in square aspect to Mars on Thursday is going to make doing what we want, the way we want difficult this week. Let if all go. This will pass and we can move back to these things later, or not. It is often best not to force things.

Venus entered Pisces on January 3, 2017, where she will remain until February 3. Pisces hold lots of loving energy in some of the same ways Aquarius does. Pisces, however, is more wide open than even the most open-minded Aquarius.

Venus in Pisces is very compassionate, pulls for the underdog, and sometimes has behaves like martyr. Early in the week Venus is snuggled up with Neptune. This no doubt adds a level of creativity and illusion to our view of love. It is the illusion part the could be problematic for some of us. Be wise and cautious so you don’t become a victim.

Friday Venus is sextile Pluto. This energy is good for both our money and our relationships. That sounds good to me. So does feeling confident and authentic. I hope to make the most of this aspect.

Since the end of last year, like most of us, I have been looking ahead to see what this year holds for us. I feel like Saturn will be playing a big role this year. This week I see an interesting trine between Saturn and Uranus. This could be a universal attempt to relieve some of chaotic affects of the past five years of repeated Pluto-Uranus squares.

We are still under the influence of these squares but their affects are waning and we will be out from under this influence altogether in about another year or so. However, from what I am reading, this trine will help ease the tensions that the squares created. Could we really discover that we have more in common than we seem to now?

One thing that had been of interest remote interest to me is the stock market. I keep hearing “experts” talk about an 8 year cycle, is the dot com crash of 2000, the housing crash of 2008, you get the idea. I have thought since the late 1990’s that we were in for another big crash that could possibly be as big as the one in 1929.

I decided to look at the ephemeris for that day, October 29, 1929. Saturn, which rules institutions, authority, fear, and boundaries. On that day in 1929, Saturn was are 26 degrees 44 minutes of Sagittarius. Saturn is currently transiting Sagittarius.

When I looked at the ephemeris for this year I was discovered there are three times this year that Saturn will be at the exact same degree is was in 1929. Everything has a cycle doesn’t it? 

Three times is due to a retrograde begins in April and last through August. If you are interested in this you might want to mark your calendars with these dates so you will be reminded to see what it going on about these three days.

Three times is due to a retrograde begins in April and last through August. If you are interested in this you might want to mark your calendars with these dates so you will be reminded to see what it going on about these three days.

The first time Saturn will be at 26:44 Sagittarius is on March 1, 2017. Next is on May 13. The last time is on November 22nd. My guess is that the one to pay the most attention to will be the one in November. I regret not having more info on this at this time. I hope to have more as the year progresses. 

This coming week is full of transition. I am hoping it all goes smoothly. I am looking forward to the move into Aquarius and due to the shift, next week’s blog will probably be late. That is unless I get it written early. Next Sunday is my birthday and I plan to celebrate quietly. For some reason I don’t want to do anything for go anywhere to celebrate and have so far turned down all invitations to do so. As I said early in this post, I have been a bit more reclusive that usual. Not sure what this is all about but I am going with the flow and using this time as positively as I can.