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Welcome to 2017 and Happy Elvismas! It is hard to believe that the “King of Rock and Roll” would be 82 today. Happy birthday Elvis, wherever you are. ❤

Has this been an interesting week for you?

Did you make New Year’s resolutions? Some do, I don’t. I do however, set intentions but I don’t beat myself up if some of them go bust. I just do my best to stay positive and happy. This is the energy in which all good things happen. Studying astrology, helps me stay in the positive mode. I sure hope you find these weekly post beneficial to you in a similar way.

Cold air and snow covers the much of the country. Here in central North Carolina we got nine inches of snow Friday night and Saturday morning. We seldom get snows over a few inches and don’t get snow every year. Most years we luxuriate in what many call the perfect snow. A snow event that covers the ground in white for a day and is gone the next day. Nine inches is a big event for us, but usually doesn’t bring us to our knees like unless ice and sleet are involved. This snow came down as dry powder which is rare for us.

Have you ever considered how there is a cycle to almost everything? The first of January is thought of as the beginning of the year. A time when we look to sages, seers, and folk lore to help us determine what might be coming our way. Reality is, January is the beginning of the last season of the year. Life and events in the cosmos don’t just happen in a linear way, they happen in cycles and spiral ever so slightly outward as they do.

Cycles, such as how the planets move around, are ever showing us signs of things to come. So do the seasons. Spring is actually the first season of the year. Fall is the third one and the one that gives us the best clues as to what is coming in the winter season. Folklore is full of winter indicators. Some of my favorites are the persimmon seed, squirrel’s tails, and acorns.

The American persimmon seed, when split open in the fall to expose the cotyledon, is said to reveal whether winter will be mild, very cold, or snowy. Read what the Old Farmer’s Almanac says here:


I must stop now to tell you that just as I finished typing the paragraph above, I received a Facebook message from and friend who had no idea what I was doing or even if I was online. I laughed out loud when I saw it! I hope you will enjoy this too.


The folklore predictions I observed this fall were some very bushy squirrel’s tails, an unusually abundant acorn crop, and the black on the woolly worm. All indicators of a cold and snowy winter. This year, I would have to say folklore has been very accurate. The winter/late fall was colder than usual. The Old Farmer’s Almanac has been so far on target with the roller coaster effect of cold and warm temperatures. Time will tell if this will continue throughout the winter months. This week will to continue to be cold but temps rise dramatically on Friday when it warms up to the lower 60’s.

Now for some astrology. . . keep your eyes open for more on cycles. . .

This week begins with Pluto conjunct the Sun in Capricorn. This can be some intense energy, full of power and determination. This applies to both our inner and outer power, and the power of others on us. This energy can be very dramatic and bring about life-changing events of all sorts, including relationships.

This is energy that wants to go deep into something to see what make it or your tick. The need to know is hard to shake now and this will be reflected in your conversations as you find yourself asking probing questions of others. No doubt, this can become uncomfortable for some people so try to be aware of this and avoid asking about things that may be hurtful or simply none of your business. Remember, this energy packs a power punch and can be viewed as intrusive and obsessive. Pluto just loves a crisis.

The biggest event this week is the Full Moon and the Cardinal Grand Cross it forms. This all happens on Thursday, January 12, 2017 . Cardinal signs are initiators. They like to get things going and indicate a change in season. The Cardinal sign of Aries is first astrological sign of spring, Cancer, the first one of summer, Libra-fall, and Capricorn is the first sign of winter. They mark the shift or turning point in temperatures for each season.

Anytime there is a Grand Cross, there are four or more planets in square aspect to each other and two oppositional aspects. This Grand Cross involve our old familiar Pluto-Uranus square, A Pluto-Jupiter square, a Moon-Jupiter square, and a Moon-Uranus square. The Moon and the Sun conjunct Mercury oppose or are at cross purposes to each other. So are Jupiter and Uranus. This brings us quite a mixed bag of energies.

We want personal freedom and to understand things on a deep level. Our emotions oppose our ego and cause us to behave immaturely. Our energy levels are lower and stress can be increased. All in all, this is going to be a difficult Full Moon. Keep in mind that all five planets are in signs that love action. Ironically the best way to get through this event will be to come to a full stop. Just stop and let it all pass by us. Otherwise, we could find ourselves saying or doing something we wish we had not.

The good news is that Mercury is direct as of January 7 but he will remain in storm and going slow until at least the 14th. He won’t be completely out of his retrograde shadow until January 28.

It is also important to note that as of the January 7, 2017, all planets are moving forward. Not one is retrograde for a whole month when on February 6, 2017, Jupiter turns retrograde. This is a rare time for the planets and for us. I expect a lot of action in the earth and from humanity during this time. I am pretty sure some of it won’t be too pretty either. This is just a hunch and one I hope is incorrect but I feel what I feel and have learned not to ignore these feelings.

Mercury changes signs on Thursday and moved back into Capricorn. This I brings us back to viewing things from a more serious perspective. This three week transit will be a great time to evaluate our lives and the direction we want to take in the future. Isn’t if interesting how the cosmos is inline with our resolution or intention setting? Synchronicity is a wonderful thing.

Thursday does have a sweet bright spot in it. Late in the day Venus and Neptune come together to help soften the hard edges caused by the Grand Cross and Mercury in Capricorn.

The week’s aspects really revolve around Thursday. Use your time early in the week to finish up any projects and tie up loose ends. Then come Wednesday, prepare to stop everything you can for a few days. Of course this won’t be completely possible but at least now you know what to look for and what could come our way this week. I hope it all works out for the best for all a of you.

Until next week, stay warm and be safe.