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We’ve made it to end of another year. This was a year of big losses, or seemed to be. One after another 2016 took some of our best musicians, actors, and achievers from all walks of life. I found this page that lists some of them. This is certainly not a complete list. There are many missing musicians that didn’t make the list among the famous but who, none the less, were important in their own right. People like, Candye Kane, a blues singer who passed of pancreatic cancer. Mose Allison, known not only for his singing and piano playing, but for his masterful blending together of jazz and blues. Christmas day we learned we lost George Michael.


Yes! 2016 has been an interesting year. The year of the Fire Monkey has felt more like a hyper active trickster and had been more tiresome than this ADD Aquarian wants to deal with anymore. Maybe that is why I have felt like all I want to do is sleep over the holidays. However, there is more to my being tired that just a hyper fire monkey. There has been some energy coming to the earth from who knows where and if some has figured out where, then I have yet to read about that. Here is a link to a video that tells more about it.



Today I read an article on the auroras in the Artic circle being very unusual of late. Veteran sky watchers have reported seeing bright pink and white auroras. They can’t recall seeing anything like it before. Most auroras are green, as I am sure you have seen in photos. The farther south they are seen, does affect the color. I have personally never seen them but have heard reports of them seen on the coast line as far south as North and South Caroline, where they appear red. The pinks and white are truly something different. See a photo here:



In recent weeks I have mentioned Mars transit into Pisces on December 20 and how it has the potential to stir up the earth and the weather in the coming weeks. Neptune has also been hovering in the ninth degree of Pisces since late September due to being retrograde. Although he is not direct, Neptune is still in the ninth degree and will remain there until January 12, 2017. He will remain in his shadow and moving slow until March 11, 2017.

We have also seen some interesting weather in recent weeks. Cold polar air seems to have come quite early this year. This is not something totally unusual but anytime the polar cold sweeps the over a majority of the country before the holidays, it is considered a bit unusual. This is because, historically, the coldest temps always come in January and early February for most of the country.

These energy and weather events have inspired me once again pay closer attention to the global earthquake activity.  I recently decided to download an app on my computer that I have not used a couple of years. It is called Earthquake 3-D. There is a free version that you can download from the link below if this is something you wish to look at too.


I’ve noticed the ring of fire is quite active these days, especially near Papua New Guinea and Chile where there have been a few quakes measuring around 6.9 to as high as 7.7. I feel like this is something to watch in the coming weeks as Mars transits Pisces and then moves into Aries.

I have also talked in the past months about the symptoms some of us experience when there is energy shift or energy from the cosmos sweeps by us. Symptoms include ringing ears, disturbed sleep, headaches, mood swings and feeling emotionally vulnerable, bowel issues, joint pains, depression, feeling more tired for no reason, even menopause like symptoms like night sweats and hot flashes.

Many people who are not aware of the shifting energy in the cosmos, the earth, and human evolution, most often consider these symptoms to be caused by over exertion, stress or some sort of virus. Indeed, these are  sometimes the root cause, but energy of all sorts has an effect us.  You only need to think about how you feel when someone does something nice for you or when someone is angry and mean. We often forget that these emotions have energy and that energy affects us.

We experienced some large energy shifts or waves in late August and September. Perhaps you know about how solar activity affects the earth and its magnetic field as well as the earth’s inhabitants. Some of you might not. It is an interesting topic to research, especially with the energy we are getting lately from the Sun. It is called a “solar stream” and is emitted from a coronal hole in the Sun’s surface.

There is also a big wave of energy from the cosmos that has washed over since the Winter Solstice. Could this be triggering the rise in earthquakes I have been watching?

I think so.

It is interesting to me to see so many energy events this time of year? Why you ask? Because this is a big transitional and energy shifting time of every year. The holiday and the end of the year holds an energy all its own. And let’s not forget that Mercury is still retrograde until January 8th. So, with all that said, the theme for the rest of this week is transition.


There is a New Moon coming this Thursday and you know that symbolizes new beginnings. This will occur in the cardinal earth sign of Capricorn. Use this week to consider being more practical, creative, capable, and quick witted.  Long term plans will manifest by using common sense, maturity, and responsible preparation.

This week is also a good time to get things in order and clear out things that no longer serve us but could serve someone else it we donate them. This Capricorn New Moon also invites us to think about the New Year ahead. Capricorn enjoys boundaries but is more reasonable with them than Saturn is. The Goat wants us to be free of worry. For him, setting goals we traditionally call resolutions, help us achieve this. This is a touchy and difficult subject for many so I will leave that  for you to ponder, or not.

Since we are now so close to Tuesday, this is where I will start with the rest of the aspects this week.

Tuesday the Sun will sextile Mars. This energy will assist us with any creative problem solving we might need to do. Our confidence is high and so our instincts for action. Should be need to assert ourselves, we are likely not to upset others in doing so.

Also on Tuesday, Mercury is semi-square Venus. This could a difficult day in the romance department. You might feel like you have ADD because there will be a tendency for the mind to wander off today.
You could notice being more sensitive too.

Wednesday has three aspects for us. The first is Mercury conjunct the Sun. This is in direct contrast to yesterday’s energy because today we are far more mentally focused. This makes for good communications and problem solving. Use caution however, because our communications today, whether written or spoken have power, positive or negative.

Saturn is square Chiron and we might wonder if we are good enough. This fear can hold us back and keep us from stepping out into new territory. On the other hand, we are wanting to break free from present circumstances. It is a good thing this transit never last very long.

Mercury is sextile Mars on Wednesday. This is going to give us a good sharp mind and attentive communications. Our ideas could develop into a workable plan. This is productive energy that I hope you can take advantage of.

Friday the Sun is sextile Neptune. Since Mars is nearly conjunct Neptune, we can add him to the mix too. Your intuition could be quite high today. This is a good time to think about you and what you might want to do to improve yourself. Mars is adding drive and determination to these thoughts. We could find we get a big rush from giving to others or helping out somehow. Any differences seem trivial now. We seem to have a clearer vision of what matters now and could actually be drawn to those different from us.

The last aspect for this week is an inconjunct between Jupiter and Chiron on Saturday. This aspect might bring our plans and goals into question. WE might even question our faith. Try not to rush an unreasonable idea or project because you could just run into road blocks if you do. Rein in those ideas for now. There will be a better time for them to go forward later.

Enjoy all that the last week of 2016 has to offer. Rest, relax as much as you can and allow the new one to come in with grace and ease if at all possible. I am sure 2017 will have a lot of surprises for us and I can hardly wait. I must admit to that being said a wee bit tongue in cheek. But I am going to put my best foot forward and do all I can to easily ride not only the energies that are coming our way but anything else that shows up. One thing I need to do more of is grounding. This is probably not bad advice for you too.

Happy New Year everyone and please, please be safe out there.