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Happy New Year and welcome to 2017!

Anytime we are presented with something new, we accept it from one of three perspectives. We feel excitement/gratitude, ambivalence/no feeling, or dread/fear. These three perspectives are what I am seeing from the many blogs, interviews, and articles I am reading about 2017. Overall the theme is, transition. Is anyone surprised?

Every year brings a transition but this one begins a new cycle of nine. I hope by now you know that numbers carry a vibration of their own. Each one is different and when added together can always be broken down to one single digit. Zero is not considered. With this said, let’s look at 2017.

Do the math and add 2+0+1+7. These add up to 10. Now take 1+0= 1. That means this year has a vibration of 1. The number one is associated with Mercury in astrology and The Magician in Tarot. It is masculine in nature, as are all odd numbers. One has some of the same characteristics as Uranus such as being individual, strong-willed, rebellious, and independent. One can also be quite stubborn with a side of selfishness. Usually One is gallant and self-reliant but Ones can also be weak and unruly, even an outcast at times.

The number One represents new beginnings and has a lot of youthful energy. One likes to be organized, has strong leadership qualities. Their ambition helps them rise to the top like cream. This top of the heap position is where a One feels best. His ambition can cause him to be very competitive and often a loner too. His high ambitions can lead One to make some very bad decisions too. The seasoned and wise One will know this about himself and be able to stay at the edges of the spotlight and let others shine.

So we have shifted our numerical vibration. Now, what? Well, it is transition and adjustment time. This does not happen instantly. It takes time, especially since this is the beginning of a whole new cycle. We will be in the deepest of the transition phase until about the end of February. Things will begin to smooth out in March, but this might not apply to everyone. For some of us this will take longer. I can emphasize enough that this is a pivotal year and beginning of a new nine-year cycle.

One way we can view this year is by seeing it as a time to prepare our life’s garden and think about the seeds we want to plant for the future. Sounds a lot like a New Moon cycle doesn’t it? In a way it is, just amped up to about the 9th power is all. Don’t forget that we jst had a New Moon on the 28th of December.

I feel sure most of you have felt the recent, intense energy of Mercury retrograde, Uranus direct, and Mars’ shift into Pisces a few weeks back. We have also been under the influence of the Pluto /Uranus/Jupiter T-square for a while now. The Pluto/Uranus square alone is nothing new and has been part of our cosmic energy since 2008. This square will remain a factor until 2018. Jupiter, the great benefactor adds to and expands this energy. This T-square aspect will continue to be with us until the end of May 2017.

This year is going to have to dynamic eclipses. The first one in a Lunar eclipse on February 10th in the fire sign of Leo. This fire energy sets the tone for the year to be fiery as well. The fire signs of Aries, Leo, and Sagittarius will perhaps feel this the most. I am going to venture to say that some interesting weather, earthquakes of volcanoes will be associated with the eclipse.

A solar eclipse follows on February 26th. This is in Pisces and when you mix fire and water sometimes you get steam. This will also be the point at which the transition pains begin to ease up and we start to really feel this new energy.

March 20th is the spring equinox. This will positively boost the energy of the new year. Our view of what is ahead could be more clearly seen by this time.

Venus turns retrograde in early March so by the time of the equinox she will be in middle of it. This brings a shift in our view of love, relationships. And femininity. This will take place in both a personal and a global level.

This is huge theme for the beginning of this year. I expect the whole year to hold a lot of energy around women, women’s issues of all sorts, and also our mother earth and how we relate to and care for her.

Once the T- square energy has moved on in May, we move into summer. Things heat up as the temperatures do. Surprises will come from nowhere. At this point, we might realize we need to make changes to the soil we had prepared for the new cycle of growth. Don’t be afraid to make changes. Going with the flow will be most important. Be sure to stay in a place of love as you move through this time and the whole year.

August brings in more eclipses. There is a lunar eclipse on August 7th in the sign of Aquarius. The air signs of Aquarius, Gemini, and Libra will feel this the most. However, when you consider that Aquarius rules all of humanity, there is little doubt that all of us will be affected by this one. There is all the thing about being in “age of Aquarius” too. I’m going to say this will be another period of interesting weather and earth movements.

You will want to make your calendars for the Solar eclipse on August 21st. This one will directly affect the United States and be the first total eclipse visible in the US since 1979. There was an annular eclipse in May of 1984 and another in May of 1994 but not a total eclipse. To find the path of the shadow, check out the link below.


Regardless of what the year brings, it might best be viewed as a first step into new and better things. Personally, I don’t think it will be easy and it could seem more dark and mean than anything but ultimately everything is in perfect order and I have to try to keep that in mind. We have been moving toward our transformation for some time now. There is no going back now. This year will be full of adjustments and changes. That is what new cycles are all about.

Astrology aspects this week include Mars conjunct Neptune. This is another big potential bad weather generator. This also makes communications hard to explain, confusing, and difficult all the way around. Drama levels rise as our attention to drama rises along with it. Our focus and ability to concentrate it most likely on the fuzzy side with this energy. This is, however, good energy for using our intuition, being creative, entertainment, art, movement, and finding inspiration in these things.

Tuesday, Venus enters Pisces. This is energy of the martyr and the loser. This is energy yearning for relationship and romance. There is also and interest in the weak. Our viewpoint is almost out of this world and at the same time very artistic with a tendency toward idolizing others.

Tuesday also holds an easy, flowing aspect between Venus and Mars. This is good for our social life, relationships, and partnerships. The energy is good for charm, diplomacy, and clarity in relationships. It is almost like being under a magical spell.

Wednesday Mercury travels back into Sagittarius. This is the time to tie up any loose ends that remain from his recent transit of Sagittarius. You gotta love how the universe gives us second chances and do-overs.

Thursday Venus is semi-square Pluto. This energy might bring up latent hostility in our social circles. You could uncover a hidden agenda or some jealousies. Passions are high as some of these intense feelings are closer to the surface now. This is amplified by and in equal relationship to our fear of losing something, maybe even someone dear.

This is not a good time to begin a new relationship. This energy holds unrequited love close to its bosom. None of us want to be disappointed. This can be avoided now that you know. You might notice a bit of power struggle between friends or lovers. Money issues can come to the forefront this week too. Seems like that is a theme that repeats about this time of year, every year.

Saturday the Sun is conjunct Pluto. This brings a straighten of will and sharper focus to our lives. There is a motivation to increase the control we have on our lives. You might want to keep quiet for the time being however. Hold your cards close for a little while. You want to make sure you are on the right track.

I hope this helps you when you ponder the year ahead. Keep in mind that we will be in practically full on transformation and evolution mode this year. At least, the early stages of this change. We are going to need to find new and creative ways of dealing with things that come our way. I urge you to, if you don’t already, do this, begin a practice of gratitude. Do this as a daily practice. We all have things to be grateful for even if we are sick and dying. Finding a place of gratitude makes all things easier but it also takes practice.

I know many people that are having a hard time finding things to be grateful for. If you are one of these people, try being grateful for a delicious meal, a meal at all, the sunshine or rain, or the bird singing outside your window.

I am grateful for you, all my readers and re-bloggers. I appreciate the time you take to read and follow this blog. I wish each of you all the best in the coming year.

Peace and Love,